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Title: Surviving bed rest
Post by: baby#3 on April 19, 2009 at 09:47 PM
We are all taking this in stride. DH has been absolutely wonderful and the kids (ages 4 and 2) are figuring it all out and being little troopers. We've had help with meals, laundry and the kids which has been a Godsend. That part has been hard for us, we are typically quite self sufficient and it's hard for us to accept help, but with this we don't have much of a choice and we are so grateful for anything.  That's what I would suggest for everybody...accept help!  It can be hard, but people really do want to help.  We are blessed to have a very supportive church community, many friends, and family in town.

I'm doing well. I actually am quite relaxed and more at peace than I thought I would be. It was hard at first, as those of you can imagine who know my "on the go" personality. But now that I know that the baby looks "incredibly healthy" per my doctors report and I know where the bleeding is coming from, I feel better.

I am now officially a facebook nerd. Don't be surprised if I update my status every 5 minutes! And don't be afraid to say hello and chat if we're on at the same time...all I have is time. I've been keeping myself busy with my laptop which luckily has wireless internet access, as well as watching TV series DVDs like 24, Lost, House, Entourage, etc. I am also hooked on the Wii game Big Brain Academy, since Tennis and skiing are now out! DH has set up a little home and office by the couch and I'm working when I can making phone calls or answering e-mails.

How's everyone else doing??
Title: Re: Surviving bed rest
Post by: dorychop on April 27, 2009 at 09:51 AM
My family just doesn't understand the meaning of bedrest. They still suggest going out and doing things but being in a wheel chair or something to that effect. It frustrates me a little when I'm stuck in my room all day long and they can't just bring me a plate of food or more fluids. I keep tearing a hole in my placenta just putting my panties on let alone get up and down to the bathroom ... LET ALONE getting up and down carrying stuff back and forth to my bedroom. Finally I just stay in there no matter what and wait for them to realize I need something or call their cell phone. I feel like I'm 16 again...ugh!

But alas, they do comply with the situation most of the time. And sometimes I forget that I need to ask before doing but it's gotten better. Activities are scarce but luckily I have my handy laptop ^_~ so I found you guys, which helps A LOT![
Title: Re: Surviving bed rest
Post by: Fyreflye on April 27, 2009 at 03:39 PM
I have also had a problem with people understanding what bedrest really is, I think mostly because I have been on modified, light bedrest before and now am on strict bedrest.  They think I am supposed to just still be taking it easy. I have had offers to help, but no one is following up on it and I feel like an ass calling to "remind" them they were gonna come by and do some housework or whatever. My husband has been awesome, but he is a truck driver and is gone most of the week. I over did some this weekend out of frustration, and now am having contrax again. I have been mostly a SAHM for the past 2 years, with some part time jobs here and there, and so am used to going, going, going all day with homeschool, housework, errands, and cooking/baking.  Sitting in my house and not doing is super hard for me when all I have to do is look at my messy house, eating microwave meals, and telling my daughter I can't take her to the library today. I am my own worst enemy in this situation, because I feel useless, but I have to remember I am doing the important job of helping my baby be born safely. I have found a lot of strenth from this forum and all the Twitter posts, it makes me have some perspective that this sweet baby is so much more important than my cluttered house, the growing pile of laundry, and the dishes in the sink.  Fyreflye
Title: Re: Surviving bed rest
Post by: lulu1026 on June 14, 2009 at 07:54 PM
I am 34 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby..finally getting my boy.

 I have had so many complications. I have broken blood vessels around my cervix that i have to deal with the entire time, cluster migraines that would keep me in bed for days at a time. I got the flu, i had an emergency appendectomy at 20 weeks-which thankfully stopped my all day sickness. I have been having contractions since 29 weeks. Some of them have had me on the floor crying while others were mild. They have picked up in the last few days but nothing that i can time. The drs are not concerned about that because there is no dialation or thinning-so far. About 3 weeks ago they found protein in my urine and my bp shot up. I was put in bed rest last week because I had a bad reaction to the bp medicine they placed me on.

After everything that I have dealt with I was ready for rest, but 4 days in and I am going insane. I have to be monitored two times a week out side of the normal drs visit. I am pretty sure that I will not make my July 25 due date as I have lost my plug and have completely dropped. Not to mention the BP does not stay down while I am laying down. We are hoping that I do not develop preeclampsia. I had my second child all natural and I want to be able to do the same with this one.

If anyone has any ideas on how to pass the time while on bed rest please let me know! I have 5 weeks and 6 days to go.
Title: Re: Surviving bed rest
Post by: DFTLEE on June 15, 2009 at 12:54 PM
Dear Lulu1026,
so sorry that you have had such a miserable time. It's amazing how one pregnancy can be so great and then the next one....In any event, do your best to keep busy. That may sound like an oxymoron while on bed rest, but it is possible. Do you like to read? Watch movies? This is certainly the time to catch up! If you have wanted to take any sort of course or learn a new language, this is also a great time for such things.

Even with all of your medical complications, you still want to keep your muscles active. Because of your high blood pressure and now being on strict bed rest, you are at risk for developing a leg clot. Several times a day, stretch out your legs and point and flex your toes. This will stimulate your calf muscles and also send the blood back up to the heart, lowering the risk of developing a blood clot. Also, while you can't do a lot ofexercises, do keep your arms active by doing some stretches and pulls using an exercise band. Ask your doctor if it is okay for your to do some light stretching of your arms and if so, I'll be more than happy to recommend some gentle exercises.

Darline Turner-Lee, Physician Assistant, Clinical Exercise Specialist, perinatal fitness instructor.