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Title: New here
Post by: pri on February 02, 2018 at 02:19 PM

New to this site. Looking for support and encouragement. I'm 18+5 today. With a history of prior loses, I was looking at a high risk pregnancy. As soon as I got pregnant, the doctor told me to get full time help and take it easy. Some weeks later, I noticed bleeding and rushed to the ER. After several weeks, we were lucky to have the bleeding stop. Than came the planned cerclage at 11 weeks. After that, I was on bedrest for a month, and than was okayed for moderate bedrest. Yesterday we went in for a routine checkup and they noticed funneling on the ultrasound. Back to full bedrest now, and I'm praying for strength to be positive with it all.
Title: Re: New here
Post by: EnglishRose23 on February 04, 2018 at 12:28 AM
welcome to the site, just wanted to wish you luck. You must already be exhausted from all the bedrest. I'm guessing with a planned cerclage you must have an IC, you'll find a lot of women on this site with the same condition (I have different issues, but can definitely relate to the stress from bleeding and bedrest). Hope you've been able to get the full-time help the doctor suggested to be able to be strict on your bedrest. Try and keep your hopes up, you only have another month to make it to viability then every day after that is a gift to your child.
Title: Re: New here
Post by: Ksg23 on February 04, 2018 at 02:08 PM
Hi Pri, welcome to the group. I had an emergency Cerclage placed at 20w when I went for my anatomy scan. Since then have been on bed rest...I am pretty strict with my bed rest. Only get up for bathroom breaks, shower once a week and meals on the bed itself.
Now I am at 29w...had my last scan done in the last week where the docs notices that I have a funneling also. The stitch is still holding on so my bed rest continues! It’s been over 2 months now that I have been on bed rest. Sometimes it gets pretty depressing but then I know that it’s a temp phase and for a good cause. So still continuing with it...
Wishing you all the best! Hang in there...
Title: Re: New here
Post by: Saralynn1108 on February 13, 2018 at 01:44 AM
Wishing you the best. I'm 24+3 and on hospital bed rest. No cerclage, just vaginal progesterone. Everyday is full of worry and stress, trying to balance that with gratitude, hope and faith. Not easy, but it's a work in progress