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Posted by: hollzdollz
« on: June 26, 2009 at 06:59 PM »

The drs/midwives at the hospital where I am receiving my care, are fully aware of all my symptoms. I saw them on Monday just gone, they were a bit concerned as fundal height is still at 29cms (4weeks behind), so they ordered an ultrasound. Everything was fine in the scan, baby is healthy and normal, approximately within the 42nd percentile for growth for her age and approximately 2.1kgs ( give or take 500grams).

The last time I had a "bleed" was 27 weeks. What I have had since that point is blood streaking etc (midwife referred to it as "bloody show"), where parts of the mucous plug are coming away with blood evident inside the mucous strands etc.

This happens daily and they are aware of the mucous plug issue I have been dealing with for weeks (7-8wks) now. They said to call them if I start contracting regularly again or have a proper bleed etc.

I was just curious as to how many women who suffer pre-term labour have walked around as dilated/effaced or similiar to my situation. With my son (first pregnancy) I went into natural spontaneous labour at 39weeks, and when I was checked upon arriving at the hospital I was 3cm dilated. Just seems so crazy to me personally, hard to believe really, that I am already at 4cm dilated by 34 weeks LOL

I know no one can give any indication as to whether I will or will not make it to full term 39-40 weeks, but would be lovely if any of you ladies could give me an approximate from your experience or knowledge on this topic as to how long I may expect to last (as a guess).

From 32-34 weeks I have progressed 1 fingertip dilation more to 4cm and effaced to 10mm from the original length of 20mm at 32 weeks. If I can expect that progress in 2 weeks I am wondering, 'could' I be correct in assuming that in another 2 weeks I will be 5cm dilated and fully effaced... most likely with labour iminent?

Thanking you for your time xx

Posted by: gaylen
« on: June 26, 2009 at 12:16 PM »

Personally I have not had experience with this but I would say even though it probably isn't likely from my experience as a nurse (I do family practice not OB so I don't have a lot but do have some experience because we do some OB care) that it is still quite possible you can go to 39-40 weeks.  The doctors I work for like to try and get most OB patient's to 36 weeks but will deliver after 34 week if labor spontanously occurs and baby is looking good weight-wise and practicing good breathing.  One thing you said is that you are bleeding occasionally.  And although this is normal in late pregnancy as the cervix dilates and effaces indicating impending labor- I would still make sure you doctor is aware of this.  When are you supposed to see your doctor again?
Posted by: hollzdollz
« on: June 24, 2009 at 02:21 AM »

Hi there,

I spent 3 days in hospital at 32 weeks with pre-term labour. Was given 2 shots of betamethasone (steriods).

Background information - had small bleed at 27 weeks. Losing mucous plug/blood since that point. First night in hospital at 32 weeks I was contracting every 5mins for 12 hours (they stopped on their own), was released from hospital Monday with all clear. Tuesday evening I experienced contractions again every 5mins for 2-3 hours (stopped on own also).

I am now 34 weeks pregnant. Baby is healthy and measuring approximately in the 42nd percentile for her age, roughly 2.1kgs in weight.

At 32 weeks the hospital did an internal check and found my cervix to be 2-3cms dilated, cervix was very soft and had moved from facing the sacrum to forwards/upwards. I also had a cervical length of 2cm.

Now at 34 weeks my cervix is approximately 3-4cm dilated, cervix is still very soft and forward/upwards facing and has a cervical length of 1cm.

I have not had contractions now in a week, still losing bits of my plug with blood streaking but that is about all symptom wise. I am not on bed-rest and dr said that baby is fine to be born whenever labour begins, they wont stop it basically...

This is my 2nd pregnancy, I have an 18month old son. My EDD is 7th August.

Just wondering if anyone has a similiar experience to share some advice with me. Has anyone been this dilated or with a cervix at 1cm long and progressed to 39/40weeks (Full Term) ??

My son was born a healthy 8pd 6oz at 39 weeks.

Thank you x