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Title: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: Angela on April 04, 2011 at 09:31 AM
Happy Monday! I'm really looking forward to hearing your updates!

I also want to let everyone know about the new Keep 'Em Cookin' chat room. (See the new button in the menu above!) We had two fantastic live chats last week and have another one scheduled for tomorrow at 2 pm Eastern time. Tuesdays at 2! Just enter your screen name in the login box at ( and you can join the chat. Hope to see all of you there!

In the meantime, let us know how you're doing...

Keep 'em cookin', mamas!

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Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: arenee22 on April 04, 2011 at 09:51 AM
Hi, I am 36 weeks. I have 2 appts this week. 2 NSTs and a fluid check and I also see my dr. I will be going twice a week for NSTs now.

I am so uncomfortable and sick of bedrest. I will prob be on bedrest until I have the baby since I have low fluid levels.
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: Allison on April 04, 2011 at 10:10 AM
Hi ladies,

I'm 31 weeks today and have another cervical length check tomorrow afternoon.  I've been on bed rest for 4 weeks now and feel so frustrated as I'm sure most of you are.

I cheated a little on bed rest this weekend...the weather was beautiful so I sat on our deck as my hubby's and son played in the yard.  It was great to be outside and not stuck in my bed! 

I'm having a hard time not being able to play with my 23 month old.  I took him somewhere almost every day and now he's been in the house with me while my mom has been taking care of him.  I feel horrible for him and I had a good cry about it this weekend. 

I also feel a little frustrated with my Dr.  Does anyone else feel that way?  My cervix was 2.8 last week and I'm still on strict bed rest.  I think this is a little extreme but maybe not.  Any thoughts?  I was having some contractions but more irritability than anything.  I'm on procardia for contractions and have had the steroid shots.  I know my dr is very cautious and of course I want what's best for my baby too but I feel like my life is on hold!  Not only mine but my son, mom, and hubby's.

Well as you can tell I'm having a bad day.  I would love to fast forward 4 weeks!
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: Bug on April 04, 2011 at 10:57 AM
Good morning!

Still cookin' at 25 weeks 4 days! I will be starting my 5th week of bedrest tomorrow. Surprisingly, it's gone by pretty fast! It's so much easier when I focus on one day at a time instead of looking at all the days/weeks ahead of me.

Tomorrow I see the perinatologist for a cervix check (last week it measured 1.1 cm) and I hope it is holding strong. I also see my OB this week. I LOVE going to the doc and watching our little princess on u/s...and the fact that I get out of the house!

It's a bit cold here (we had snow yesterday morning in Northern Utah!) so staying wrapped up in a blanket is just fine with me:)

Keep on keepin on!!
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: amythyst8 on April 04, 2011 at 11:25 AM
36+3 here and feeling like I am going to have a nervous breakdown. I want to go HOME. I am so insanely homesick. I woke up this morning with this great plan to just get in the car and GO. But reality is, it isn't such a great plan and I have to think of my/baby health and the "what if" something were to happen in between here and there and/or when I get there. Fact is, I can't leave till baby is born so here I sit. :(

I have 2 apts this week, 1 NST and 1 BPP U/S scheduled. The goal is to get to the weekend and then decide where we go from there. I at this point still have a choice between an induced VBAC and a repeat C-section. I flip flop daily on what I will choose. I just want to be done with this and back to my life.

Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: BWilson on April 04, 2011 at 12:08 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

Just checking in, we are at 30 weeks on Wed! I have to say that when I was in the hospital 10 weeks ago I couldn't comprehend making it to this point.  But here we are! So grateful.  Officially on bedrest for 10 weeks... still taking Sulandac and 17P shots. My doctor cleared me for a baby shower! I have to sit/lay on the couch for it but I am super excited about it. I might be on social overload since it will be the most exciting thing I have done in 4 months! It is giving me something to look forward to!

Has any had a baby shower on here? Wondering how it went for you? My Dr. wanted us to wait to have it until we hit 34 weeks. Is that normal?

Hope you all keep cooking this week!

Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: oliviathompson530 on April 04, 2011 at 01:39 PM
Hello all,

I am 24 weeks and still going. We have to relocate to be woth family for more support, but the doctors gave me the all clear today. I will still have to be on bed rest, but my cervix is great. I had a rough weekend due to reasons other than bed rest, but just seeing  the sun shine has given me enough energy to find the joy in just being alive.

Be Blessed,

Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: LoransMommy on April 04, 2011 at 01:50 PM
@ Allison: hang in there. You don't want that baby to come now. Once you hit 34 weeks, you'll hit the safety zone and if your little one is born s/he will be ok (but most likely in nicu for a couple weeks). Then once you hit 35/36, I bet your doctor eases up. Mine did, and she's super conservative and has been very strict with me. Don't feel bad about putting anyone's life on hold. You can't help it and don't ever feel bad about the wonderful thing you're doing for the health of your baby. You are making the biggest sacrifice of all and that's very admirable. Be proud of yourself! I've been at this for 11 weeks. Trust me, its hard! Just take it one day at a time and keep your eyes on the prize! Just like bug says, it is much easier when you focus on each day rather than looking at it in terms of weeks. I think about each day I'm on and how many weeks I've done - never how many weeks I have left.

@amythyst8: hang in there too! You're soooooo close to the end! Your baby will be here before you know it!

@bwilson: I had my baby shower, and I believe I was about 31 weeks. It was a very big shower with about 50 people there. I just laid on the couch and everyone came to me to say hi and see how I was doing. My doctor had ok-ed it.

I will be 36 weeks tomorrow! I can't believe how close I am. Last week I was a "fingertip" dilated (which apparently means half a centimeter) and I'm super eager to see how dilated I will be come Wednesday at my next appointment. I was up A LOT this weekend. I had mentioned on another thread that I was up so much that my lower belly and pelvis were killing me Saturday evening. I couldn't even stand up. I'm much better today though. But I'm pretty tired. I was up most of the night unable to sleep. Then when my husband left for work, I eventually fell asleep and slept until 10:45. When I got up I did some straightening up in the kitchen and bathed the dogs, then took a shower myself. So now I'm down for the rest of the day. I'm hoping all this activity got me more dilated. I'm so ready for him to be here! Not because it would mean I don't have to lay in bed anymore, but because I just want to hold him in my arms and see him. Anyway, I will update again after my appointment on Wednesday. I hope everyone else is doing well!
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: mckoygirl on April 04, 2011 at 02:06 PM
Hello, still cooking at 26 weeks, 4 days today with twins. I went to my regular OB visit this morning and they performed the fetal fibrinectin again (still awaiting results), and gestational diabetes screen. My womb is already measuring 40cm/ or 40 weeks along! I'm going to be HUGE! Most twins moms measure about 8 weeks bigger than average singleton uteruses, but I'm measuring 13 weeks bigger! I think these babies are going to make some sort of record!  :o
I ended up having to be at the hospital for the lab work for 2.5hrs... I feel like I've ran a marathon!
Glad to hear everyone's doing well.
amythyst8 - I'm so sorry you're having such a rough run of it. Hang in there, it will get better eventually. Until it does, have a good cry-out. You deserve it. I cried all day Friday, and into Saturday. It happens.
I begged today for an outing a week, and was promised if all my FFN's were negative between now & then, and my cervix remains stable, after 30 weeks they'll let me have an outing a week.  ;D
Very psyched about that!
Take care everyone.
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: Lanespoli on April 04, 2011 at 03:10 PM
Glad to hear everyone is doing so well!  I will be 35 weeks tomorrow, yea!!!  When I was put on bedrest at 25 weeks I had NO idea how I was going to make it this far and here I am.  Had a little scare over the weekend, had a little spotting.  They said it was old blood and it was probably just my cervix preparing itself.  They told me I was a "fingertip" dilated as well, and holy crap did that test hurt!!!!  I always thought the transvaginally u/s was uncomfortable, but I will take THAT anyday over the digital exam, ouchy!  My bedrest has been lifted for the most part, yet I have no energy or strength to do anything now.  I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable and now I don't know how I am going to make it another 4 weeks like this lol.

No sleep, up every 2 hours to pee and when I do finally get up for the day I am sooooo sore all over I can barely walk.  The carpal tunnel is getting worse in my hands as well.  My c-section is scheduled for May 3rd, yet I am hoping to go sooner.  I took a c-section and infant CPR class yesterday at the hospital and got all choked up looking at the nursery again! 

Does anyone know what I need to pack for the baby for the hospital?  Do I need to bring a lot of onesies or just an outfit to go home in?  Every site I look at says something different.... It's my nieces birthday up North next week so my "at home resting" project for the week is going to be to make her a "candy cake", not a real cake but all different candies in the shape of a birthday cake and put that in the mail for her.  That should be a good project to keep me busy for the next couple of days!!

Glad all is well!
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: kristinenicolle on April 04, 2011 at 05:55 PM
hi ladies!

27 w 1 day here and not much to report. pretty much an uneventful week last week. u/s last week showed everything is going good :) hubby comes home soon so im starting to plan the nursery but im still at that point where im superstitious about buying baby things. i guess it has to do with getting so excited during my last pregnancies, buying things & then being heartbroken when the pregnancy didnt go according to plan. i probably wont be fully confident until i get my cerclage taken out & i see my bundle of joy. i feel terrible saying that.

anyways thats all thats happening with me. keep cookin ladies!! we can do this!
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: flowerchica on April 04, 2011 at 06:19 PM
Allison hang in there :) Sounds liek your doctor wants to err on the side of caution.

As for me - I'm 25 weeks 4 days today. I'm still in good spirits. I had 2 melancholy days this week - so I'm sure as I move into my 5th week of this - it's starting to take its toll. I've been pretty much asymptomatic although I've started noticing what I'm calling my Braxton Hicks contractions. They haven't been strong. I just sort of noticed that I put my hand on my belly and it was rock hard! They haven't been too frequent and they are sporadic - like 1 - 2 a day. I am getting fresh cervix measurements on wednesday and my glucose tolerance test on thursday. So woohoo! I get two days out of the house!
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: growinLevi on April 04, 2011 at 06:33 PM
Hey ladies!

32 weeks tomorrow and feeling like I am on a roller coaster. Everything is going well with the baby and my health is okay right now. I guess I am just emotionally everywhere. I go from daydreaming about Levi coming to self pity because I want to move. I recognize what I am feeling as self pity so it makes it easier to tell myself to get over myself and get back to caring for little Levi. Sleep is difficult right now. I feel like I am not getting blood to my legs. they become extremely uncomfortable and make relaxing impossible. I lay with a pillow inbetween my legs, anyone else have suggestions for leg discomfort?

Oh yeah, you might have noticed me refer to my baby as Levi instead of Eli. My husband decided to change his name last week. Funny thing is I had picked out the name Levi a long time ago and my husband had prefered Eli. Then after calling him Eli for 2 months my husband out of the blue says, "I can't stop thinking about the name Levi." So anyway, he is officially Levi or the baby formally know as Eli!

This is all temporary ladies. In the big picture the time we spend on bedrest is but a breath of time. when you look back on this time it will seem so insignificant compared to what you have ahead of you.

Be encouraged,
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: mckoygirl on April 04, 2011 at 06:38 PM
Lanespoli - It depends on the hospital I think, but they usually provide them with diapers, a white t-shirt, hat and socks. I would recommend packing a diaper bag with a few diapers (for the way home), a small pack of wipes (also for the way home), a picture outfit (which could be your going home outfit), a blanket and 1 or 2 pacifiers. Bring extra socks or mittens for the hands so the baby doesn't scratch her face. I'm also packing sleepers and an extra one-sie, but that's just for my benefit. I figure with my twins I may be there awhile and want to be able to dress them in something a little more than a t-shirt. You'll have to bring your car-seat to the hospital before they'll let you go home, so I'd advise putting it in your car ahead of time. A boppy is a must if you're breastfeeding. They are fabulous!
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: ReeMichele on April 04, 2011 at 06:55 PM
Hi ladies!  Glad to see everyone's doing well or at the very least holding steady.

I'm exactly 27 weeks weeks today and still not showing any signs of changes (the last two times I had significant cervical change, I felt AWFUL...including a lot of sharp pains in my cervix and a ton of pressure down there), so I'm feeling SO much more optimistic than I was before.  I think hitting that magical 27 week mark has helped, too...knowing my little boy has such a huge chance of surviving and having a normal healthy life from this point on is so so so relieving.  Of course we're not wanting to deliver any time soon, and of course I DO want to make it to full term.  But I feel, I don't know...safer?  Less like I have to be in a constant state of worry and panic.

I had a check today at the Ob/Gyn and my measurements are spot on, blood pressure is fine, STILL have gained -0- pounds with this pregnancy so I'm not in danger of going nuts over my weight gain limit (I was overweight to begin with...seems like i'm coming out of this pregnancy weighing less than I went in...who'd have thunk it!) and Logan's heartbeat was perfect.  Woot!  

I've now been on bedrest for a total of 14 weeks (with time off in the middle because the first thing that put me on bedrest was unexplained bleeding and that resolved itself.) and of course I'm going stir crazy, but I just keep reminding myself that this is all for Logan's sake.  Everything we're doing now is to help this tiny child, who we wanted, and want, so desperately and who we love so intensely already.  Every time I feel him move and every time I see my belly shift from side to side, I feel such an intense connection to this unborn child and it just puts everything into perspective.  I'm laying in this bed for HIM.  I'm laying in this bed and I'm remaining as stress free as I can and I'm postponing my entire life for months...for HIM.  So yes, I didn't expect to have to "give" more than extra nutrition and a warm snuggly womb to this baby until he drew his first breath...and I'm having to do a little more a little earlier, but it's SO worth it.  

So.  Here's to all you other amazing mothers who are doing amazing things to keep your babies baking...those of you who have been doing this for weeks upon weeks are my inspiration and those of you who have just begun...don't stress it.  Just keep that end result in mind. :)
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: Lanespoli on April 04, 2011 at 07:55 PM
Thank you McKoygirl!
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: saraonbedrest on April 04, 2011 at 10:58 PM
Hi Ladies,
I am 36 weeks 3 days today. I got two good news today and am soo relieved.

In last week's appointment my blood pressure was 140/90 which scared me a lot. My doctor wanted me to go to the lab and have some blood works. She also noticed the baby is measuring more than what it should be. Both she and the nurse in the hospital were surprised by the size of my belly by just looking at it. I started wondering what if I have gestational diabetes and it was not caught in the GTT. My OB asked me to go back to bed rest unti she gets the results of blood work. This weekend the weather was so nice and I cheated a little on my bedrest. I went out for a walk with my husband and the blood pressure monitor in my purse ;) Once in a while we would stop and take my blood pressure to make sure we are not over doing it :D

This morning I got a call from my OB telling me the blood work was negative and I don't need to continue the bedrest anymore. yaaaay! Also I had an ultrasound scheduled for this morning to measure the baby's growth. He was about the right size, not too big not too small :) 6 pounds and 2 ounces. Hopefully this was my last ultrasound before our little boy arrives.

So once again everything looks fine and there is nothing to worry about :) I will be 37 weeks - full term - this Friday and will have my cerclage removed next Monday. I will be expecting the baby to arrive anytime after that.

Hope everyone else will have a week with lots of good news from the ultrasounds and doctor visits.

Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: BELLABOO12 on April 04, 2011 at 11:13 PM
Hi- I am new to the website. I am at 27 weeks today-  I have my apts on Fridays- My big day out in the city :)
This week I have a cervical length and another FFN.  Fingers crossed that all is still ok- Baby weighed in at 2.1 pounds last week and I am hoping he has put on some weight.  I can put on 5 pounds in 2 days on bedrest- wish this little guy could do the same :)

Hope everyone is hanging in there and doing well.

Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: mommadown on April 05, 2011 at 08:55 AM
Sorry I am late...

I am 28 weeks and have 1 appointment this week for US to check cervical length and funneling.  fFN last week was negative-yay!  Doing okay...just stressed out most of the time with family and friends having to do so much and take care of our son.  Both sets of Gparents are at least 45 min drive away and with traffic in mornings, it can take up to 1.5 hours to get here.  Then, that makes DH late for work on certain days...At least, we have people wanting to help.
Hope everyone is doing well!
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: mckoygirl on April 05, 2011 at 05:51 PM
Just got back from my specialist's appointment. I'll be 27 weeks Thursday. I'm so excited!  :D :D My twins are measuring 2lbs, 10oz & 2lbs, 8oz! They're measuring a week big too, which makes me proud. I feel like I'm growing them well (not that I really have ANYTHING to do with it!). Their AFP screen was negative, and next appointment I'm to start having biophysical profiles and non-stress tests. The doc says they look great and are measuring wonderfully for twins. My cervix is hanging out at 2.8cm. My gestational diabetes screen was negative, so I can keep satisfying my cravings! Woot-woot!!!!  ;D Also had a negative FFN yesterday, which means I'm nearly guaranteed two more weeks of pregnancy. So psyched, I actually have a growing hope things may turn out normal. :)  My doc yesterday, however, said I'm going to be HUGE if I make it to term with my twins. She said I'm already measuring 40weeks along (womb-size), and then asked me if I'd ever seen a TLC show on sextuplets, or something of the sort. I told her "No, why?" Images floating through my brain of huge bellies and she said: "Well, the most I've ever delivered was quads and she delivered pretty early but I wouldn't be surprised if you get as big as her"!!!!!!  :o   At this point, I don't care as long as they're healthy!!!!!  ;D
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: amythyst8 on April 05, 2011 at 06:10 PM
Sounds like a great appointment with lots of good news mckoygirl! That is a great way to spend the day! :)

Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: Allison on April 05, 2011 at 06:57 PM
I had a great appt today as well which really lifted my mood.  My cervix is stable at 2.7 and my baby weighs 3lbs 15oz which is 78th percentile...yeah! 

My next appt is mar 14th and by then I will be 32 1/2 weeks and she told me no hospital worries after 34 weeks.  So unless something happens before next thursday I won't be in the hospital for more than 1 1/2 weeks.  That sounds good to me!  Of course I don't want to be there at all but I will take what I can get.  I'm just happy to be doing bed rest at home and not at the hospital.

My cerclage will be removed at 36 weeks and from then on out anything goes.  Less than 5 weeks! 

My little guy will be 2 on April 28th and we are having his birthday party on may 1st.  I am thankful I will be home for that and to celebrate with him and my family.  I ordered all the party supplies online yesterday which was a lot of fun.  I guess online shopping is all we can do, right? 

Thanks again for all the ladies and this website, it is wonderful to vent and share good news with others going through the same things!
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: LoransMommy on April 05, 2011 at 10:30 PM
Lanespoli, I sent you a message about what to bring to hospital.

Bummer day for me. I was in so much pain in my pelvis that I could barely stand or walk or even move around in bed so I went in to see the doctor. I was also seeing stars. I have developed hypertension now (high blood pressure). Just when I was taken off my bed rest, I've been put back on  :-\ so frustrating. And it's strict bed rest like in the beginning which really sucks...only get up to pee (which is like every 30 minutes these days) and shower and eat. The pain in my pelvis is normal...just from the weight of the baby and my having been up and about so much. I just wasn't used to it. I guess it's what all pregnant women feel at this stage but it was amplified for me since I've been in bed for 11 weeks! And, I didn't even dilate more, which I was really hoping for since I'm 36 weeks now. So now I go back next week to have an ultrasound to check the fluid levels and obviously my blood pressure. I've gotten sooooo puffy too. The water weight is really piling on now. I know how you feel lanespoli with your hands and feet. My hands are killing me all the time and when I get up in the morning my feet and legs hurt so bad I can barely walk. And forget sleeping well. And my poor husband ends up in the guest room most nights because my snoring is insanely even wakes me up sometimes!
Gosh, I'm usually so positive everyday but I'm sick of this! I was so excited to get to be up and leave my house but I couldn't even enjoy it because it wreaked havoc on my made everything hurt and gave me high blood pressure and made me see stars. I just want this to be done with. I just want hold my baby in my arms and move on to the next chapter.
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: Bug on April 05, 2011 at 11:10 PM
My appointment with perinatology didn't go so great. I'm 25 weeks 5 days and my cervix is measuring 9mm. He almost admitted me in to the hospital, but let me come home on strict bed rest...can only get up to use the bathroom, eat, and 5 min shower. The only thing keeping this baby in is the cerclage...and she is standing on the stitch! The doc said I need to pack my hospital bag and bring it with me to every appointment. At this point it doesn't look like I'll make it to 32 weeks. Each day is another blessing!
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: growinLevi on April 06, 2011 at 01:16 AM
Hang on Bug!! You are still cookin and that is what matters. You are right, everyday matters. Each day your little girl stays in is so much less in the NICU. I know those bad appointments can really mess with your head. Try to keep positive, even if all you can be positive about is the day you are living right now. Let tomorrow have iit's own worries. You'll be in my prayers.

Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: nkbapbt on April 07, 2011 at 04:37 AM
Im new here! Im 25.6 tomorrow, with a rescue cerclage placed at 20 weeks when my cervix went down from 2.5 at 13 weeks to 1.09 at 20 weeks. I have had three losses and our son was born at 23.3 weeks. I contract almost daily, and had a fluid leakage scare today...but thankfully it was just a scare. They did a FFN test, it was negative. But the fetal monitoring showed active contractions and when I contracted baby girls HR dropped a fair amount. So it's wait and see. I am on level two bed rest, basically I can shower, and be on my feet no longer than 10 mins. I have nurses who come check on me in our home once a week, and call daily for updates and to offer advice.

I feel cruddy and guilty lately. Cruddy because my morning sickness came back. And guilty because I am 2 weeks and three days more pregnant than I was with our son. It's very hard to explain my exact feelings...and though I am certainly happy about baby girl staying cooking longer (and longer!), it hurts I wasn't able to give that to our son. It hurts more because not even my husband "gets it" either. It's fairly isolating but I do have awesome preemie parents, who do get it. So there is support there.

I am happy to have found this forum! (thanks to a preemie friend!)

Keep on cooking little ones!
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: flowerchica on April 07, 2011 at 08:25 AM
Bug hang in there - you are in a dangerous position - but it ain't over yet!!! You'd be amazed at how long you can keep your baby cooking - even in your position.

nkb... don't blame yourself. I also went through a lot of guilt about feeling like my body failed our last baby and somehow it was my fault. There's nothing we can do about it - and it has nothing to do with you. Hang in there - and just keep cooking. Also .. my morning sickness returned at 20 weeks too. I was irritated about that.

Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: mckoygirl on April 07, 2011 at 12:41 PM
nkbapbt- I don't know why we as mothers feel guilty when something goes awry with our bodies during pregnancy. I can identify as a mother who's lost three babies, but I can't understand it as a medical provider (I'm an L&D RN/nurse). The education and experience as a nurse who sees losses all the time reasons with my emotional side, but still, the emotional turmoil of "What did I do wrong?" or "What's wrong with me?" still guilts me. So I understand.  :-\
Let me assure you as much as I can that it isn't your fault. These things happen. Short of you sticking a clothes hanger in you to try to break your water (true story ::) ), there's nothing you did to cause what happened to your son, or even this pregnancy's complications.
 It's amazing how far modern medicine as taken us in childbirth. Back 100 years ago, we would have been labeled as incompetent mothers and unable to bear children. Now, we can sometimes bear them to the point where they can be sustained in a NICU environment when they never would have had that chance before. If this makes you feel better, the actual rate/number of preterm deliveries hasn't changed in our nation, even with all of our advancements in medicine. Displaying a clear level of non-controllable factors. It's not OUR faults as mothers.
The biggest thing for you now is to follow your doctor's orders to the letter. This way you know you've done everything you could possibly do to help your little one. That's all you can do besides pray.

Bug- all of the above goes for you too. Hang in there and obey doc's orders. You are doing great.
Title: Re: Roll Call for April 4th
Post by: Angela on April 07, 2011 at 04:15 PM
Hi, ladies! Just wanted to remind everyone that the next Keep 'Em Cookin' Chat Room event is TONIGHT at 10 pm Eastern /7 pm Pacific.