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Title: Shortening Cervix at 16 weeks and funneling
Post by: Haiku117 on August 11, 2016 at 02:34 AM
Hello ladies, I recently found this forum after going through some complicatons. Let me start by saying that around 3 weeks ago I started with a UTI and then when I was about to finish my meds I went to ER because I had shivers and fever so my OB admitted me to his hospital the day after on a Monday two weeks ago, so the next day I randomly start bleeding and Im diagnosed with incompetent cervix as it measured 1.5 and I got an emegency cerclage.

I was released three days later and the following Monday I bleed again and go in and OB tells me my cervix went down to .6mm in four days and he didnt give me much hope as I had just completed my 15 weeks. I stay in the hospital and have bleeding due to my cerclage and the fact I take blood thinners. I get checked and my cervix was .7mm and I felt hopeful, I still have a stubborn UTI and back at the hospital. I just turned 16 weeks and I stopped bleeding. Although I have some cramping at nights sometimes but Ive been told are just round ligament pains.

Do any of you ladies have any glimpse of hope for me? Im so worried Ive already had two MCs I dont want to lose my baby.
Title: Re: Shortening Cervix at 16 weeks and funneling
Post by: Karen on August 11, 2016 at 07:41 AM
Haiku117: i'm now at 24 weeks. Im in the hospital for strict bedrest. They have fiven me colace for stool softener and procardia to prevent contractions. Today i will be getting my 1st round of steroid shots to mature baby's lungs. I had my cerclage done at 13 weeks everything was fine until i had  a visit with my MFM last week and since im an "expert" now of looking funneling and how they measure stuff thanks to "Dr. Google," i saw right away the funnel and that my the measurement was .6mm. Right away they admitted me to hospital and now im here for 7 more weeks. Only to get up to us the privvy. I even requested to have a bedside commode so i dont have to walk to the bathroom. My mom said that when she gets here she will want me to be in bedpan...ohh geez! As long as cleans it up. Just stay in bed and rest. Do not give up hope. Have faith ovee fear. Keep your hip elevated. Docs dont have me on tredelengberg but for my own sanity and no what ifs, i elevate my hips at all times ever since ive been here. I have a sore neck and shoulders but i know what im doing will be worth it at the end. Hang in there! How long are they keeping u in the hospital?

Title: Re: Shortening Cervix at 16 weeks and funneling
Post by: Haiku117 on August 11, 2016 at 05:15 PM
Karen thanks for your response. Im 16 weeks/3 days today and dr is just hoping for me to reach viability for a little breath taker. Im on strict bedrest and I'll be going home today but they are arranging a hospital bed for my home right now. Inwas told as well that trendelenburg is the same as bedrest and Im only lifting my head far enough to eat take a few minutes to let the food set and go back. Im really hoping to make it and I have faith I will. I mean according to dr it was lost and now Im here almost two weeks later still hanging on.

Im really praying for you too and I hope it gets easier for us.
Title: Re: Shortening Cervix at 16 weeks and funneling
Post by: soblessed on August 12, 2016 at 11:45 PM
They determined my cervix was short when I was 17 weeks pregnant. They put me on bedrest and even with that i began funneling...I'm 25 weeks and still on home bedrest. I would
Listen to Karen and just have faith. I'm a firm firm believer in bedrest. Will be praying for you and baby.

Congrats on your 24 weeks. Been worried as I hadn't seen any posts from you. Do you put pillows under your hips mom has told me to do the same thing.
Title: Re: Shortening Cervix at 16 weeks and funneling
Post by: Karen on August 13, 2016 at 05:43 AM
Soblessed: how are you? im still hangin in here lurking... i have been busy for the last 3 days cause my mom just got here. I had my little 24 weeks celebration yesterday with cake and ice cream. Next party at 28 weeks praying dearly to reach it. The only time i have ever been up from my bed rest is to use the bedside commode. I do have a pillow on my hips and in have my hospital bed hips part tilted up. This journey will be long but finishing up the first week flew by. Week 2 here i come!!!