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: 32 weeks, trip to L&D
: justaboringmom September 10, 2009 at 12:10 AM
Hey Ladies, just wanted to check in. 

I went to my regular dr. appt yesterday, was supposed be just a growth scan, AFI. Dr. decided to do NST while I was there because I had been to L&D for a few hours friday night. He hooked me up and there was little fetal movement, her heart rate was inthe 170s and I was contracting every 3 min, so I was told to go straight to hospital. I got there, got checked in and hooked up, and was still contracting every 2-3 minutes. I was getting frustrated because they were packed and it was taking FOREVER for them to get the orders for meds (brethine), to get my insulin so I could eat something... it was just taking FOREVER. I finally got the 1st dose of brethine. Nothing. They decided to try procardia... they slowed down to every 5-7 min, so I was given brethine again. The dr checked me, there was no more dilation, but some effacement, she might have given me a number, but I felt like poo by then and don't remember. They moved me into a room around midnight and told me that the next step would me the magnesium sulfate. NASTY stuff. Another dose of procardia, and they slowed down to about 10 - 12 min apart. I was given ambien to make me sleep, but then I was given 7 (!) different shots in an hour. Insulin, brethine, and Celestone (to mature baby's lungs). I was up from then with the brethine jitters, the procardia headache and puking. I finally fell asleep around 5am. Around 6am the lady in the room next to me gave birth, with lots of noise. Ok... no biggie. Around 7am the fun all started again, contrax 5 min apart, trying to chase blood sugars, ultrasounds, more contractions, more puking... UGH. They upped the procardia to 20 mil every 4 hours, and it seems to help. I start contracting in the hour before I take my meds, but they normally stop pretty quickly once I take it. I was released from the hospital around 3pm, STRICT bedrest (only allowed up to shower and pee), oral meds, and NSTs 2-3x weekly.  If I can hold on 2 more weeks (until 34 weeks) I'll be sooooooo happy, but I am still contracting a lot... the procardia makes them weaker, but they don't go away completely. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask!