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Title: Ladies: What's the sweetest thing your partner has done for you lately?
Post by: Angela on April 14, 2009 at 10:22 PM
A few weeks ago, I joked with a friend on hospital bed rest:
You know what they say... "Incompetent Cervix, Incomparable Husband."

And today, thinking of my hubby and my own bed rest days, I thought,
You know what they say... "Irritable Uterus, Amiable Husband."

Tell us what's great about your guy!
Title: Re: Ladies: What's the sweetest thing your man has done for you lately?
Post by: Fyreflye on April 19, 2009 at 07:44 AM
     Hi Ladies, I am new here, just joined so I could share in this topic.  I have been on modified bed rest on and off with both pregnancies, and this Friday was put on strict bedrest after passing blood clots and having some contractions.  My husband is a truck driver and not home a lot, but he has been home the last 4 days and has been taking care of me and our daughter. I am a little *cough* OCD and it is hard for me to see things not being done how and when I would do them, but he is trying hard, and when he saw me getting really upset last night made me an amazing super-chocolate sundae to cheer me up, which I ate while he cleaned the kitchen! Later today is my baby shower, and since I have to be laying down, he is taking a small couch to the meeting room where the shower will be so I can lay on it during the party because we invited too many people to have it at our house and I would be too stressed about 20 people coming over and not being able to clean. I know if I am kept on rest that he will find a way to take care of me and our daughter, even if he has to stay of the road and beg on the corner to feed us. I, like us all, get caught up in details of life and forget the little things.  Life always seems to come by and remind me that I have a lot to be grateful for, mostly my amazing husband and my daughter, stepdaughter, and this blessed baby I am trying so hard to keep inside, under my heart, for a while longer.
Title: Re: Ladies: What's the sweetest thing your man has done for you lately?
Post by: mommytobe1 on June 09, 2009 at 05:50 PM
just got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and within the hour my husband had arranged to borrow a comfy recliner from a friend and delivered it to our house so that I wouldn't have to always be on the couch.  He's got a little area all set up for me in the living room - ready for a 3 week long camp out.  So sweet. 
Title: Re: Ladies: What's the sweetest thing your man has done for you lately?
Post by: twinmommy2 on September 27, 2010 at 09:08 AM
he bought me a really sweet card&a beautiful dress to wear to my baby shower!

allso everyday on his way home from work and asks me if i want any special treats or snacks...its smalll but it makes me feel special.
Title: Re: Ladies: What's the sweetest thing your man has done for you lately?
Post by: JacErnst on December 13, 2010 at 06:12 PM
DH has been amazing about all of this - the first day he went back to work after we got the BR news, he came home with some new pj bottoms for me - since we didn't get much comfy clothes since i usually work 60+ hours a week our budget went to work clothes. He also got me a book i had been waiting to read. we never buy books - i usually just go on the waiting list at the library. But he bought me this one since i really wanted to read it.
he also goes and gets me new books i put on hold at the library every week. it's great!
Title: Re: Ladies: What's the sweetest thing your man has done for you lately?
Post by: blessedmom on December 17, 2010 at 06:17 PM
My hubby gets up an hour to two earlier than usual. Makes me my food for the day, sometimes runs to the grocery store. Gets the dogs situated, does the dishes, vaccuums and then heads to work. He works his 12 hours, sometimes shops on way home, cooks, cleans more, helps me get into shower or do hot tub, massages whatever hurts, and passes out. On the weekend, he cleans the house fully, fixes stuff around house, does major food shopping and baby shopping! The other weekend, he got me all my hospital stuff. Jammies, UNDERWEAR!, feminine products!, he threw in a sleep mask and earplugs, got me new slippers and robe and itunes gift card. He shaved my legs, painted my toenails and dyed my hair! We weren't sure if I was going in early - he knew I didnt want to be icky! We are so lucky to have amazing husbands. I have had chronic pain and disability, so mine had some training in taking care of me, but he stepped up his game for who he calls his "baby momma"!. I think this is harder on him than me. spends his whole day trying to think of things to make my life easier - brought me a mini fridge up to the bedroom one night when he got home from work - had been thinking about it since 9 am that morning - drove him nuts he had to wait all day!
Title: Re: Ladies: What's the sweetest thing your man has done for you lately?
Post by: twinjackienurse on January 23, 2011 at 08:09 PM
My husband has been amazing through all this. I have been on bedrest for 4 weeks now and hopefully 5 more. (not that I want to because I hate sitting here but for the babies I know its the best!)

My husband has done SO much! He finished up the babies room, set me up a recliner in the spare room with windows. Every morning we get up he sets me up with breakfast, snacks, water, my laptop and books. He has cleaned the house like crazy! He cleaned out the whole refrigerator and pantry! He has cooked dinner for me too. He also bought me a new bra :) what a guy! haha
Title: Re: Ladies: What's the sweetest thing your man has done for you lately?
Post by: elypineda on January 24, 2011 at 07:41 PM
As all of you, I am blessed with a wonderful, thoughtful husband.  I've been in hospital now for 5 weeks, 2 days, and he has been here everyday with the exception of 3 days.  He works and takes care of our 19 month old baby girl, and everything around the house.  It's amazing how good he's become at taking care of household chores!  Thankfully my mother and inlaws are helping us with the baby while he's at work. I take showers every 2 days and he makes sure to be here to help all the time.  He shaves my legs, and gives me back massages, brings me good food every once in a while.  Today I had a rough emotional day and when he called in the morning from work, as he always does, I broke down, and he immediately said he would leave work to come spend time with me - he was here in one hour.  It felt so nice to have him here with me all day on a Monday.  Thankfully, he has a lot of support at work with our situation - with me being in hospital and all.  Many times I tell him how thankful I am to have him, and how I appreciate all he does, and he always tells me, "No matter how hard it is for me, you have it tougher than me, and I will do anything I have to do for my family." 
We are all blessed to have such wonderful husbands! 
Title: Re: Ladies: What's the sweetest thing your man has done for you lately?
Post by: LoransMommy on February 05, 2011 at 02:49 PM
He makes me my favorite foods and gets me my favorite snacks at the store :) Today he brought me pancakes on a tray with the syrup heated and everything.
I'm OCD as well...I can't rest if there is a mess and he has been great about making things look nice for me. I think he knows I'll break the rules and do it myself if he doesn't though haha!
Last night, he was upstairs playing video games and I went up there (dr says stairs are ok ONCE in a while) to lay on the floor in the room with him while he played because I was lonely and he stopped playing and came downstairs with me to watch tv. I had a mini-meltdown at that point and whimpered that I didn't want to lay down anymore. He snuggled me and we layed together with our 2 dogs.
Right now he's at Best Buy getting a new big tv to hang on our wall in the bedroom so that I don't strain my neck to watch tv in bed.