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Title: Modified Bed Rest
Post by: Ksg23 on March 11, 2018 at 08:24 AM
Hi everyone, I am 34 weeks + 5 days today. Had been on strict bed rest since 20th week due to IC.
Now that I have reached the 34w mark, my doc has said that bed rest restrictions are lifted and I can start moving around in the house- walk to the kitchen, sit in the living room etc. but overall still take it lightly.
Due to the long bed rest, anyway my pelvic and groin area hurt a lot. Plus the joints have also become weak due to muscle atrophy.
I can’t do much movements and really scared. But I want to slowly gain some strength now for the delivery as well as my kids.
Can someone BTDT moms tell me how they made the transition and how much movements are ok?
Title: Re: Modified Bed Rest
Post by: EnglishRose23 on March 11, 2018 at 05:36 PM
Congrats on making it so far and getting some restrictions lifted! What fantastic news  ;D

My dr from last time would call this "couch-potato bedrest". My non-medical opinion: until you hit 37 weeks and you are ok with baby coming I would still try and keep the weight off your cervix, but definitely enjoy your meals at the table again, take slighter longer showers, split your time between bed and couch, let yourself get up to fetch a glass of water etc. I wouldn't try chores or cooking or anything remotely resembling exercise yet.

The muscle atrophy is hard to recover from, and it is unlikely you'll really make any progress with it until after your baby is born. My personal non-voluntary exercise program after extended bed-rest (and an emergency c-section) was 1 mile up a steep hill early every morning (to the NICU from the Ronald McDonald house) and the 1 mile down the same hill late at night for 10 weeks. That was enough to recondition my legs to the point where they didn't hurt anymore, but I would not recommend doing it as early as I did after a birth. For my upper body lifting my kid and carrying him round did the reconditioning, the difference is so extreme that he never seems to have gotten heavier to me, he's almost 4 now and I lift him as easily now as I did when he came home weighing 7lbs.

Best of luck to you!
Title: Re: Modified Bed Rest
Post by: Ksg23 on March 13, 2018 at 11:34 AM
Thank you! Yes have started sitting up for meals, but the pressure is so much on the pelvic and groin area that even in the couch I still lie down. But yes, definitely better than being confined to the bedroom and restricted to the bed.
I was planning to ask my doc more details however she is on leave and only back next Monday, so will wait till then.
Also, since you mentioned C-sec, wanted to know that how long did it take you to recover from that? I might have to opt for a csec due to bladde prolapse :( though my doc hasn’t confirmed yet. Hence checking that how long was the recovery period? Already have a toddler at home and have managed to stay off feet and all work thanks to my mother who literally shifted base only to take care of me. But after delivery it will be just hubby and me taking care of two kids!
Title: Re: Modified Bed Rest
Post by: EnglishRose23 on March 13, 2018 at 01:15 PM
To answer your question on the c-section, my experience with it was absolutely horrific but complicated by a number of things that aren't typical: massive bloodloss from my abruption and the extra time it took me to get a transfusion definitely slowed down the healing and increased my initial pain perception, then the exercise it took to get me to the NICU each day also slowed down my healing. I have a ridiculous sensitivity to medication (even a child size does of painkillers makes me sleep all day) so I went med free for almost all the recovery too which I do not recommend. By the time my baby came home from the hospital (11 weeks later) I was still is as much pain as the first week. It got a little better by 4 months, but extensive pain continued for about 6 months altogether, and unfortunately my endometriosis got into the scar when it was healing, so my scar swells up and gets super painful with my cycles even after all this time. The only positive I can say about it is for vanity, my scar is barely noticeable when it's not swollen.

If I get any choice about my delivery method there is no way I would do another c-section. Unfortunately it's not often a choice, I would suggest reading up on more positive experiences than mine; I think 6 weeks is more typical for a recovery so if it's possible arrange extra help for yourself during that time because if you don't rest and let it heal the healing can take a long long time.

Consider a c-section recovery in your nursery setup, bending will be particular difficult so changing table instead of a pad on the floor helps, and a high bassinet like the halo instead of starting baby in a crib helps too. Make sure for your post-partum wardrobe you have some empire waist dresses and high waisted underwear, anything that puts even the slightest pressure on your scar will be uncomfortable.
Title: Re: Modified Bed Rest
Post by: SamRose on March 14, 2018 at 12:44 AM

I’m home recovering from my c-section that I just had last Wednesday.

This is my first baby so I don’t have another child to take care of while recovering.

The only restriction that I have that is different from a vaginal birth is that I can’t lift anything heavier then my baby.

I’ve been able to be up and around since the day after my surgery. They encourage you to walk and it helps with recovery.

Bending ranges from uncomfortable to slightly painful depending on how long it’s been since I took my last pain medication.

Gas is an issue due in part to the gas that gets trapped inside you during surgery and also from the constipation you experience post surgery.

Definitely take the suppository if they offer you one at the hospital, it helps so much!!! Then take stool softeners to keep things moving.

I’m day 6 post surgery and I’ve been able to get things done around the house as much as I can with a newborn.

At my hospital they put a binder around your abdomen. It’s basically a girdle, but it helps with your posture, taking some pressure off your wound. It also holds everything together and has been found to aid in healing. I take it off once a day, usually after eating to enjoy a little freedom.

As of right now, I wouldn’t have an issue having another c-section in the future. Recovery is suppose to be 6 far so good with week 1 coming to a close.

Title: Re: Modified Bed Rest
Post by: Ksg23 on March 14, 2018 at 12:56 PM
@EnglishRose: Wow! you seemed to have had quite a difficult time! can imagine how it would have been coupled with the NICU visits. But am glad that all that is over.... Thanks for your suggestions on the wardrobe, had never thought about that at all. I was thinking only of PJs and T-shirts, but will look for night dresses since they will be easy to wear!

@SamRose: thank you! how are you and the little one doing? yes, i too plan to start walking, getting on with regular schedule as soon as possible. Good to know that holding the baby wont be a problem. I was thinking that I wont be able to life my LO as well, but this is a great relief!  :)