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Posted by: wylee
« on: April 24, 2017 at 02:20 PM »

My doctor said modified bedrest means I can walk out to the mailbox and back. Walking half a mile is too much, and no chores or going to work.  I do not have a desk job though, so maybe that's why he said no work.  I'm allowed to eat sitting up, but he still wants me to elevate my legs as much as possible.  I can go to the movies now and eat out. I admit that I've probably been walking and standing too much because ever since i wad switched from strict to modified bedrest my feet have began to swell.  If I elevate them, the swelling goes away.

I've kinda been doing things based on how I feel, and I seem to carry my baby higher than lower. Although, she has her head facing in the right direction the last few weeks.  I'm now 34 + 5 weeks. I would not be walking as much if I felt pressure down there.
Posted by: SuzieQMom
« on: April 14, 2017 at 04:32 AM »

Thanks Wylee! I didn't know that about the amniotic sac. It must have been really scary for you at 20 weeks. I can imagine that you were sure your water broke. Ive had my discharge tested twice this week and it came up negative both times. I'm hoping I had a similar thing happen to me and it was just water. I've been staying in bed as much as I can. I really want to make it as long as possible.  I'm having two boys and they are so worth it! I only have about 1-2 Braxton hicks per day, so that is good.

It's amazing how much strength one can lose on bed rest. The nurse brought me a pitcher of hot water for my tea and my arm was shaking when I went to pour it in my cup. What are you doing now with modified bed rest? How much do you walk?
Posted by: wylee
« on: April 12, 2017 at 08:00 AM »

Hello SuzieQMom,

I'm so happy you have made it to the viability week! That is fantastic news. I don't blame you for not wanting to sit outside after all the fluid discharge, but I'm happy it wasn't amniotic fluid.  When I had bulging membranes at 20 weeks with some discharge the fluid was watery.  That's the best way for me to describe it. I thought for sure it was amniotic fluid.  They said it was just water. I asked them where is it coming from.  They said the amniotic sac actually has 2 membrane layers, with the outer layer kinda of like a protective barrier with a layer of water sandwiched between the inner and outer layer. Apparently,  it's so thin, that the outer layer weeps and water crosses the membrane when there's irritation or pressure. That's how it was explained to me.  Anyhow,  stay in bed as much as possible. Those babies are certainly worth it. Do you know the gender of your twins, or are you waiting?

I've been doing better since I am now on modified bedrest.  My heartburn isn't quite as bad.  My husband has been worried that I've been walking around too much.  It's amazing how much stamina I've lost after this many days on bedrest.  My heart pounds rapidly with any walking I do.

Hang in there!!
Posted by: SuzieQMom
« on: April 09, 2017 at 07:48 AM »

Hi Wylee,

I'm 24+5 today. They gave me the steroids and that brought me some comfort. I'll be in the hospital until I deliver. But, I think it might be for the best because I'm already here if contractions start. Also, I think that I would probably try to do too much myself if I were at home.

Yesterday, I wanted to get over my fear of sitting up and went outside in the wheelchair for 30 minutes. The doctor said that I could stay outside in a wheelchair for up to an hour, but to come back and lay down if I felt any pressure. It was great to be outside after 19 days inside the hospital room. But, last night, I had a gush of fluid and thought for sure that my membranes had ruptured. It was enough to soak my underwear. They gave me antibiotics prophylactically. I still think that I must have a tear even though they did the swab test this morning and told me that it was negative for amniotic fluid. Luckily, by ultrasound it looks like the babies have normal fluid levels. Nevertheless, I am being really strict about bedrest today. They asked me about going outside today and I said no way. You mentioned that some anxiousness went away at 26 weeks and I hope this is true for me as well.

Sounds so nice that you have a recliner in the garage so you can get some sun. I wish they could wheel my bed outside or I could have a fancy wheelchair that reclines.

I agree that this can be a long, lonely journey. Let's definitely update one another. I appreciate all your kind words.
Posted by: wylee
« on: April 08, 2017 at 10:13 PM »

Yes, I'm at 32 weeks +3.  You must've hit your short term goal of 23 +5, so I hope they were able to give you the steroids. They've kept me on oral antibiotics since my cerclage at 20 weeks too. I also got the steroids. I had to use a wheelchair all the way up until Thursday of this week, but my husband had put a recliner out in the garage,  so I could at least get some sunshine. Are you going to have to stay in the hospital your whole pregnancy,  or do you know?

Keep me updated on your progress, if you don't mind. This can be a lonely journey, so it's nice to converse.

Posted by: SuzieQMom
« on: April 08, 2017 at 10:24 AM »

Hi Wylee!

Thanks again for the encouraging words. I need them!

Yes, today I felt like I sat up a little too long eating. The doctor just said that I could take 15 minutes outside in a wheelchair once per day, but I'm afraid to sit up straight for that long. I think if I ran over a pebble in the wheelchair I'd be worried about it. I can only imagine how nervous you must have been on an hour long car ride. You must have been really anxious the whole ride.

Thanks for the tip about drinking lots of water. I'm going to try and drink an additional bottle each day.

Are you 32 weeks now? My next goal is 26!

Posted by: wylee
« on: March 30, 2017 at 08:11 AM »

Thank you SuzieQMom!

It's easy to worry and warranted. I went through the same type of worries. I know our situations are a little different since my bedrest has been at home, but I used to worry when I'd go to my doctor's appointments. I live 1 hour from my doctor and every week I had to ride in the car. The seats don't lie back all the way, so it worried me. I'm not quite at the anxiety I was in the first few weeks. 26 weeks was when I felt a little better.I read an article about a Mom in your similar situation that managed to save her babies by drinking lots and lots of water. I wish I remembered the details of the story or had the link. Hang in there, and hugs to you!! I know some feel bedrest doesn't help, but my doctor and I definitely feel it's helped me.
Posted by: SuzieQMom
« on: March 29, 2017 at 01:43 PM »

Thanks Wylee-

I need to hear stories like yours. It gives me encouragement and hope. You are amazing- 11 weeks of bed rest! I hope to do the same. I'm at 23+1 today. Just a few more days to reaching my short term goal.
I think I will reduce my showers to 3 weekly. Anything I can do to keep these two inside as long as possible I will do. I start getting nervous if I stand for more than 5 minutes. Today they made my bed at the hospital and I have to sit in a chair while they do it. The woman got distracted and I ended up sitting for 10 minutes and it felt like an eternity. I just kept thinking that I shouldn't sit up for so long and that she has to hurry up. I guess these day to day anxieties are bound to occur and I just have to know that I am doing the best I can each day.
I will be thinking and praying for you as well.
Posted by: wylee
« on: March 29, 2017 at 01:40 AM »

Hello SuzieQMom-

I'm certainly thinking and praying for you. I don't think the worry and anxiety stops, so I take it day by day. I'm 31 weeks today after an emergency cerclage at 20 weeks. The bedrest is difficult, but I only take a shower about every 2-3 days. I'm hoping you make it to 23 - 24 weeks and beyond.  I've set small goals and hope they continue.
Posted by: SuzieQMom
« on: March 27, 2017 at 02:52 AM »

Hi All, I'm so glad I found this forum. I've been worrying constantly and it is comforting to read all of the positive success stories.

I went in to my Obgyn for a visit when I was 18 weeks and she said that my cervix still appeared long by ultrasound. My father has been ill, so I asked about travel and got the ok. I ended up flying to California from Switzerland, I live in Switzerland, because my father had been hospitalized. When I returned for my 20 week ultrasound (actually at 21 weeks 6 days since I had been out of town), the doctor had told me that I'd be staying in the hospital. My cervix was thin and had opened 9mm. They could see the sac had a small bulge by ultrasound. Obviously, I was scared and shocked. I'm still scared for these babies.

Thus far, I only get magnesium and they have put in a pessary. I was told that the sac is too close to my cervix for a cerclage and the cerclage hasnt been proven effective in twin pregnancies. They said progesterone also hasn't proven effective in twin pregnancies. They felt it was more risky to give it to me as a suppository, and they weren't convinced that the oral progesterone would help. As for how strict the bed rest is, I can get up only to use the toilet and was told that I can take one quick shower daily. The doctors said at 23+5 they can start the lung maturation steroids for special cases like mine, instead of waiting for 24+0. I am 22+6 today. So that is my short term goal- to make it to 23+5.

Best wishes to all. How do you keep from worrying? I'm scared every time I get up to use the toilet. I have been taking a quick daily shower, but feel like I should reduce this to twice weekly.