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Title: Introducing myself
Post by: MamaMack on October 28, 2013 at 11:29 AM
Good morning all.  I joined the group a couple of days ago.  Here is my story:
My first pregnancy was an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured, in 2007.  I was thrilled when we were able to get pregnant again after that trauma/damage as a lot of moms are unable to after a rupture. 
At 26 weeks into our second pregnancy, I thought I was having braxton-hicks, but was encouraged by an L&D nurse to call my doctor because she thought there was a problem.  We headed to the hospital and I was contracting every 3 minutes (I thought it was every 10) and had funnel dilation and cervical shortening.  Starting that night, I was in the hospital for 8 weeks.  The doctors were certain I would deliver "any time."  I did two more weeks of bed rest at home and our first son was born at 36 weeks- he only needed about 2 hours of monitoring for "grunting" and not crying, but was healthy and went home with us three days later (no NICU stay). 
Pregnancy number 3- we were more prepared for potential complications and started the Progesterone shots at 16 weeks.  Contractions started around 15 weeks.  At 25 weeks I started the cervical shortening and was placed on modified activity.  Modified activity lasted 3 days before a trip to L&D to slow the contractions down and was sent home on strict bed rest for the duration.  At 32 weeks I was dilated to 3, then by 34 weeks I was at a 4.  Weekly doctor visits and about 6 trips to L&D to "slow things" combined with a variation of tocolyitics got us to 36 weeks 0 days after 11 weeks of bed rest.  I was taken off bed rest in the AM and delivered that night.  Healthy baby boy that went home after three days in the regular nursery. 
I am now 25 weeks with pregnancy number 4.  I have been having contractions since about 15 weeks again- and we are doing the Progesterone shot again.  Last Thursday (at 24w4d) I had significant cervical shortening with additional shortening with fundal pressure.  I began "modified" activity that day and the doctor said to expect strict bed rest by the next appointment (this coming Thursday). 
So- that is where I am at.  Third round of bed rest and thrilled to have found this group.  The hospital I stayed at with the first bed rest experience had a "support group"- after the first two weeks I was wheeled into another room to meet other moms stuck in there as well.  That connection really helped mentally.  With the second round of bed rest I had a friend who was going through it at the same time and we emailed a ton to stay sane.  So- I am excited to connect with other moms dealing with bed rest and encouraging one another in the process. 
Title: Re: Introducing myself
Post by: jodibainum on October 28, 2013 at 10:31 PM
Hello there!  Sorry to hear what you are going through, but I feel like bed rest, though not fun, is very helpful!  I'm currently 31w 4d!  I received a cerclage at 22w due to IC and have been receiving progesterone shots since 16w because last year I had a loss at almost 22w.  I have been on bed rest for almost 10w with approx. 5w to go before getting the cerclage taken out.
Title: Re: Introducing myself
Post by: juliekb on October 29, 2013 at 12:02 PM
Hi! Your pregnancies sound very similar to how mine go as well. I have been contracting a ton lately (I will be 20 weeks this week), had several episodes of contractions every 3 minutes for hours. But so far, so effect on my cervix. In my previous pregnancies, I started shortening at 24 weeks, so I guess I can expect the liklihood of that once again. Trying to enjoy my last few weeks (I hope!) of freedom before bedrest. I have definitely been taking it easy already, no more exercising, minimal walking, etc, but not looking forward to being unable to come to work or play with my other two boys. I am hoping when my time comes to be stuck in bed that this support group will help me through. It is so difficult. Good luck to you, and I hope to get to know you better over the coming months.
Title: Re: Introducing myself
Post by: MamaMack on November 04, 2013 at 10:13 AM
Thanks for replying juliekb and jodibainum! I didn't see the replies until now - still getting used to the site!