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Posted by: Kayc78
« on: July 24, 2015 at 05:35 PM »


That's awesome news to hear that you got length back to normal status. And by the sound of things all meds/procedures are working great for you! Stay positive and pray(if you believe in prayer) and try not to stress. You got a great team behind you.
My little one was head down at 29weeks then transversed at 31w and on Wednesday again still transversed but doc said baby's sometimes switch last minute and not to worry. So I pray baby head goes down and wont need a csection..but I don't care as this point as long as baby healthy and I can deliver when baby decides to come.
My nursery will be gender neutral... Animal/zoo themed. The walls are a dark beige/sand colour. My husband is changing the carpet to wood floors so we haven't been able to go ahead and decorate as the baby's room is the catch all. When the upstairs gets done my sister and SIL will be putting the room together as I can't do anything. I trust their judgement and I look forward to it.
It's was so hard to accept that I couldn't prepare for our first baby... But I have accepted it and know that my bed rest is for my baby and baby's health.
I have been on bed rest at 27w6d...tomorrow marks my 5th week on bed rest. I know I don't have as long as you or some others on the board but I been down for 6 weeks previously at 17w4d for emergency hernia surgery along with 2 holes in my bowel.... It's been a rough pregnancy road for me... But it's all worth it.
Posted by: Teemeg
« on: July 24, 2015 at 03:00 PM »

Hey girl

Oh my girl. So very exciting. Glad to hear things are going great. You almost reaching the full term mark. That should be exciting and quite the relief for you.

Have fun at your shower tomorrow and enjoy it for the journey you have walked has not been easy.

I am hanging in there. 25 weeks today. Cervix looks to have stabilized and has everyone hopeful: my MFM, gynae, hubby and myself. After the whole hospital experience where I admitted at 0.9, I was discharged at 1.9 with cerclage in place then went up to 2.5 and as of today it measured 3.2, 0.3 cm shy of normal. I suppose the cerclage, makena, progesterone suppositories and procardia with quite the strict bed rest have helped. Baby is head down which made me panick but the MFM said he doesn't care about that as long as cervix is long and closed with no funneling. However, she has me caused to have pelvic girdle pain which was is not too bad if I change positions in bed often. They went ahead and did my steroid shots just in case she delivers early but both doctors seemed hopeful that if I continue everything I am doing, I will carry to at least 35 weeks.

What colors are you going to have in your nursery?

When exactly did you start bed rest? I started at 19 weeks and have 10 more to go.

Posted by: Kayc78
« on: July 24, 2015 at 12:56 PM »

Hi Teemeg,

Well today marks 33weeks! I'm so happy and grateful to have made it this far. I had my check up for measurements and Ob right after. So my cervix is at 1.5cm from 1.7cm two weeks ago. Baby is doing well and growing just fine. I'm still very scared even though I never thought i would make it to 30weeks. The bed rest has helped I assume with the meds. I also got the green light to attend my baby shower being hosted tomorrow so I'm hoping baby cooperates. The room has a couch which I will lay on.
I'm going to see the doc every week now...but he will not measure my cervix via US instead he will do it manually as they don't do US cervix measurements after 34weeks which will be 2 days before I hit the 34 weeks.
I'm still hanging and I pray to God that baby stays put a little longer.
How are you doing?

Posted by: Teemeg
« on: July 24, 2015 at 11:41 AM »

Hey girl,

We haven't caught up in a while. How are you doing lately........how is everything looking......and how is the knitting going. I am considering taking up crocheting again......
Posted by: Kayc78
« on: July 09, 2015 at 01:27 PM »

Hi Teemeg,
I'm so happy to hear your home. It's sometimes a little nicer to be home rather than the hospital.
I will take you up on trying to see that movie Survivor. I have seen American Sniper, that was a great movie... Get hard sounds funny something that probably to just laugh a little. That's what I did over the weekend. Watched wedding crashers and hangover 3 have seen them before but they are good for some comic relief.

So my week has been busy with my sisters visit but she left at noon yesterday and I had my docs app.

I had an US and saw my OB right after. So my measurements 1.7cm from 1.9cm 2 weeks ago. Doc, tech and nurse all said it was excellent but in my mind it's changing... And I don't like it but I have to be positive about it. Also our little peanut was breeched but during the US baby went transverse so they will be keeping and eye at the next appointment. Overall the news were really good. There is no funneling. I'm back in 2 weeks... Now that's another countdown in my head. Doctor said to keep on doing on what I'm doing because he says I'm doing great. But my head still thinks I need to overthink and stress too much when I shouldn't.

Today I will be starting to start re-learning to knit. I got a learn to knit and crochet kit... So I plan to see how I do.

I don't have any movie recommendations except a kids movie 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day'. Had my nieces visit and they picked the movie for their slumber party at my house... It's a very funny and cute movie...

I will pass on any movies I see in the next few days. I do not have the Amazon app... I have Netflix only and the Canadian version. Not as many great pics like you guys have...

How is your day goodnight?
Posted by: Teemeg
« on: July 08, 2015 at 12:17 PM »

Hey KayC

I am finally home. Everything seems to look great after the stitch. I am still on complete bed rest with just bathroom privileges. I am not allowed to sit up cause they don't me damaging the stitch. I am on makena, progesterone suppositories and Procardia to help relax the uterus.

I got to watch American Sniper , Get Hard (silly movie) and Survivor. I thoroughly enjoyed the other two movies but Get Hard was rather silly.

Do you have the Amazon App??????

Posted by: Kayc78
« on: July 06, 2015 at 05:41 PM »

Hi! Glad to hear your measurements are good and your off the trendelenburg position. Sounds like a very good day for you!! I'm very happy for you.

Yes, visitors help with the monotony of our bed rest.

I haven't seen any new movies lately. I re-watched wedding crashers and hangover 3 the past few days. Made me laugh eve though I have seen them before. I have 'Canadian Netflix' so I'm limited on my selection of things to watch unlike the American version.

Series to watch - the good wife(few seasons so I can watch hours of it) and I'm watching Jane the Virgin...funny show...

I'm reading a few book... Just finished Still Alice, now I'm reading the Mindy Kaling one... And almost done. My next one is the Rosie effect second book of the Rosie project.

Today I'm doing pretty good.. Got my sister visiting from out of town so she's here for till Wednesday. She's spending 3 days TV watching with me. She's spending her vacation to keep me company :)

Well hope you have a good rest of the day... And keep posted!
Posted by: Teemeg
« on: July 06, 2015 at 01:05 PM »

Hey there.

I look forward to Wednesday with you. I had headaches for a while and my doc told me ''twas coz of the hormones.

Today is a better day. Mfm did his measurements and they managed to close up at 1.9cm. Cerclage looked great. Still on bed rest now with bathroom privileges. No shower though and no sitting up just yet. And I have been upgraded to laying flat. Yay cause that trendelenburg business was a mess.

I had lots of visitors too yesterday and that helped with my mood. A few friends will stop by today.

Chat with you soon.

Any movie recommendations???
Posted by: Kayc78
« on: July 05, 2015 at 10:27 PM »

Hi Teemeg,

Wow...you have had a roller coaster of days. I had to look up your laying position as I never knew the name to it. Now I know. It must be so hard on you but at least you went in and they are able to action quickly. Pease forget my repetitive question...but how many weeks are you right now? You are in good hands.

Well my days are nothing compared to yours. I been having bad headaches the past 3 days today is the worst and I had a contraction yesterday and it lasted a few minutes and had lower back and cramp pains for a bit but I drank the litre of water as I was told and had no more after the hour. Scary as you may know. I been taking Tylenol for the headaches but don't help very much if this continues tomorrow I'm calling my doc. I'm in better spirits because it's the weekend and I have had visitors all weekend and of course my husband home. Just counting down to Wednesday when my US and docs appointment is. So scared....

I'm going to b praying and hope all goes well for you tomorrow. Thanks for keeping in contact and updates... I'm always on this board and doesn't seem like people are on as often or post anything so I appreciate you keeping me posted...

Take care!
Posted by: Teemeg
« on: July 05, 2015 at 08:54 PM »

Hey KayC

How are you feeling now. I hope today is a better day.

It's been a rough few days. I had a bad contraction Thursday and well thought it was just one of those. My first btw. Friday I counted 3 but they were so far apart, I didn't panic either. And come Saturday I had another painful one with some wetness to my panties.

Anyway, my hubby drove us to the ER. Thankfully one of the doctors from the practice that follows me was on call. She examined my cervix and thought it was closed. Did two tests to check for labor and they both came back negative. Mfm came in later and did an US that showed that everything was fine with lil peanut. Transvaginal US showed some crazy activity with my cervix. It was opening and closing on the inside and I had 0.9cm of cervix left.

Immediate recommendation was indocin to over relax uterus and do rescue cerclage 24 hours later. So I got that done earlier today and have been laying Trendelenburg since yesterday. They were able to place the cerclage. I continue with my Makena, vaginal suppositories n now am taking indocin for another 48 hours and will start procardia thereafter. Will be seeing them again tomorrow to discuss further plans but for now stay in trendelenburg and get drugged up.

Talk about a roller coaster journey
Posted by: Kayc78
« on: July 03, 2015 at 10:20 PM »

Buttonsandsecrets - I like the fact that you say everyday is a fight and we just gotta keep on 'swimming' for our little one.

Teemeg - I heard about that show a lot of friends loved it way back. I hear there is a movie in the making...

Well ladies today has been a hard day. I stayed in my room till 1pm and only made it to the couch till then. It's my 30th week but I felt so lonely all day... My husband came home early and made dinner but all I want to do is cry but I don't want him seeing me like that so I'm in my room reading. I decided to come on this board and see you ladies are still being positive and that's very encouraging. I feel you guys understand me out there in virtual world.

I'm being strong and not get so down but as you know we all have that day where we worry and stress no matter what.
Posted by: Teemeg
« on: July 02, 2015 at 08:59 PM »

As we keep them swimming, I found a new show that I am totally buried in. It's old but entertaining - Veronica Mars. And I have also been playing lots of Sudoku, I am literally addicted. How are y'all doing
Posted by: ButtonsAndSecrets
« on: June 29, 2015 at 02:09 AM »


Honestly, I just do WHATEVER it takes to make it through each day. The hardest part for me was learning to ASK for visitors when I needed them, not just hoping someone would stop by. Or calling/texting someone on my bad days instead of isolating. Right now I'm having a hard time re-adjusting to being home after 22 days in the hospital. The hospital was much more uncomfortable but more social interaction with my room mate, the nurses, doctors, etc. Home is more comfortable but more isolating as there is no one else around during the day when my husband is at work. I play a lot of online games, started moderating buy/sell pages on facebook, joined moms chat pages on facebook, just try to stay connected to people as much as possible. Just staying focused on that next week goal and envisioning a full term pregnancy and keeping my focus on the positives rather than the possible negatives and everything that goes along with thinking that way. I won't lie it's a daily fight, but I just tell myself that I can do this and it's so important to my baby girl that I keep doing it and get through another day no matter if it's bad or good. "Just keep swimming"
Posted by: Kayc78
« on: June 27, 2015 at 12:33 PM »


Yay, for a great appoitment good to hear that your doing well. I assume you had a great day day.

Update for all for me yesterday and today. I had that upper back pain on the right side all day but like to report its gone today..now my sciatic nerve seems to act up :( boo! But I had a great day yesterday. Had my nieces visit which makes me happy just seeing them. Makes me sad in a way we will not be joining them to do camping or anything. But they were so cute saying not to worry that maybe when baby gets here, then baby enjoys it too.

I'm in good spirits today... My husband is working on floors and trying to get things ready. And I'm going to keep busy with the tv and some reading.

Hope you all bed rest mamas are doing great and let's keep positive. Hugs and prayers to all!
Posted by: Teemeg
« on: June 26, 2015 at 09:36 PM »

Hey ladies,

Hope y'all had a great day......

I went in for CL measurement . The doctor seemed very impressed by the manual examination he did. He says my cervix feels pretty strong even though it may be short. 'Twas 2cm, gained some length back but he thinks I may have a dynamic cervix. He showed me the pictures of the cervix and he said 2cm is completely closed but my true measurement is 4cm.....with the funneling at the top which seems pretty stable from last week.

And he is hopeful that if I continue my bed rest, shots and suppositories I will make it to at least 32 weeks and then at that time he will take me off bed rest.

So here is to soldiering on. We got these bedrest mommas :) :)