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Title: Staying sane while on strict bedrest
Post by: mvp_57 on December 27, 2008 at 11:32 AM
I was on strict bed rest in the hospital for 6 weeks with my first pregnancy ( How did I manage to stay sane? Wireless Internet access is a godsend. My husband got me a laptop and I stayed in touch with friends and family, completed my baby registry, and even checked out real estate listings for our first house :). I caught up on reading and movie rentals. I highly recommend keeping a small calendar to help you keep track of appointments and the baby’s progress. This helped me in NICU as well. It was the only way I could keep track of all the information people were giving me on a daily basis. After a few days on bed rest, things start to blend in a little, and jotting things down on my calendar was a tremendous help. 

Most importantly, I’m blessed with a wonderful family. My husband slept in a cot by my bedside (because we were lucky enough to have a private room), and my mom and sister altered their work schedule so that they could drive up the 1-hour 2-3 times a week to stay with me at the hospital. This meant I had delicious home-cooked meals or takeout! Friends sent me care packages and text messages to help me stay positive. I also asked for some alone time, which my family respected. The incessant flow of nurses and doctors (usually at inopportune times) were balanced by the fact that their close watch ensured my baby’s safety.

Looking back, I think that the prescribed bed rest was nature’s way of making sure that I would take better care of my baby and myself. I was in a stressful job, and I didn’t know enough about pregnancy to know when something was not normal. It wasn’t until I was hooked up to a fetal monitor, for example, that I realized that the tightening sensations that I had been feeling were actually contractions. I had always thought of contractions as sharp, painful sensations that made you gasp for breath. I had just assumed that the sense of “fullness” I was feeling was the normal result of the baby getting bigger.

It’s funny...a couple of weeks before I had to go in the hospital, I told a co-worker that I would rather be “nesting” than working on a project. I’ll watch my words more carefully next time ;).
Title: Re: Staying sane while on strict bedrest
Post by: paudreyb on March 18, 2009 at 06:49 AM
I was on hospital bedrest for 11 weeks and have not met many other women who stayed there as long as we did.  I agree that the laptop really helped along with my husband and nearby family and friends.  I started a few movie series and made a blanket for my baby.  I had to lay flat so I learned to crochet.  Wearing my normal clothes helped it seem a little better because after all I wasn't "sick" so I felt like I was in prison.  My doctor told me that if I finished the blanket the baby would come and boy was she right.  The day after I finished it she was born.  HAHA!
Title: Re: Staying sane while on strict bedrest
Post by: Taryn on March 28, 2009 at 04:03 PM
I am on home bedrest right now, but I know that can change on a weekly basis, as I am being checked by ultrasound every week to see if my cervix is thinning, and if it does, I am stuck in the hospital for the duration.  Its nice to hear stories, especially yours paudrey, because it looks like I may end up in the hospital for as long as you if not longer.  I am doing my best to try to limit the hospital being my home.  My husband bought me a laptop, is probably going to buy me a ton of movies, even though he jokes around that he bought me my laptop so I can still do my work (we own our own business, computer consulting, work from home), I know he truly got it for me, so he has a sane wife at the end of all this.  I dread going into the hospital, but I know it will be what is best for my baby, and the most important thing is ensuring her safety and her being as healthy as can be.
Title: Re: Staying sane while on strict bedrest
Post by: firedancertat on April 08, 2009 at 04:03 PM
With my 1st pregnancy I was on strict bed rest and in the hospital for the better part of 3 months.  This time I am 15 wks pregnant and on strict bed rest until my delivery. The doctors are expecting me to be hospitalized by 24 weeks and hope to keep me from delivering before 34 weeks.  Any ideas on ways to stay sane?  I have read books, watched day time tv (which is terrible)  :) and surfed the net to my hearts content.