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Title: Procardia side effects
Post by: Karen on September 17, 2016 at 06:01 PM
I've been in hospital bedrest since 22.5 weeks due to cervical insufficiency. Had a cerclage done at 13 weeks but started funneling to the stitch at 22.5 weeks. While in hospital, i have been taking procardia10mg every 6hours with no side effect. Today however (i am now 29.2 weeks), i started to feel dizzy like room is spinning and vomited my breakfast. Doc ordered to discontinue procardia until further notice. BP has always been low 100's over 60'-70's with procardia. I dont know if procardia is whats making me feel this way or what...i cant believe after taking it for almost 7 weeks i just now started this symptoms. Any idea????