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Title: 13 weeks, bleeding, early placenta previa
Post by: baby#3 on April 19, 2009 at 09:44 PM
I found out I was expecting #3 in February. We didn't tell people because I was having lots of complications right off the bat. I have been spotting the whole pregnancy and was miserably sick and exhausted. We thought we were having twins since it runs in both sides of our family. But I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks which showed one healthy baby and heartbeat. We were very excited but I kept bleeding, so I was always very scared I would miscarry since I've had a miscarriage before. But everything seemed to be going fine until I was 10 weeks along and woke up one night and had lost a ton of blood and tissue. I thought that was it. But when we got the the hospital an ultrasound showed that there was one baby still doing fine. It turns out I was pregnant with twins after all. The other twin didn't develop much past 5 weeks or so, so they did not see a heartbeat on my original ultrasound. We were sad, but honestly, just relieved to know that we still had one healthy baby, since we didn't know we were having twins after the first ultrasound. I was put on bed rest until I stopped bleeding and I went back to work. Well, my first day back at work up on my feet, the same thing happened. I lost a lot of blood and was sure I was miscarrying the other twin. But again, by the grace of God, the baby looked very happy and healthy on ultrasound. We were very relieved but concerned with why I was bleeding so much. Later that week I had a high definition ultrasound and we found out placenta for this baby is developing and attaching itself right over my cervix which is causing the bleeding. I have been put on strict bed rest due to the bleeding and the fact that my cervix is slightly open and at risk for dilating. Obviously if I dilate this early I'll lose the baby. 
I had another ultrasound last Monday with no change, except my cervix looked a little better.  My doctor said that it will be normal for me to spot the remainder of the pregnancy, but if I have any more episodes of heavy bleeding, like a period or more, I need to come in right away to check on the baby and placenta.  He's hoping that as the baby grows the placenta will move up and away from my cervix. I have a doppler to monitor the baby's heart rate and that is a good relief for me everyday when I hear it. 
Has anyone been on bed rest like me this early?  I'm due in October and can not imagine doing this until then!!!
Title: Re: 13 weeks, bleeding, early placenta previa
Post by: tinamc on April 20, 2009 at 12:36 PM
 I turned 15wks yesterday. I'm due in October too!! Though at this point I would be ecstatic to make it to September. I have marginal placenta previa, have been bleeding and passing clots last it's down to spotting. Last check my cervix was tightly closed, but it opening up is a serious worry of mine.
I've heard that lots of fluids can help with your cervix (don't ask me why). Did the drs ever mention the possibility of a cerclage if it doesn't close up tight?
Title: Re: 13 weeks, bleeding, early placenta previa
Post by: baby#3 on April 20, 2009 at 05:24 PM
I've been bleeding on and off too, and have passed large clots 3 times now, about once per week since 10 weeks.  I just got home from my appt. and the baby looks great.  My doc said it looks like none of this has phased the baby at all.  My cervix is completely closed...yay~but it hasn't moved and is still right on top of my cervix.   I too worry about delivering early.  I'd be thrilled to make it anywhere past 30 weeks for sure.  We haven't discussed circulage sp? yet, but I know it's a possibility if needed.  Do you know if you have to be a certain # of weeks for them to do it? 

I'm hanging in there.  I read a lot and watch a lot of movies.  My sister got me a subscription to Netflix.  That's been great.  I too, have to be careful about the laptop and Blackberry, because if you are not careful you can have your face in front of it all day.  I try to turn my laptop and phone off for at least 2 hours per day to get a break.  It really is nice.

Let's keep in touch!  We have the same problem and are both due in October.  I have 2 other children, but this is also my 5th pregnancy...2 miscarriages between #2 and this one. 

God willing we'll be holding our little bambinos in the fall!  When is your ultrasound?  Are you going to find out what the sex is?  Ours is June 11th and we are finding out. 

Take care,

Title: Re: 13 weeks, bleeding, early placenta previa
Post by: tinamc on April 20, 2009 at 08:56 PM
Hey Heidi -
Glad to hear your cervix is closed - definitely a great thing to hear! It may take some time with the placenta, though. You may not see any results (hopefully) in a few weeks as baby and uterus grow. But hopefully it will move its way off your cervix.

I have netflix, though I keep picking junk. LOL I think I will need to set up a schedule so I can set time to get off the computer because the next thing I know, I've been cruising the internet with nothing to show for it for hours! Sad!

How are your two other kids handling things? So far my munchkin is okay. He asks about "Bumblebee" and he snuggles me in bed a lot. I am very lucky in that my ex-husband is close by and we get along great and he's pretty helpful (in fact, he's watching our dog!) and my parents live close by as well. My husband has a "little" leeway with his work hours being the boss so he's taking munchkin to preschool and doing a bunch of other things I would usually be doing.

Oh, the cerclage...I think it can be done at any point. Because I've read that some women with incompetent cervixes have them very early on.

My next dr appt is Weds...and unfortunately the dr doesn't have a u/s machine in office, so he may schedule an u/s later in the week or sometime this week. I would assume it will depend on him taking a look at my goods visually and determining whether cervix is nice and closed still. We are definitley going to find out the gender. I went for the surprise with my munchkin and it was so much fun. But now with him around, I feel like it might be nice to know, so we can name the baby and use the proper pronouns and such. I might have found out at my Friday u/s but the baby was being stubborn and kept its legs crossed! The tech was guessing a girl b/c she didn't see anything dangling, but I;ll wait for the "verdict" at the next u/s with uncrossed legs. LOL