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Title: New with questions on nifedipine
Post by: TRIBEMAMA on June 07, 2009 at 01:25 PM
I am expecting our fourth baby and have never had any issues with preterm labor....guess this one wants to be different!  I started having BH early on as was expected, but otherwise felt great all pregnancy.  Last Weds I started to feel off, kind of under the weather, sore and tired and told my husband I was finally feeling the pregnancy....I also got moody!  I had had some real contractions the last few weeks, nothing too much, then on Thursday it really started up.  I began having contractions that hurt and wrapped around my side and loads of pressure, the baby's activity also changed.  I was 31 weeks 6 days on Thursday based on LMP, about 33 weeks based on ultrasound.  Went to L&D where they watched me, contractions were 9 minutes apart, made me drink more water even though I was plenty hydrated, then gave me a dose of nifedipine and sent me home.  Friday I had contractions, but nothing too regular, Saturday woke up at 5 am feeling really crummy again, by 9 am I was having 5-6 contractions an hour really strong, called the doc, he called in nifedipine and has me on 10 mg every 6 hours a day for the first day, every 8 hours after that.  Seems to be working, especially since the contractions were 4-5 minutes apart by yesterday afternoon when I got the medicine.  Here are my questions.  The medicine is giving me a serious headache and I can't shake it, it is also making me feel sluggish...anyone else have this experience? I am still having some contractions, maybe one or two good ones an hour, will these stop, or get worse?  How long will I be on this medication?  I see my doc on Tuesday and will ask him, but really feel lost right now.
Title: Re: New with questions on nifedipine
Post by: Shari on June 08, 2009 at 06:42 PM
I am currently on 30 mg of Nifedipine ER/Procardia, but was put on it 2 days after I delivered my son. I was put on it for high blood pressure. While it brought down my upper number it has done nothing for my lower number. I have headaches pretty much all the time now but they don't seem to be directly correlated to my BP but more to the medicine.  Not too sure if this medicine stops contractions since that is not what it was given to me for. Hope someone can shed more light onto this for you. But yes, I think this medicine does a good job of making you feel crummy.
Title: Re: New with questions on nifedipine
Post by: mommytobe1 on June 09, 2009 at 05:32 PM
I was admitted to the hospital on Sunday morning with 3 min apart contractions - totally unexpected - I haven't had a single issue with my pregnancy up until then at 33 weeks.  I've been put on nifedipine as well and have a 3 week prescription now that I've taken home on bed rest with me - 10mgs every 4 hours.  About 12 hours after I started taking it at the hospital, I got a really lame headache around 2 in the morning that felt more icky than the contractions did.  After about 5 hours of trying to manage the pain, I finally called my nurse who gave me 2 tylenol.  I haven't taken any pills this whole time - but the tylenol took the edge off.  The nurse told me that a headache is a common side effect and can happen for the first 1-2 days while your body adjusts to the meds.  Mine went away after 10 hours.  Hopefully yours is gone already. :)

Sluggishness I haven't had... and I feel totally fine now.  I did a lot of research on it today though- and out of all the stuff that they can prescribe to help with contractions, nifedipine seems the most tame and with the least amount of side effects.  Hopefully you're body is all adjusted by now too.
Title: Re: New with questions on nifedipine
Post by: TRIBEMAMA on June 09, 2009 at 11:45 PM
Thanks and sorry you are in the same boat!

I am still on the meds, saw my doc today and he suggested I up my dose in the afternoon when I have break through contractions.  I am scheduled to be on 3 1/2 weeks more until I am 36 weeks, hopefully when I go off I will actually go into labor!  Headache is better today and when I get it the tylenol does help.  I am a bit sluggish still, doc thinks it is due to my normally low blood pressure going even lower, plus I am having a hard time sleeping.

Here to making it to 36 weeks!