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Title: Preterm labor stopped twice with tractocile in a 3 day period. 27wks
Post by: MM2 on May 14, 2012 at 03:14 AM
This is my story: I had preterm labor with my son at 30 weeks and was given progestrone shots and bed rest and that worked. I kept getting contractions, but because it was my first pregnancy (that held that long, lost 2 in the first trimester) everyone said they were just BH and I was over reacting, etc. I had fetal distress at 34weeks as i hadnt felt him move in over a day, went in and he was engaged, I was dilated to 2 (due to all the contractions everyone said i wasnt having!) and was prepped for an emergency c section, i got the steroid shots for his lungs over a 12 hr period, but his heart rate picked up over night the doctor said lets wait another day and see how he does before evicting him out too soon. He pulled through, staying off my feet halted the contractions and my son started moving round again and back to normal heart beat, I was discharged 4 days later and even though I endured the contractions that would become regular and then sporadic over the next 4 and half weeks (38w 5d), I went in to l&d after I was transitioning! I didnt know I was in real labor because I believed everyone who said the contractions would make me scream and if I wasnt going to die from the pain they were just BH. When I got to the hospital I was 4cm, my water broke about 5 minutes after being admitted, contractions were 2 mins apart, I went from 4-10cm in 3 hrs, I had him half an hr after that. I asked my doctor at my follow up check up if I had an irritable uterus, he dismissed my concern and said I was fine, but he hadnt seen anyone go through labor for almost a month and ahalf before delivering the baby before- thats how he looked at it. I switched doctors.

I am now pregnant with my second, I went in for a regular check up at 26 weeks and complained about contractions getting stronger and sometimes having a rock hard belly like a BH that wont nudge all day (had started at 11 weeks and was put on progestrone pills and when they got too bad Id go in for a shot and bed rest).  Doctor started me on muscle relaxers and said that she'd seen a massive improvement with her patients who are on these meds without much of the side effects of the traditional meds (I was given ventolin inhaler and urispas tablets)
By day 5 these meds werent making a difference and my contractions were getting stronger and closer about one every 10 mins, I called my doctor and she said to come in right away. I went in and sure enough I was in preterm labor, dilated to 1 and at that point the contractions were very strong and about 5 mins apart. I started crying and was an emotional mess. I was told flat out that if i didnt calm down and start breathing to allow the meds to work that I would have her (my baby girl) and theres nothing they could do about it because I was crying so bad and yelling at the doctors thery werent doing enough to stop the contractions. My body wasnt responding to the meds and the contractions were coming fast and strong, I thought I was going to lose her. Where we are stationed doesnt have nicu care like the states, you are just told to pray. We were told if I dilated past 3cm id be put in ambulance to another hospital that has an incubator. The doctor said my husband had to come (he was deployed on a mission) because I had started to dilate to 1cm and the contractions were slowing down but not stopping, at that point they went from 2mins apart back to 5 mins apart then to 6 then it was a jump to 10 mins then an hr apart then 1 contraction in 12 hrs. This happened all over again about 24hrs after finishing the first course of meds. I had two episodes of preterm labor in a 3 day period. I have been home for 3 days now.

The biggest thing that has helped me was surrendering to the will of God and accepting whatever comes, it allowed me to accept healing and switch gears from very doomed im going to lose this baby to im holding onto her till we are past 37 weeks and her and I will prove the doctors wrong. I was told we can only wish for 8 weeks and thats being optimistic because the meds cause side effects and stop being effective without increasing the dosage and Im on the max they can give, because lower doses werent stopping the labor, my body just didnt respond.

Stir crazy doesnt even cut it, I feel so worthless and am so guilty my husband is having to be Mr. Mom for the family. I've been put on strict bed rest, after being discharged following the two episodes of preterm labor. Im limited to mostly laying down and trying to stay off my feet to make sure my cervix doesn't thin out and start dilating. I still have contractions, but they are milder and sporadic. The meds Im on seem to keep them that way. On 2 types of muscle relaxers which keep me light headed and tired but my heart racing, and weekly alpha-hydroxyprogesterone shots to also relax my uterus. I go in for my next shot, fetal monitoring and cervix check this Saturday. Its a little hard, because Im used to doing a lot around the house, and DH now picking up the slack for me. I feel guilty and bad, but DH tells me to relax and not to worry. The bed rest seems to be working, as I only got 5 contractions today, less than yesterday. Im also taking a homeopathic remedy to stop contractions, and have been encouraged to talk to the baby, do breathing exercises to relax and stay positive. The doctors two orders were to physically rest and limit movement, and to mentally stay very positive. We are just taking it a day at a time.

After that long intro, this is my question: I'm on some meds that arent used in the states yet but seem to be very good. This is the list so far, does anyone have experience with any of these?

 I am now 27 weeks along:

For the next 8 weeks:
-Proluton Depot shots once a week

After a contraction:

-ventolin inhaler x2puff & - 1 urispas tablet

If contractions continue past 2 contractions in 30 mins or 4 in a hr go to hospital.

I had 2 Tractocile courses already.

-Tractocile course (1 intravenous injection, followed by 24hrs of IV infusion)
Following tractocile course
-ventolin inhaler 2puffs x8hrs for 5 days
-Urispas x2day for 5 days
I also am taking a homeopathic remedy 3tablets under tongue x3 times a day whenever I get a contraction
I still get contractions, but they are milder and sporadic.

Title: Re: Preterm labor stopped twice with tractocile in a 3 day period. 27wks
Post by: claire1228 on May 14, 2012 at 10:10 PM
Hello MM2 ! In my opinion, you are definitely doing the right thing by staying on bedrest and placing the situation in God's hands. Pray, pray, pray. It will help to calm you. About the meds you are on, there are a couple I haven't even heard of but I guess it's best you trust your doc's orders. Maybe try to look them up online and try to get some info on them that way. Hope your checkup on Saturday goes well, keep us posted. Bedrest can be hard but just remember to tell yourself it won't last forever !!  :)
Title: Re: Preterm labor stopped twice with tractocile in a 3 day period. 27wks
Post by: MM2 on May 15, 2012 at 11:21 AM
Hi claire1228,

Thanks I appreciate your support. We are currently deployed overseas, so the meds aren't called the same and the Tractocile is European and is awaiting fda approval. Its an anti oxytocin agent that binds with the oxytocin released triggering contractions. Very successful in stopping preterm labor in the 24-33 week range. They dont recommend it past 33 weeks due to the lack of evidence supporting its success at that stage. Side effects are nausea and palpitations. Other than that its quite safe to mom and baby.

I have been researching the meds and emailed a midwife in the states and my old doctor asking for their input on the meds and both say the protocol I am on is quite standard. This is how it compares:

Ventolyn is an asthma medication= Terbutaline, also an asthma medication, to stop pre-term contractions

Im not a candidate for Nifedipine as it is a blood pressure medication, and my blood pressure is already naturally low 90/60. It'd be too dangerous.

Proluton Depot is an alpha-hydroxyprogestore shot, the equivalent of 17P-hydroxyprogestrone.

Urispas is a muscle relaxer used for urinary tract area and has a similar effect on adjoining organs ie uterus.

I am praying. This has been so humbling; today I walked to the window to look at the yard on my way back to my bedroom from the bathroom.

Reading about everyones experience here and what they are doing to cope and get through it has helped so much. I repeat them to my husband when he gets back from work everyday. It usually makes me cry while I tell him the stories. So many miracles, so many strong people going through this. I talk to my baby angel everyday and tell her we are not ready for her to come yet, she needs to wait a little longer, that we all love her and cant wait to meet her.


Title: Re: Preterm labor stopped twice with tractocile in a 3 day period. 27wks
Post by: claire1228 on May 16, 2012 at 12:30 PM
well it sounds like they have you on the right meds to get you on track.
I can definitely relate to your stresses from bedrest. I am going into my 11th week of it! yesterday i went in for my weekly checkup and my doc said i am dialated to 1cm so he admitted me and i am doing a 48 hr magnesium drip.  this helps to stop the labor. they are also monitoring me for contractions and i havent had any, thankfully. so im hoping that these meds do their job so that i can go home maybe saturday or sunday. i MUCH rather be on bedrest at home. this hospital bed is horrible ! oh well, baby girl is more than worth it! i also tell my hubby about the stories i read on here, and talk to baby and tell her to stay put a while longer !! i swear if it werent for my laptop and tv i would go nuts during the day ! every day i look forward to my hubby and kiddos getting home. they bring the house back to life. now that i'm in the hospital, my hubby sleeps here at night and my parents and sister are keeping my 2 boys. i hate not seeing them everyday but at least i know they are in good hands. well i just realized i kinda rambled on there lol.....hope all is well for you !
Title: Re: Preterm labor stopped twice with tractocile in a 3 day period. 27wks
Post by: munchkinsmom on May 29, 2012 at 12:54 AM
I was on terbutaline with my last pregnancy. It helped for a bit, but the doses had to keep getting higher and higher. I made it to 35 wks 6 days though (they stopped labor a few times before I finally delivered her) and my contractions started at 17 wks, so it worked :) With this pregnancy, my OB said they don't use terbutaline for long term use during pregnancy anymore due to the side effects and put me on progesterone shots instead. I also decided to use natural remedies this time as well. A master herbalist suggested I drink red raspberry leaf tea once a day. I asked my OB if that would be ok and he said it was fine. Within two days, my contractions dropped from every 3-5 mins to about once an hour, or even less! I missed my tea one night and they were back to every 3-5 mins by the next night. I don't know if that works for everyone, but it works for me :) I think my contractions are caused by an irritable uterus though - I am not currently dilated at all and my cervix is staying at about 4 cms. I've made it 9 wks so far on modified bedrest :) Good luck!!!
Title: Re: Preterm labor stopped twice with tractocile in a 3 day period. 27wks
Post by: MM2 on July 01, 2012 at 07:14 AM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~ I am 34wks along as of today. Doctor said today that my last progesterone shot will be this Tuesday and we are on the homestretch now. Baby has reached her target weight of 4lbs and even if we go anytime soon, she will be able to go home with me. Thought I'd share the good news. Again, thank you to all who prayed for us. I can't believe we managed to get her to hold on this long (from a 26 weeks preterm labor with dilating and funneling). I am very pleased with the way my Dr. managed everything. So much happier with her management of the preterm labor and follow ups than what I had at another 2 hospitals. Hubby and I have decided this is our last baby. The bed rest and how all this has effected our little boy is just not fair. We hired someone to help me at home so I could be true to myself and rest, its been very hard watching someone else do my chores at home and bond with my son. Its just one of the many sacrifices us mommies make for our little ones. It has cost us a lot too both financially and emotionally. I have made a point of rubbing my belly and taking a moment everyday to talk to her, to just stare at my belly and marvel at it, this is my bittersweet pregnancy. We are still beyond blessed to have managed to conceive and carry 2 beautiful babies. I am hoping all goes smoothly in the next few weeks and that the doctors right with not needing any nicu time.  Again, I appreciate everyone’s support on here. 
Title: Re: Preterm labor stopped twice with tractocile in a 3 day period. 27wks
Post by: MM2 on July 01, 2012 at 07:19 AM
munchkinsmom- thats wonderful news. I am so glad you are doing great. I have an irritable uterus too. If I dont go to empty my bladder right away I would get contractions, or if I do too much, Id have a braxton hicks type tght belly all day. Its such a pain, I will defo let other ladies in my support group know about the red raspbeery leaf tea.  ;)
Title: Re: Preterm labor stopped twice with tractocile in a 3 day period. 27wks
Post by: MM2 on July 17, 2012 at 02:46 AM
Hi everybody. a quick update. We are 35 wks and 3 days along now. Went into labor 2 days ago and we agreed to try and stop it with the inhaler and progesterone shots. Cervical kit came back positive- birth is eminent any point within 2 weeks. Got my steroid shots and have been discharged and back home. Doctor said I am very lucky to have made it this far along and man I couldnt agree more. Baby is only 4lbs 10oz and has never been active, doctor anticipates weak muscle tone and nicu time because of her slow development. I am finally mentally ready to have her now. We spoke to the nicu doctor and have a very good idea of what to expect, both the good and bad. I continue to pray for everyone that has gone and is going through this hell. Our babies are true miracles, stay strong moms and dads. Much love to everyone and God bless.