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Title: looking for hope - anyone got success stories you can share?
Post by: maesmommy on June 03, 2009 at 03:10 PM
hi everyone,

i am not currently pregnant but i am starting to plan my next pregnancy. in february i lost my daughter due to ptl at 20 weeks. horrible but we are coping and feel like we might want to try again. i'm interviewing obs, reading up on p17, cerclage, etc. etc. i've been told by a specialist that my chances of a repeat ptb are 20%. also i am 37.  i guess it could be worse, but i'm not lovin' the odds. i guess i am looking for encouragement and success stories as we face this choice.

did you, or anyone you know, have a history of preterm labor and go on to have a fullterm pregnancy? or make it to the 34 week zone?
if you have a history of ptl and chose to try again, how did you make your decision to try and what kind of support did you rally before trying again?

thank you!
Title: Re: looking for hope - anyone got success stories you can share?
Post by: kaitibear on June 04, 2009 at 10:31 PM
Hi! It took me 4 years to decide to try again so I understand your fear. I had a 28 weeker the first time. I am on hospital bedrest now but I have made it to 34 weeks so far this time. I have been nervous but have made it. Since I delivered so early the first time my doctor has taken every precaution and it has paid off. It has been a long 34 weeks since I have been on bedrest since 20 weeks but it has been worth it. It has been hard but I am also proud of the progress I have made this time. I do not have much family so that has mad it hard but my husband has been wonderful through it all. I have gone into labor 3 times since being in the hopsital but they have managed to stop it in time. I have been in the hospital for 2 weeks. Now I am just waiting for baby to make his appearance when the time is right. Good luck to you no matter what you decide.
Title: Re: looking for hope - anyone got success stories you can share?
Post by: maesmommy on June 05, 2009 at 04:32 PM
hi kaitibear,

thanks so much for your response and congratulations on making it so far along. that's wonderful. i'm just wondering - when you say you and your doctor took all the precautions, what kinds of things did you do in this pregnancy to help you stay pregnant/reduce risk of preterm labor? anything you can share would be super helpful, thanks!
Title: Re: looking for hope - anyone got success stories you can share?
Post by: Angela on June 05, 2009 at 10:41 PM
Hi, maesmomommy.
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I think it's a great sign that you are healing well emotionally if you are thinking about trying again. I have talked with MANY women who had great success with the combination of cerclage and the 17P shots, plus bed rest!

That is wonderful that you are already researching those options, and are interviewing OBs. You want a doctor who will take every opportunity to keep your baby safely cookin'. Some OBs aren't as proactive as others.

I've posted an article about the various options for the prevention and treatment of preterm labor here:    Check out the section on the importance of cervical length. That'll be something to keep an eye on. I really believe that is what saved my son: When I was in preterm labor at the hospital at 24 weeks and they were getting ready to send me home because the contractions had eased up, I asked to speak to the attending physician (as opposed to a resident). I told her I would feel much more comfortable going home if I knew the contractions hadn't been causing cervical change. Could she do an ultrasound? She agreed, and my cervix was just 1.5 cm in length. That's not normal until just before delivery! I was put on hospital bed rest for the next few days, and medication to limit the contractions for the rest of the pregnancy. It was a looooong, tough road, but we made it to 39 weeks. Your doctor can schedule you for regular cervical length check every few weeks, probably starting around 16 weeks.

Did any of the doctors mention the possibility of you having an incompetent cervix? If so, I can direct you to some good sources of info.

So glad you are taking a proactive approach to your next pregnancy! I wish you the best!
Title: Re: looking for hope - anyone got success stories you can share?
Post by: maesmommy on June 10, 2009 at 05:20 PM
hi angela,

thanks so much for your reply. yes, as we are interviewing specialists we are talking to them about cerclage. i had my cervical length checked by transvag ultrasound 4 times during the pregnancy. there was one measurement of 1.7cm, during a miscarriage scare around week 15. i was sent home to wait. subsequent measurements showed 3.5-4cm. my ob told me the first measurement had to be correct and i should think about cerclage. the mfm told me the first measurement had to be wrong and that i didn't need cerclage. after it was all over a  specialist told us the first measurement had to be right and the follow up measurements had to be wrong. everyone seems to think everyone else was measuring wrong. it's pretty frustrating. i'm very likely in the future to demand cerclage no matter what measurements they get!

thanks for this site!
Title: Re: looking for hope - anyone got success stories you can share?
Post by: Izzys Mommy on August 28, 2009 at 04:54 PM
Hi Maesmommy,
I understand your pain! I delivered twins (and lost them) at 22 wks, it was devistating. I went on to get pregnant again and started dialating at 21 wks. I was put on full bed rest at the hosptial. They told me that I would most likely deliver in a couple weeks as my internal os was completely open, my water bag was bulging, AND I had started to dialte 1-2 cm. I made it to 33 wks!!! While in the hopstial, I had a room mate whom I became close friends with. She too had the same problem. After her first, she got pregnant just 4 months later. She had a cerclage at 14 weeks, went on bedrest for 2wks and then did so well that she was able to return to work. She went on to deliver at 40 weeks...FULL TERM : )
We've been thinking about trying again, but I'm a bit nervous too. My friend has given me hope though...her cerclage helped her and really worked. It was amazing!