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Title: Atrial Fibrillation
Post by: Lpichach on December 11, 2014 at 11:51 AM
I thought I'd throw this on here, as when it happened to me I couldn't find anything on it.
I'm 28, normally very healthy and active female. Never had a heart issue in my life, nor within my family line.  Pregnant with second, first was a micro preemie (25weeker) due to unknown reasons. 
At 25+3 this time around, I noticed my heart palpitating very intensely. Having always had low blood pressure (80/50 and 60bpm typical), I thought maybe pregnancy had brought on High BP.  I sat down, drank some fluids to see if my heart would slow down. You could actually feel it beating out of my chest! I checked my blood pressure (we have a monitor at home) & my BP was good, but pulse was 186 bpm (normal is 60-100)!!  I gave myself an hour to see if lying down and deep breathing would calm it.  No help.  Finally decided to go to L&D to check on baby.
Baby seemed good. But my ECG was all over the place. After 8 hours, they couldn't get my heart to slow down with meds and couldn't figure out what was triggering it, but realized my heart would fail or the leaking valves would cause a stroke, so i had an electrical cardioversion (shock) to restart my heart!  Fortunately the results were immediate and everything went back to normal and happily baby was okay!
I remained in the hospital for another 3 days for monitoring and after several exams, the cardiologists were stumped and concluded that this was a completely random, extremely rare anomaly of pregnancy and the changes that occur to the female body!!
Very odd and very freaky, but I guess know it can happen and to make sure to always trust your instincts!!