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Title: Twins, Irritable Uterus, Dynamic Cervix
Post by: anyakelsick on September 10, 2013 at 06:11 PM
Hi there, everyone!
I've been looking through the pregnancy complications posts and I just couldn't find any that really applied to me, so in hopes of finding people with a more similar condition, I thought I'd do a short post summing up what is wrong with me.
At 24 weeks I was diagnosed with a dynamic cervix (it was most recently at 2.7 I think, but has been as short as 1.1), at 26+2 I was told I have an irritable uterus and am dilated 1cm. They had me on hospital bed rest from 26+2 to 26+4, and gave me procardia and indocin, as well as two steroid shots 24 hours apart. Then I was sent home to stay on strict bed rest with bathroom privileges, and I have contractions whenever I stand or sit up for too long, or if I don't pee as soon as I feel the need. Still, they aren't painful and the most I feel is just a very hard and uncomfortable uterus. I'm scheduled for a check up on Friday, and hopefully everything will still be the same. I feel very positive and am sure that my babies will be okay in the long run no matter how soon I have them, but I obviously really want them to be able to come home with me and breastfeed as soon as they come out. If I can just make it 5 more weeks, then they would be able to be gradually taught to breastfeed, and if I can make it 7 or 8, then I don't think they would have any real NICU time at all. I have read that some moms with my condition have made it to 36 weeks or more. If anyone here has or had one or more of my problems I would love to hear how it's going for you, or if you already had your little one(s), how they are doing.   :)
Title: Re: Twins, Irritable Uterus, Dynamic Cervix
Post by: megdspilman on September 11, 2013 at 10:44 AM
Hi Anya!

I don't have your exact issue, but am pregnant w twins! I have an incompetent cervix that was diagnosed in my first pregnancy. I made it to 28wks w DS and practically no cervix. This time I'm hoping to make it much farther w a preventative cerclage, progesterone supplements and strict bedrest. I'm currently 24 weeks and have been funneled to my stitch since 20 weeks. Praying for 8-10 more weeks!

It sounds like you have a great attitude and are getting good care. Are you taking progesterone? I don't think I have an irritable uterus, but have definitely noticed more BH contractions and irritability w this pregnancy. I'm wondering if my docs will prescribe procardia or if I have to have more actual labor symptoms for that. Just hang in tere and stick w your bedrest. I am a firm believer that strict bedrest works no matter what the docs think! Keep us posted w your appt on Friday!
Title: Re: Twins, Irritable Uterus, Dynamic Cervix
Post by: anyakelsick on September 13, 2013 at 07:57 PM
Hi, megdspilman, thank you for replying!
It's very comforting to hear that you made it to 28 weeks with almost no cervix! I have read many success stories of people with similar conditions that made it nearly full term with the progesterone and cerclage, so I think your odds are good :). Unfortunately my insurance won't cover the progesterone, and since my cervix is always changing a cerclage would not be a good idea...and they didn't suggest procardia until they found out that I was dilated, so if you are effaced but not dilated that is probably why they didn't prescribe it.

At my appointment today they checked my cervix again and I am about 2.5cm dilated now, so they sent me home with procardia, strict bed rest, and back for a check-up on Wednesday. If I'm 3cm or more by that time, I'll be put on hospital bed rest most likely for the rest of the pregnancy. But I don't think I will be and even if I am, I'll be past 28 weeks and Deaconess has a Level 3 NICU, so I still think that everything will be okay :)
Title: Re: Twins, Irritable Uterus, Dynamic Cervix
Post by: anyakelsick on May 09, 2019 at 02:22 PM
I had my babies 4 days after that :(
The 3-month long NICU experience was terrible in many ways. We lost my little boy at 1 day old, but my beautiful daughter is a healthy 5 year old now.
I recently found out I was expecting again, and I still would like to know if anyone else had an experience similar to mine, and if so how subsequent pregnancies turned out!!