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Title: Short cervix and bedrest
Post by: Bridget1213 on January 29, 2018 at 01:43 PM
I had a completely normal pregnancy with my firstborn, and he was delivered at 39 weeks. Fast forward a year and I became pregnant again. At 26 weeks I was in the hospital for preterm labor contractions and what looked like the loss of my mucus plug. They measured my cervix and I was at 2.1 with no funneling. 4 days later at a follow up appointment, they did another measurement and I was at 1.1 with about that much in funneling! I'm always contracting. I have an irritable uterus (which I had with my son as well), but the contractions are definitely harder and more uncomfortable than I remember having with him. They haven't measured me again since 26 weeks.
I'm now 33+1 and have been on a modified bedrest schedule since 26 weeks. Whenever I'm on my feet for too long the hard contractions start up. This has been such a physically and emotionally exhausting experience. I used to be a stay-at-home mom to my 17 month old and now I need to totally rely on my in-laws and parents to take over. It has put a strain on my relationship with all of them. My husband often works 12 hours shifts at work, so I rarely get "family time" with the 3 of us. I'm worried about the health of this baby, I miss my 17 month old and my old life with him.
Can anyone empathize? Any advice on how to get through the next few weeks of bedrest without going crazy?
Title: Re: Short cervix and bedrest
Post by: LMW on January 29, 2018 at 06:24 PM
Hi Bridget:

No advice, but lots of empathy! You're amazing for making it this far! I just started complete bedrest at 33 weeks about five days ago, and my back and butt and brain are killing me. I feel so sad for my four-year-old that I can't play with him at all. And my husband is depleted from doing EVERYTHING. Hang in there!! And keep us posted. 
Title: Re: Short cervix and bedrest
Post by: LMW on February 11, 2018 at 12:34 PM
Hi Bridget: How are you doing? Just checking in! I have 11 days left until my baby is officially term. Any time I get up, the contractions start. How about you? My four-year-old has gotten used to me being on bedrest by now. But, it still breaks my heart when he wants me to come look at something he has painted or built, and I have to tell him no. Ugh. Counting the days! Thinking of you! Hope things are going well. Hugs, Lauren
Title: Re: Short cervix and bedrest
Post by: Bridget1213 on February 11, 2018 at 10:21 PM
I’m hanging in there! 13 days until I am full term over here. It feels so far away yet so close!
I’ve been doing a bit more now that I am 35 weeks. I’ve missed my 18 month old like crazy, so it has been nice to spend more time with him. It’s so hard being on bedrest with another child in the house.
I stop my procardia and projesterone next week at 36 weeks which makes me sooo nervous. I feel like the second I stop taking them I will go into labor! But 36 weeks sounds much much better than 26! My husband is convinced I’ll go to 40. HA!
Keep me updated! We are almost there!