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Title: Accreta?
Post by: Mamabear27 on January 27, 2017 at 04:37 PM
30 weeks (7 into bed rest) with chronic placental abruption.  Baby doing well but my uterus is still pretty irritable from my last bleed.  Had MFM and OB appointments yesterday.  MFM is worried about placenta accreta (placenta sticks too tightly to uterus wall).  Warned me that I could have bleeding so bad I would need an emergency hysterectomy.  My OB wants me to be open to having a c-section (which I am ok with if that's safest).  Suggested that future pregnancies could be even more dangerous, offered a tubal ligation.  I've already been struggling with how dangerous this pregnancy is and the unbearable possibility that it could leave my 3 year old without a mama.  I'm not ready to be "done" growing our family and mourning the possibilities.