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: Fetal heart rate high, then normal
: saramadlyn October 14, 2015 at 08:32 PM
Hi everyone!

Today at my weekly appointment my cervix was unchanged, which is great news. (Still 1cm, 50% effaced @ 33w5d. Last pregnancy I dilated ~1cm a week while on bedrest and was at 4cm on delivery day before active labor kicked in, so I'm glad I'm not progressing!)

However, I did spend two hours on monitors at L&D because baby was SUPER ACTIVE and her heart rate was too high (190s) and then only got down into the 170s during my office visit. At L&D I had a biophysical profile done, and she scored an 8/10 on that because by then she was tuckered out and taking a nap, so she wasn't moving much.

After another hour the heart rate went down into the 150s so they unplugged me and sent me home, but the whole thing was unexpected and I didn't feel like they answered any of my questions very well.

I read that there may be some association between infection and elevated heart rate, and of course an infection could also be a precursor to preterm labor. All in all my OB doesn't seem very concerned, so I guess I shouldn't be either?  ??? I'm also concerned that she got SO active and then SO not active, like she had worn herself out.

Anyone have any experiences like this before? Would love some perspective since I didn't feel like my OB was very forthcoming!