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: Monday Roll Call for September 2, 2013
: Angela September 02, 2013 at 09:18 AM
Hello, ladies!

Happy Labor Day to all of our members in the United States! Of course, any day at KeepEmCookin could be labor day!  ;) 

A very big CONGRATULATIONS to KiteKat26 on the healthy delivery of her baby girl at 37 weeks! Be sure to check out her post:

And don't miss the birth announcement from Andi-pants! Click here:

How is everyone doing? How has the past week been? We had the best live chat last Tuesday! It was a great turnout! So I hope to see ALL of you in the Chat Room tomorrow at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific.

Keep 'em cookin', mamas!

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: Re: Monday Roll Cal for September 2, 2013
: 122910 September 02, 2013 at 10:01 AM
Can't wait to read the birth stories you've linked :)

I'm 34+3 today, have an OB visit and a growth ultrasound this week.  Still on modified BR, procardia and progesterone. Hoping to wrap up my project of new photobooks of my 4 and 2 yo.  So much to get done before baby arrives, only thing ready is the carseat!!

Hoping all the other mamas on bedrest a good day!
: Re: Monday Roll Cal for September 2, 2013
: lvmissesd September 02, 2013 at 11:04 AM
Congratulations KiteKat26 and Andi-pants!!  I'm so happy for the both of you!

We're getting closer.  Last week was a good week.  Contractions only went over threshold once.  YAY!!  We are now 30 weeks and 4 days.  Our chain is getting shorter and it's almost a little scary to think how close it's getting.

I got whatever bug my oldest had last week, and I'm hoping that it won't settle in my lungs since I have to stay down.  I've been extremely antsy and it seriously is getting harder and harder to stay down.  With my last baby, I knew that getting up would physically harm her.  With this guy, when I stay down, I don't have contractions most of the time, and sometimes I can cheat and get up and do something (usually something like get a yogurt out of the fridge) and I'll be fine, and then other times, I can be lying here and the contractions will start.  It's tough to see all the things that need to get done and not have the power to fix them, especially since I know that in a matter of 48 hours, I could have it perfect.  I cannot wait to get to 36 weeks to be able to start living again. :)

: Re: Monday Roll Cal for September 2, 2013
: megdspilman September 02, 2013 at 12:06 PM
Two days shy of 23 weeks!! Inching closer to that glorious viability milestone! It's been a good week. Definitely ups and downs, mostly the "is this pain a contraction?" or "I'm so constipated I want to die" but all in all more ups than downs. 3 weeks of bedrest down and 13 more to go!

Congrats to all the bedrest grads on your beautiful termies!! I hope to be joining your ranks in 13 more weeks!
: Re: Monday Roll Call for September 2, 2013
: Kate September 02, 2013 at 07:37 PM
Still here at 32 weeks with my twins.  7th week of bedrest.  Best so far: I actually feel hungry today!  Worst so far: I have hemroids - ugh!
: Re: Monday Roll Call for September 2, 2013
: Angela September 03, 2013 at 01:36 PM
Don't forget to join us in the Chat Room today at 2 pm Eastern/11 am Pacific.
: Re: Monday Roll Call for September 2, 2013
: Cassandy September 04, 2013 at 10:57 AM
Hi! I'm 18 weeks 3 days today (been in hospital since 17 weeks 2 days), trying to keep the monkeys growing. On the happy side, I'm learning to knit baby blankets, and they had chocolate cake on the menu last night (which was so good), and I'm down to just spotting! Yay :)
Today was my 5 year old's first day of school, which I missed, which is a little sad. And next week were supposed to go to Disney World as a family, and all of the doctors here recoil in horror when i mention it, so I guess I'm not going. It's dealing more with my hubby's disappointment that's hard, because he's so stressed. Any advice on helping out spouses? I feel bad for him.