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Title: Preeclampsia
Post by: Angela on January 28, 2009 at 11:10 PM
I've come across a  number of women dealing with preeclampsia, or who had preeclampsia that went undiagnosed. If anyone has any questions, I went through it and I'm happy to share everything  I experienced if it means even one woman can avoid what I went through. My preeclampsia led to kidney failure, and I missed the first two weeks of my son's life while I was sick and in the hospital. The recovery was long and frustrating.

The Preeclampsia Foundation ( ( is an excellent source of information.

Of course, everyone is welcome to vent, chat, or ask questions here.

Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: love1221 on April 29, 2009 at 01:31 PM
Mine hasn't turned into Pre-e just yet, thankfully.  My protein is creeping up though, so I'm on hospital bedrest until I deliver.  I'm 35 weeks 2 days today and trying to make it to 37 weeks.

I can't be the only one who is dealing with this!!!  Tell us your stories ladies!
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: babynurse on May 14, 2009 at 11:39 AM
I am 31 weeks pregnant and on bedrest with PIH.  Myblood pressure is stabilizing but my bloodwork and proteins are increasing.  I am nervous as the doctor said if it didn't settle or kept going up in the next few weeks, she will think of delivering.  I had severe symptoms and was hospitalized for it but AM feeling better since starting Labetolol.  When I went in, I had severe headaches, epigastric pain and was seeing spots.  My BP was 171/105.  It has been better but still not perfect.  I am hoping for the best but I find bedrest brutal
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: Angela on May 15, 2009 at 11:26 PM
Bed rest IS brutal! It gives you all the time in the world to worry. But it is worth it though, I promise. Every time I look at my little guy, I'm just so in love. I probably won't hold the many months of bed rest against him at least until he's asking to borrow my car. :+)

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend, as far as visitors or spending time with your man?
Title: Preeclampsia
Post by: JessicaHarrison on May 26, 2009 at 09:31 AM
I'm 35 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with Preeclampsia 5 days ago. I'm a very get and and go kinda person and bed rest is making me a bit cranky but I know it's best for baby to be able to bake a couple more weeks. Over the weekend I was dealing with extreme waves of nausea! The doctor said it could be liver related and to come into the hospital. Luckily the blood work came back fine and I got to go back home. I have a regular doc appt. later this morning so we'll see if there's any update on a plan of what we're doing. I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow! Yea! ;D
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: Angela on May 26, 2009 at 10:31 PM
I had the waves of nausea too! Around the same time: weeks 36 to 39 (when I delivered). It was like "Hold up, stop the Earth, somebody turn the lights back on." One doc said it was probably heartburn. :+( 

Glad they checked your liver; I'm guessing they checked your kidney function too. That is measured by checking the "creatinine" level in your blood. For me, it was my kidneys that suffered from the high BP (followed by acute kidney failure after delivery).

Hope you'll continue to let us know how you are doing! In the meantime, here's a list of preeclampsia symptoms to watch for: An easy symptom to miss is hyperactive reflexes. Have them check those at your next appointment. :+)
Title: Preeclampsia
Post by: JessicaHarrison on May 27, 2009 at 12:41 PM
Does anybody know if preeclampsia inevitable always worsens? My state is currently stable...bedrest is keeping my blood pressure and swelling down very well and besides my 24 hour urine test which was bad, I've had two 1 time checks at the doctor and those didn't show elevated protein levels in my urine. I know preeclampsia can't just go completely away once they know you have it. But, could it stay stable all the way until I naturally go into labor on my own ( I'm 36 weeks today) or is it just a matter of time before it worsens and I'm just lucky so far??
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: love1221 on May 29, 2009 at 01:46 AM
I'm not really sure if it's inevitable that it will get worse.  However, when I started having problems at around 33 weeks, my OB made it sound like it would.  At the time she told me that I probably wouldn't make it to 37 weeks before they would have to induce.  My BP was so unstable and my protein was creeping up each time.  I ended up being put on hospital bedrest, and went into labor on my own at 35 weeks 6 days.  I'm stil having issues with pre-eclampsia almost 4 weeks post partum.  The day Alexia came home from the NICU (9 days after I delivered) I was re-admitted to the hospital because of my BP, protein, and reflexes. 
I know how much bed rest sucks.  But, if you can make it work while you're at home, it will be so much easier than being on hospital bedrest!  I didn't follow the rules at home for 2 weeks and ended up in the hospital.  I would have been so much more comfortable in my bed at home...I wish I would have followed the rules!  The nausea is probably caused by heartburn or reflux.  Mine got so much worse the week I was in the hospital.  And just all the added pressure, because baby is taking up more space!

Babynurse:  How's it going?  Just wanted to check and see how you are doing with BP, headaches, and everything!
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: Shari on May 29, 2009 at 11:50 AM
Hi JessicaHarrison,

I don't know that it is a definite that it will worsen. My pregnancy hinted at pre-eclampsia. Around week 20 my blood pressure rose but they only put me on restricted bed rest. I had no proteins in my urine at that time. Restricted meant I could get up and around the house, but exercise and any house cleaning was out for me. I didn't swell and my reflexes were good at that time. Around week 24, if my memory is good, they found protein in my urine but it was a +1 so they gave me a week. The next week was a trace and then gone the next week. Then around week 33 my blood pressure slowly started going back up and protein in the urine once again raised its ugly head. Again it was +1 so they let me go a week. There was a trace of protein in week 34 and 35 but they didn't raise any red flags. On week 36 and 5 days, my blood pressure went up to 158/118. No proteins, swelling and my reflexes were fine. Dr. decided to induce me any way. Baby is healthy. I am not.

Since the birth 9 days ago, my blood pressure is steadily up and I ended up in the ER 3 days after I delivered. I am now on Procardia or the generic form Nifedipine ER to lower my blood pressure. It is a steady 120/90 range and calls to my doctor have raised any red flags for him.

So I would say, yes it can stabilize, but I would not think they would let you up from bed rest until they are sure the baby can survive outside the womb. In talking to our pediatrician, because technically our baby is a premmie, he said doctors are really concerned about the 37 week full term statement. 38 weeks is more what they are aiming for. The extra week of baking makes a lot of difference. In our case we are lucky our baby didn't need the extra two weeks my doctor had hoped for.

Even though I was not technically on bedrest, just modified rest, I still was a little stir crazy. My laptop became my lifeline to just play on. I also read a lot of books. At first it was regular books, then my husband got me a Kindle from Amazon for our anniversary, Mother's Day and my birthday present. This allowed me to download books in seconds to read. It became my new toy to play with. He also go me a lot of TV series on DVD for Christmas. He knew bed rest was a possibility at 12 weeks when they put me on medication for gestational diabetes.

Ok, I am a wordy woman! Hang in there. You are so close to the finish line and the reward is so great!
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: JessicaHarrison on May 29, 2009 at 07:04 PM
Love1221 and Shari...Thanks so much for telling your stories!! It's crazy you both are still dealing with PIH post partum I'm praying you both get better really fast!!  I saw my doctor today and my pressure/reflexes were good, no protein in urine for today so he just said the strict bed rest is doing its job. But, he didn't want to press our luck so we are inducing a week from this Wednesday! June 10th is the day and I'll be exactly turning 38 weeks pregnant on that day so it all should work out. I just need to keep up this bed rest for 12 more days!! The funny thing is he checked my cervix and am already almost at 3 cm he said and 80% effaced!! So there is a chance I could go into labor on my own before then but if not he doesn't want to chance the PIH getting bad. So anyway there's the update...thanks again fo sharing!
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: JessicaHarrison on June 02, 2009 at 11:31 AM
So I had a checkup yesterday and my bp was way too high. Doctor said it would be safest for me to deliver. We are inducing tomorrow morning!!! I'll be turning 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow so everything should be fine. We are so excited to meet our new baby boy but nervous as well. Hoping his lungs ect are ready and ok. Well I go in tomorrow morning June 3rd at 5am to be induced, now enjoying my last day of bedrest! Wish me luck :D
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: Shari on June 02, 2009 at 06:45 PM
I am keeping you in my prayers, Jessica. My little guy came at 36 weeks and 5 days and his lungs were fine. He still is tiny though, lol. And tomorrow was my original induction date. I would have been 38 weeks 5 days. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: lulu1026 on June 15, 2009 at 09:15 PM
They are not syaing I have pre-e just yet either. My bp is 153/106 and that is on bedrest. Some protien in my urine but not enough for them to worry yet.

They gave me my second bp med today. Got home and settled before i took it. It was not long before i was ripping my clothes off. My nipples were on fire!!! :o One of the side effects were tingling sensations but this goes far beyond tingle. DH gave me one tylenol and it seems to have helped - some. When I got monitored today they almost did not let me leave. I am sure I will hear it on Thursday when I do see the dr.

No talk of delivery yet from my drs but I will bring it up on Thursday.
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: pookthy on June 15, 2009 at 11:15 PM
hello to all, just wanted to introduce myself.

I had PE (worse post-partum) with my first son almost 5 years ago.  I was scared out of my mind and became symptomatic several days after my delivery at which time my BP was as high as 215/112 and my head felt like it was gonna blow off.  Labetalol for 2 months was successful.

I am now 36 weeks and my BP is starting to creep, 130s/80s which really isn't bad at all but i'm off work now and at home taking it easy and keeping a close watch.  Up until now BP was steady at 110ish/70.  I'm really hoping I don't develop the same issues post partum that I did last time.

I look forward to chatting with you.

Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: lulu1026 on June 17, 2009 at 04:06 PM
Went to Dr today to figure out this burning sensations I have been having. He did not say much about it. I almost passed out in the lab so h was more concerned about that. My bp was down but still high. 150/90. Still had protein too. He told me to cut the meds in half.

He also told me I was dehydrated. UGH!

I go get monitored in the morning and back to the dr right after. Apprently I will be going 3 times a week now. They already have all 3 appointments set up for next week.

Very frustrated!

Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: lulu1026 on June 18, 2009 at 03:53 PM
Drs appointment went well today. I do have to go tomorow because he thinks I have bllod clots in my legs. This will be the second time.

I will be 35 weeks saturday.... 5 weeks left. I can do this.....RIGHT?
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: lulu1026 on June 25, 2009 at 08:20 PM
I have superficial blood clots in my vericlose veins. They can not do much about them. My BP has been really great this week. I will be 36 weeks on Satuday and no dialation- no nothing. This is so frustrating.

I feel just bad tonight and want to crawl in bed and god to sleep but need to spend some time with my sweet husband. Any one else feeling this way? This bed rest is depressing.
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: stac_4u on June 26, 2009 at 10:46 PM
 hello everyone!  a little bit about my pregnancy.  i am 34 weeks and i have been having high blood pressure problems.  about 3 weeks ago my doctor put me on bed rest.  the highest that i have seen my bp was 167/98.  almost 2 weeks ago i started a second high blood pressure medicine that seemed to be working.  this is my 3rd pregnancy and the first time i have had issue with my blood pressure.  i also have anxiety so im sure that doesn’t help any.  i stopped taking my anxiety medicine when i found out i was pregnant.  with my blood pressure issues and the closer im getting to the end of my pregnancy i am getting extremely anxious which i believe is one reason my blood pressure goes up.  i try to stay clam and think positive things but the truth is im scared.  im scared my anxiety is gonna kick in when i go into labor and im scared my blood pressure will go up.  i didnt have anxiety when i had my other two children.  i dont know whats gotten into me because i was doing fine up until yesterday.  if anyone has some encouraging advice i would love to hear it.  these forums always make me feel better  :)
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: mulberry on August 08, 2009 at 08:02 PM
Hi, I was put on bedrest for "high risk" of preeclampsia just before week 31. I'm at 35 weeks now: 4 weeks down! I have been drinking a gallon of water every day (well, most days!), doing some modified exercises while lying down, and lying on my left side on the couch most of the time. I get up for meals and climb the stairs once/twice a day.
My OB says that although I am managing well with the bedrest, BP is good, amnio fluid good, the pre-e will worsen and I will need to be induced. Probably won't make it to full 40 weeks. Don't know if that helps the earlier poster, but my OB said it didn't matter what I did - although it's important to do what I can - but the pre-e will worsen.
I too try not to worry. Very difficult.
My tips, such as they are: hulu and netflix watch instantly for TV shows. Online scrabble.
Good luck everyone!!
Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: MomInWI2009 on October 09, 2009 at 08:43 PM
My diagnosis during pregnancy was PIH, but since giving birth I guess it has been changed to Pre-eclampsia.  I delivered during week 39, via c-section because my little bundle was not so little (9lbs 8oz), and my protein kept creeping up (was on bedrest for the month preceding).  I did not realize how much swelling I was having until after I delivered and saw my face... and realized my face had been puffy for who knows how many months...

Anyway, I ended up in the hospital a week after delivery due to waking up chilled and having difficulty breathing.  Because of the c-section they were concerned about blood clots but also found fluid on my lungs so were concerned about a condition called postpartum cardiomyopathy.  It turned out I had neither (THANK GOD), but I was and am thoroughly freaked out to know that this PE can still be affecting me!!!  I was kept for 24 hour observation, put on Lasix for 10 days, and also have been on Labetalol since the delivery.  My bps have been very good, and I lost around 20lbs in water weight in a couple of days.  It is so freaky how different my body looks and feels. 

I was told that it is highly unlikely that I would get PE with another pregnancy... but wow, after all that... I am a bit too freaked to consider another pregnancy...  Are there any out there who only had PE with the first?  Any who had it more often?
Title: Preeclampsia/PIH --Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
Post by: Angela on September 13, 2010 at 11:41 PM
Over the last couple of days, I've met several women through Twitter who are dealing with pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) and preeclampsia. I thought it might be good to bump this topic back to the home page of the Forum so you all can connect with one another. Feel free to read the older posts, but also feel free to post new messages too. Most important, don't hesitate to call your OB day or night if you are experiencing:

Blood pressure where either number is above 140 over 90.
Seeing spots
Extreme fatigue
Pain under your right rib
Sudden swelling

Be safe!

Title: Re: Preeclampsia
Post by: munchkinsmom on September 14, 2010 at 12:48 PM
From what I've read, it's actually more accurate to go by your baseline blood pressure. If the top number rises more than 30 points and/or the bottom number rises more than 15 points, then they classify it as high blood pressure. For women with lower baselines, that would make the numbers lower than 140/90 :)