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Title: Cervix changes - changeable length - why is that so?
Post by: kinderroomcafe on September 09, 2012 at 09:29 AM
Hi everyone - I'm trying to get my head around cervix length and how come some of them are changeable and some of them just shorten?  I think I have worked out that pressure on the abdomen while being scanned 'replicates' standing up to get a reading, but is it common for cervix length to grow or shorten randomly?

Also my cervix grew .5ish cm (also why do american's use cm and mm for cervixes? not inches - I don't mind it makes it easier for me to follow but thought it was unusual!?).  Is this common - I thought it was swelling post stitch, but it seems to have maintained this extra length - has anyone else had this?  Does progesterone grow cervixes or is it this layabouting I've been doing.

I've asked my Ob these questions but I get a shrug of the shoulders!

Just curious!