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Title: Feeling like I did not get enough info from the doc
Post by: beccah on February 21, 2009 at 06:36 PM
Yesterday morning I notice I was spotting, and my tummy felt a little "funny" (uncomfortable pressure, but not painful) at times.  Luckily, I had a regular ob visit scheduled for that afternoon.  At the doctors I explained to them what I had been going through that day, and to my surprise they sent me right over to the hospital for some monitoring.  After 4 hours on external fetal monitors and two internal exams later, the hospital told me I could go home with instructions to relax, stay home from work on Monday, and call my regular doctor on Monday to give an update on how I was doing (or earlier if something changed).

The monitor showed that my baby has a very healthy heartbeat, and it showed that I was having regular little contractions. The meter showed little "hills" on the print out every few minuets. The nurse explained that they may or may not be contractions and that if you hook the monitor up to any pregnant woman it will show blips from time to time, but my blips seemed pretty regular and of the same height.  The resident that examined me described my cervix as closed at the top, but open at the bottom so she could stick her finger up my cervix and feel the top, where it was still closed.  At the time, I was just relieved to go home, but now I'm wondering is that normal for my cervix to be like she described at 30 weeks?  Am I having little contractions?  How much "relaxing" is required.  My mom insists that I should spend most of my time lying down.   Is this necessary?  Etc... Etc...   

 Any words of advice? Similar experiences?

Title: Re: Feeling like I did not get enough info from the doc
Post by: Angela on February 21, 2009 at 10:21 PM
Hi, Beccah.

Sorry you're going through this. I'm glad you are continuing to ask questions though! Don't let the "little" hills fool you. The monitors can be adjusted to make the hills bigger or smaller, depending on how much variation they are trying to see. You're right to be most concerned about the consistency of the contractions!

Your situation sounds similar to my first pregnancy. At 29 weeks I had a handful of painful cramps and just felt like something wasn't right. Like you, my cervix had already started to shorten and they told me I'd probably deliver at 36 weeks. Well, I was back at 33 weeks in full-on labor. They were able to stop it with mag sulfate, and although I had several more episodes of PTL, my daughter stayed put until 39 weeks. (Thanks to bed rest, I believe.)

With my second pregnancy, I had learned about how the length of the cervix is a strong predictor of preterm labor. I requested transvaginal ultrasounds on those occasions where the pressure seemed to be stronger or the contractions more consistent.  Please check out the information on cervical length I have compiled here: ( My short answer is that it sounds like your cervix IS starting to ripen on the early side. I'd take it easy for now, and definitely get an appointment to have your doctor check your cervical length by transvaginal ultrasound. That will help you and your doctor decide if it would make sense for you to be on bed rest  or on a medication to reduce contractions. (See ( for information on treatments for preventing preterm labor.)

I'm glad you are being proactive in seeking more info! We ladies have to remember that WE are in charge of our pregnancies.

What kinds of symptoms ( ( are you having? Can you tell us more about the pressure you were feeling? Any cramping? Tummy feeling hard? Any more spotting? Any change in discharge?

Title: Re: Feeling like I did not get enough info from the doc
Post by: beccah on February 23, 2009 at 10:38 AM
Thanks for pre-term information.  I'm staying home from work until I see my doctor on Wednesday.   I'm a high school teacher so I am on my feet A LOT during the day, so I'm glad my doctor is being cautious and doesn't want me to go back to work until I get an ok or no-go from her.

Hopefully, I will get more information at the docs this week.