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Title: Hospital bed rest problem
Post by: Guzman_87 on May 10, 2017 at 11:59 AM
I've been in the hospital for a week and a half now for preterm labor. 26/1, I'm now 27/3. So I'm inching my way to the goal. I'm just wondering if anyone else is going through this because I kind of feel bad about it. I hate the constant iv changes. They expire every 4 days and a new one needs to be put in. It's so painful. I got poked 4 times last try by three different people. I have no good veins anymore. On top of them checking my blood type every three days. Like it would change??but any who they say I can refuse and just put it in when needed. Would you take that option? They say I'll be here for weeks. Until I deliver or get to 32.
Title: Re: Hospital bed rest problem
Post by: SuzieQMom on May 10, 2017 at 02:53 PM
Hi, I'm also on hospital bedrest. I have an IV port as well. Luckily, they only change mine if I say it hurts or if it looks irritated. I also have had some rough nurse who blew out one of my veins. Then tried with the top of my hand unsuccessfully. It was torture. It was soooo painful! I can't imagine what it's like to do this every 4 days since there are not that many veins in our arms and hands to try! I have asked that they take it out and just put one in if there is an emergency. The doctors said that I must have it in. I don't know what is best because it does make sense to be able to hook up an IV quickly if I need to slow contractions, but I'm not sure that using up my good veins in a non emergency situation is a good idea either.
Title: Re: Hospital bed rest problem
Post by: Guzman_87 on May 10, 2017 at 05:55 PM
Yess. Thank you for understanding. The doctor said that they have to move up an arm and Cant go down. So he said it next goes to arm crease then neck!!!. I'm not using any iv fluids. So I really find it unnecessary. I also don't find it beneficial to use every vein since the plan is me being here for so long ????.
Title: Re: Hospital bed rest problem
Post by: Angela on May 11, 2017 at 09:15 AM
My dear ladies,
I have to start by saying that I cannot provide a medical opinion, so I encourage you to ask your OB/the RNs if there is a very specific reason to keep an IV port.

Is there ANY possible situation where they would need IV access in less than 5 minutes??? Because that is about how long it would take to put one in. Why should you be in constant pain? Unable to move freely? Why create an opening for infection? Please follow up with your healthcare providers and let us know how they answer these questions. You have the right to decline it.

Title: Re: Hospital bed rest problem
Post by: Sally41 on May 14, 2017 at 07:54 AM
I have had IV ports 3 times before while I was hospitalized for operations and D&C after a missed abortion. It is difficult to have good veins if yours get poked frequently by the needles. So the IV port decreased the number of times the nurse pokes your veins. Making the job easier for the nurse and you suffering less. You can keep your IV Port for longer if you do not feel too much irritation. Good luck!