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Title: Poor blood flow to baby low amniotic fluid and baby not growing well enough
Post by: Mommyseese on December 03, 2013 at 05:53 AM

Hello all this is my first post I am being admitted today for hospital bedrest and constant monitoring of my daughter. I am 24 weeks today been on home bedrest for 2 weeks and last week blood flow had improved but no improvement in amniotic fluid today is growth ultrasound and moving in to the hospital for hopefully 6-8 weeks.  Getting steroid injections today as well to develop her lungs my OB is hoping to keep her cookin as long as it is safe for her.  He isn't worried about her growth or amniotic fluid because she might just be a small baby his main concern is keeping blood flow decent. It's been really hard to be in bed rest I am a active person can't stand just laying around grrrr but what ever I need to do for my little girl.  If anyone else is or has gone through this I would love to hear your story