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Title: So sore!!!
Post by: Allison on April 07, 2011 at 04:09 PM
Is anyone else sore from being on your side in bed all the time?  The top of my thighs feel like they are bruised and it hurts to be on my side, I get uncomfortable on my back, and being almost 32 weeks along there is no way to be on my stomach.

 I can't wait to be up and moving around a little more.  My dr said as long as I'm not feeling any cramping or pressure then I can be up more but I'm so nervous about being admitted to the hospital I feel nervous being up and about.  I think I am having BH contractions because my stomach will get hard but I don't feel any pain.  My cervix at my 30 week check was 2.8 and my 31 week check (on Tuesday) was 2.7 so it's stable.  Any thoughts/suggestions? 

I can't wait to be 35 weeks along and to have that relief that my baby will be just fine.  My son was delivered at 36 + 4 and is now a healthy little boy that will be two at the end of this month.  Of course, I would love to make it to full term but that seems too far out to think about right now. 
Title: Re: So sore!!!
Post by: mckoygirl on April 08, 2011 at 07:10 PM
Yes, laying on my side gets uncomfortable too. My hips and shoulder/neck ache if I stay on ones side too long. I've been rotating between side-lying in bed, and laying in my recliner. I also have a lot of inner thigh pain, which I'm assuming is coming from my shifting around in bed, using my thighs so much. I have multiple pillows I use in bed to help me get a little more comfortable. One behind my back, one supporting my belly, one in-between my thighs and 1-2 under my head. Frequent hot baths help some too.
Truthfully, the more I'm up and around, the more my body aches. I think it's because I'm already measuring 40cms/40weeks with my twins (now 27 weeks). My belly never got this big even at term with my daughter.  :-[
It sounds like Braxton Hicks contractions you may be having. As long as there is no regular pattern to them and they're not painful at all, it could be normal. I have a lot of them with this pregnancy, but they usually come sporadically in the day, then more regular late afternoon, then they space out in the evening. Baths help, so does a heating pad on my back. My cervix ix stable at 2.8cm so I'm not worried about them yet.
35 weeks is indeed a celebration point!  :D After that you deserve a sigh of relief.  ;)
Hang in there, you don't have that much further to go!
Title: Re: So sore!!!
Post by: LoransMommy on April 08, 2011 at 10:19 PM
The only time I lay on my sides is when I sleep (or if I'm short of breath, then I go straight to my left side until I can breathe normally again). I get up probably every hour to hour and a half to pee and each time I switch which side I lay back down on. Everytime I get up, the side I've been on hurts. During the day, I'm on my back, propped up with pillows. I was allowed to be up a bit more starting at 32 weeks, and then taken off bed rest at 35 weeks only to be put back on at 36 due to high blood pressure. I gotta say though, walking around is excrutiating!! He is so low in my pelvis that I feel like I've got a bowling ball resting on top of my pubic bone. I can't even stand up all the way. And If I have to pee it's even worse. Plus, I'm so swollen everywhere that everything feels stiff and makes it harder to walk. Good news is thast the heartburn has stopped now that he's not all up in my rib cage!
...the aches and pains are just sooo much fun :o
Title: Re: So sore!!!
Post by: mckoygirl on April 09, 2011 at 03:19 AM
Loransmommy-It's funny you say all that because the more I complain, the more "dramatic" my husband accuses me of being. Although I hate it that you're so uncomfortable, it's nice to know I'm not just being a drama queen!  ;D
I've had more aches and pains this pregnancy so far (in spite of bedrest) than I ever did with my daughter! The swelling stinks. I'm sorry. I did that with my daughter at the end, gaining 1.5lbs a day for two weeks in fluid retention. My husband looked at my ankles the other day and said: "Well, the ankles are gone now." I looked at him like he was nuts because I don't have ANY swelling in my lower legs yet. I can still see all the bones in my foot and ankles. I argued with him for awhile, showing him that I can't even make an indention with my fingers in my ankles, and he said: "Well, you're legs just look bigger". I would like to show him some pregnant women with cankles!  >:(  I'm not even close yet! I quickly responded: "Well since it's not fluid, I guess it's just FAT then!"  >:(
Men.... (sigh)  ::)
The good thing is, you don't have too much longer to go (even though I know each day feels like an eternity)! Hang in there.
Title: Re: So sore!!!
Post by: Lanespoli on April 09, 2011 at 05:00 PM
I am unbelievably sore as well.  I too, switch my sleeping side every hour when I get up to pee, but lately neither side is working for me.  She is in a frank breech position and has been for the last 2 months and now that she is getting bigger, it is so hard to lay on my sides comfortably.  My hips tend to go numb every night from laying on them, and my stomach has actually been numb day and night as well.  I dread the night, I dread the day, I am dreading EVERYTHING right now.  I just want this to be OVER so I can have my body and my comfort back, I need sleep!  Even 2 hours of sleep with a hungry baby is better than the painful, non-existant sleep I am getting now.  Sorry, but I am absolutely miserable right now and I really don't know how I am going to make it another 3.5 weeks.  I really hope she comes before then, I am starting to have panic and anxiety attacks now :(....
Title: Re: So sore!!!
Post by: mckoygirl on April 09, 2011 at 05:13 PM
Lanespoli- I'm so sorry! You do sound absolutely miserable.  :P The biggest relief I get is in the tub taking a hot bath. That's my husband's response to every complaint I have: "Why don't you take a bath?" Sometimes I just don't FEEL like getting all hot in the tub though! It is kind of a bad wrap we mothers have, no sleep when we're pregnant and then little to no sleep after the baby's born!  :( But you are right in that the physical discomforts get better after delivery.
The only suggestion I can give you on speeding delivery up is frequent intercourse. Without getting into the gory details, Men release natural prostaglandins when intercourse occurs and it's similar to cervidil, or the ripening agent we use to help induce labor. I know that's the last thing you probably want to think about right now, but it's the only advice I can give and if you're desperate enough, you'll try anything! My husband already has said at 35 weeks he's going to "do my duty" and try to help things along... lol.  :-[
I hope everything gets better and your delivery comes quickly and smoothly. Hang in there!

Title: Re: So sore!!!
Post by: Lanespoli on April 09, 2011 at 09:10 PM
Haha, thanks Mckoygirl only unfortunately the Daddy is not around to have intercourse with lol.  You have any other suggestions to speed things up that I can do by myself? lol.....
Title: Re: So sore!!!
Post by: mckoygirl on April 10, 2011 at 08:54 AM
Lanespoli-  :-[  ummm..... artificial insemination? Ewww...  ;)
Title: Re: So sore!!!
Post by: LoransMommy on April 11, 2011 at 03:36 PM
Husbands/significant others just don't understand the discomfort. My husband has taken to calling me a drama queen (not in a mean way though, just teasing me). I keep telling him "if only you could do this for just a day!! You wouldn't even last an hour!!!" And then if he's not teasing me, he's all worried by my grunts and groans, asking me all the time "are you sure you're ok?!"

Speeding up going into labor: I can vouch for sex. This is going to sound weird, but sometimes when I was expecting my period and felt all yucky and crampy because it just wouldn't come, I'd have sex and it would come almost the same day or even within minutes. Not sure if it's the same concept, but it worked everytime.

Also, it's not just the semen that helps induce labor. It's also when you climax. It causes your uterus to contract a bit. I know when my doctor told me when I started bed rest no sex because it can induce labor. Then I asked her if I had to avoid climax altogether and she said yes for the same reason. She also said no nipple stimulation. Soooooo, those are 2 things you don't need a man for lol!!  :D

Do you have a breast pump? If so, you might try it. I tried mine to make sure I knew how to use it a few weeks ago. I've been leaking from my boobs since December, so it actually sucked some stuff out (just the collustrum, or however you spell it, not milk). Then I got scared I did that because I read it can induce labor and it was actually too early for me at that point. I'm temped to do it now though since I'm 37 weeks tomorrow!
Title: Re: So sore!!!
Post by: nadrobertson on April 14, 2011 at 12:41 PM
Hi Gals- I saw this and just had to post also.....have just completed week 1 of bedrest and I am SO SORE and I really do feel like my body is dying and breaking down. Like it's failing me. My back hurts, it hurts to recline, hurts to lay on my side with the hip pressure. I'm only 28 weeks and going in today to get checked (cervix was 1 cm last week) so we'll see what he says.

I totally hear ya on the husband side of things, mine is getting really burnt out I can tell, and if I ask for something it's usually followed up with how much of a "slave driver/bossy/drama queen/etc I am, that I should have a scepter in my hand to wave whenever I need something" so now I just end up getting my own breakfast and getting our toddler's milk cup even though I'm not supposed to be up because he can't be bothered. Sometimes he even ignores my requests and pretends not to hear me.

People who don't have to do this really don't understand. Yeah it sure is nice to be able to read all effing day (one of my fellow mamas who came to visit the other day said she envies me) but jeez, I can't even enjoy it right now as I now have a head cold, sore throat, constipation, constant headache, body aches, fatigue even more than before being on bedrest, dizzy spells, lightheadedness....the list goes on.
Sorry just had to vent too! I hope it gets better for all of us!
Title: Re: So sore!!!
Post by: mckoygirl on April 14, 2011 at 01:35 PM
nadrobterson- I'm so sorry you don't have a great support system. That has to make it much more difficult.  :( I told my husband I'm going to get one of those hotel "bells" that sit on the desk and you ring for someone to come help.... <snicker>  ;D But he never complains (hardly ever), other than occasionally remarking: "Is there anything that doesn't hurt?" or "What's new?" when I complain about the discomforts.
I can't remember with my daughter having nearly any of these discomforts, and I worked full-time 12 hour shifts (as a nurse on my feet the whole time) until I was 35-36 weeks with her. But this time, EVERYTHING hurts and I feel like I can't breathe or move around and I am also only 28 weeks (twins).  :P 
I was married before to a different person and when I was put on bedrest (@ 35 weeks) he was similar to your spouse. I continued to do everything for myself at home due to his lack of support and sympathy. I am so, so incredibly sorry. It makes it much more unbearable. Vent anytime you need to, all of us can identify and care about how you're feeling. My Step-mother (new step-mother btw  >:() made a comment on my facebook account the other day about my being bored, and how she wished she could trade places with me. It took every bit of self-control I had not to vehemently attack her on that semi-public forum in front of everyone.  ::) No one understands who hasn't been here in our shoes. If you were feeling perfectly fine you couldn't enjoy being on bedrest... not if you are an active person normally, which most of us are.

Hang in there and I will pray for you!

Title: Re: So sore!!!
Post by: nadrobertson on April 14, 2011 at 09:26 PM
THanks- Weeellll, I should give hubby more credit. I think I was just feeling really frustrated earlier. I mean, sometimes the comments are hard to take but I can tell he's really trying to help and is doing a pretty good job. I think with men though sometimes, they just aren't wired that way. The way we are to think of everything and do everything. I do have a good support system, he even cancelled his trip he was supposed to go on when all this started. Plus my parents are in town and I'd probably be dead without them, the amount of things they do for me and they take care of our toddler all the time.
Funny about the bell- he even brought me one that we had at home, to ring from upstairs when I needed something and so I did and he never hears it :) I think our walls are too thick.

I TOTALLY hear ya about the difference in how this pg feels- that's part of the thing that baffles me! With my first I did yoga, ballet, hiked up/down mountains, worked full time a job where I'm carrying things and on my feet a lot too, took care of the house etc all till 4 days before I gave birth! For this pg by the time I was 4 months along I was basically at a stop for how uncomfortable I was already.

Oh well, I'm feeling better now after going to my Dr appt today and my status hasn't gotten any worse!  :)