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Title: 20 Weeks and 2.2cm
Post by: NickyRobe on February 04, 2018 at 02:53 PM
Hello. I'm brand new to this forum. I went to the doctor on Friday and found out my cervix is 2.2cm and I am fingertip dilated. This is my first pregnancy and I am currently 20 weeks, 3 days. My OBGYN spoke with the perinatologist and they decided not to do a cerclage at this time. I'm hoping that's a good sign? Instead, I am on progesterone suppositories and modified bed rest and have another checkup next Friday. The bed rest doesn't bother me, it's all the down time that leaves me to worry. I'm hoping some of you have had some positive experiences that you can share.
Title: Re: 20 Weeks and 2.2cm
Post by: reasontohope on February 04, 2018 at 08:59 PM
Hi! Just a quick note, you can read more of my backstory if you click on my previous posts through my profile, but my story at 20 weeks is strikingly similar to yours, except I was luckily not yet dilated. I was blessed with a very happy success story, too (healthy daughter born at 36 weeks 3 days). I imagine you are really scared right now and I hope reading my story helps.

My MFM doctor (same thing as a perinatologist) was also against cerclage--it's just a pretty risky procedure.

Instead I was given a pessary. I am convinced the pessary (in combination with the progesterone, and modified bed rest) saved my daughter's life. I went into labor within 36 hours of its removal.

Two things stood out from your story-- your doctor just "spoke" with the perinatologist? Do you have an appointment to directly see the perinatologist? You need to get in to actually see an MFM doctor, preferably one affiliated with a university/research hospital. You can start by looking in large cities or university towns near you that have med schools--try to find their MFM practice. And it's preferable to have the MFM practice (or their affiliate imaging center) do the cervical measurements. Accuracy matters and frankly not every practice (especially ones that only deal with routine pregnancy) is error-free with regards to them. Also, you should probably entirely switch over to the MFM, at least until you hit 35 weeks (which is when they no longer do anything to stop labor if it starts).

Secondly, push for the pessary. My MFM doctors--who are all also researchers and teachers at a med school--have found within their practice that the pessary appears to be as good or better than a cerclage for women who are not yet dilated, and my main doctor feels that the next few big pessary studies that come out will make this really clear.

If the first MFM/peri you see is not familiar with the pessary, or has not had experience placing one (it's not hard to place, nor is it painful), then quickly move on to another practice and doctor. Keep calling until you find a place that does it. If you have to travel to get there, I'd say it is 100% worth it--it doesn't require ongoing maintenance (the pessary), so as soon as it is placed, you can go to another MFM who is closer.

Also, when my cervical measurement dipped suddenly I was told by my MFM doctors that if I was at all dilated they would do a cerclage...but I wasn't. However I don't know if "fingertip" counts. So maybe an MFM doctor will tell you to get a cerclage rather than a pessary. From what I understand 2.2 cm is a really good length to be working with to do the stitch. Regardless, make sure you see the MFM directly!

Sending you all my best, I have been in your shoes and it isn't easy.

Title: Re: 20 Weeks and 2.2cm
Post by: NickyRobe on February 05, 2018 at 06:02 AM
Thank you for your response and your story! It makes me feel so much better! I'm calling the doctor today to follow up with him and ask some questions.