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Title: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on March 12, 2018 at 12:17 PM
Here's a doozy:

We recently lost our first child due to IC at 24 weeks and became pregnant again after our first cycle.

This has been an incredibly anxious pregnancy as a result.  I had a preventative cerclage at 13+5 and take daily progesterone suppositories (200mg).

I just came back from an elective ultrasound at 16 weeks. During this ultrasound, they found that my cervix had shortened to 2.4cm. I had a cerclage placed at 14 weeks, and it is sitting at 2cm on the cervix - it looks like a strong stitch with good placement.

They discovered during the vaginal ultrasound that I was having a contraction, and this may have influenced the cervix measurement (I'm hoping that because the contraction was low, it was the cause of a shortened cervix, but I have no medical info to back that up).  The tech told me that painless contractions are usual for many women during pregnancy and not to worry.  She was hoping that the contraction would resolve before the end of the exam, but it didn't. 

In addition to this, the US tech thought she saw funnelling through the contraction, leaving only .4cm between the stitch and the end of my cervix. The doctor said she didn't see any funnelling. Again, not sure what to think. How can two experienced professionals see two completely different things?

All of this has left me me anxiously wondering why I would have such a long contraction and whether or not it was in fact impacting my cervical length and whether I am funnelling and if I should take additional precautions.

Finally, and scariest of all, is that they found "sludge" in the intrauterine sac. This puts me at a higher risk of infection. Infection in the intrauterine sac means immediate delivery. They tried to reassure me that "sludge" is common with women with IC, and that it doesn't guarantee infection, it just increases the risk.

My mad Google online research has resulted in 2 findings:

1.  Women with short cervix and presence of sludge have a 50% chance of delivery prior to 24 weeks (2007 study).

2.  Age of gestation for women with cerclage is not impacted by the presence of sludge  (2010 study).

Has anybody else had a preventative cerclage and found out later that there is sludge in the amniotic fluid?  What were your outcomes?
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage
Post by: EnglishRose23 on March 12, 2018 at 06:53 PM
Hi Lauren,

I can't be much help to since my complications are quite different, but my heart goes out to you, that is so soon after a devastating loss to be dealing with a high-risk pregnancy. Given your ultrasound results I would try and seen by your dr for another ultrasound again as soon as possible, they will probably be able to get a much clearer idea of what's going on with your cervix if they do a scan when you aren't having contractions (I'm guessing braxton-hicks since you weren't feeling them?). The sludge does sound terrifying, are you already seeing a high-risk ob (mfm)? On bedrest? So many doctors don't prescribe bedrest anymore, but don't be afraid to make that decision for yourself if it will give you any peace of mind.
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on March 14, 2018 at 11:45 AM
Ended up in ER last night after a gush of clear fluid after inserting progesterone suppositories.
Was concerned that it was amniotic fluid, as this was something the doctor told me to look for.
Luckily, everything came back negative, and baby is still doing just fine.

Will be following up with an MFM ultrasound this afternoon. Fingers crossed for good news - stable cervix and no funnelling would be awesome!
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: OBmom on March 14, 2018 at 03:35 PM
Hey Lauren,

How are you feeling today?
In general, any fluid that drips to the floor if you are standing and have no underwear on is a good reason to go to the ER. That being said, good news that everything checked out. I'd say your discharge can be just a reaction the progesterone. Keep it up anyway, there's a recent and major article saying it reduces preterm birth.

Regarding your scan, funneling is a dynamic event and can be an on-and-off phenomenon depending on whether your uterus is contracting. So no wonder the doc and tech may have seen different things. What I don't agree with is the "normal" contractions part. There are no "normal" contractions this early in second trimester, painful or no.
And don't give up hope just yet, sludge is kind of tricky to diagnose and doesn't always mean infection. Especially if there is no PPROM. It's a sign of a fragile cervix, but you knew that already so..

Please let us know about your ultrasoud today. Hope everything goes well.
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on March 14, 2018 at 05:42 PM
Back from the ultrasound.

Baby looks good.

Amniotic levels are perfect, so they really don't think that the membranes ruptured last night.

Cervix has shortened again. I think she said 1.7 or 1.9, but I can't remember.  It was definitely lower than 2cm.  I'm feeling disheartened by the change in length.  However, the doctor said that she's not worried about the length at all because that's not the best predictor of a loss, especially with the cerclage. What is a good predictor is whether or not it's closed. Currently the cervix is closed. So that's good.

The sludge is still there. It still puts me at higher risk. There's still nothing they can do about it.

There was another "contraction" today in the exact same place as it was on Thursday.  Again, there was no concern.  It seems to me when looking at the ultrasound that the contraction is "pinching" off the part of the cervix that has the sludge.  Hopefully it doesn't pinch too hard and rupture the membranes!

US doctor thinks that it's a good idea that I still continue to take it easy and not to return to work at this point.  I have a follow up with my OB tomorrow and another ultrasound booked for Monday.

@OBmom - thank you for your words of wisdom and support.  I really appreciate it, especially regarding the sludge.  Worried about your take on the contractions and will be asking my OB tomorrow if there is anything that we can do to relax the muscles.
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on March 15, 2018 at 06:34 PM
OB follow up:

The doctor said that he is not concerned about the cervix length - it is open to the stitch, but the cerclage is doing its job and he cervix is closed. There was no funneling seen, which would have been more concerning.
2 doctors and 1 tech have now said no funnelling, so that's good.

He also said further ultrasounds are not needed until the one on the 29th because our course of action will not change.

He said that sludge is rare and there isn't a lot of research. He thinks that it could potentially be from bleeding at 8 weeks when I spotted for a couple of days. So, he hasn't ruled out infection, but just said that the spotting earlier on could be the cause of the sludge - apparently it takes a long time for the blood to dissolve if it's being carried in the sac.

That being said, my OB gave me a RX for antibiotics to help with the sludge, just in case (although there doesn't seem to be that much research out there to support the benefits of antibiotics, I'm glad that we're doing what we can).

He is not worried about the contraction at all and says that it's absolutely normal and expected.  He did not want to prescribe any sort of medication to help restrict contractions because they are not related to labour and do not pose a risk to this pregnancy. He is the 4th doctor/tech to say that, so I'm going to try to drop that from my worries.

Finally, I asked him if we need to prepare for another loss. He said at this time, no. He reiterated that it's a possibility, but he thinks we are more likely to be successful than not, but as I knew before I got pregnant after our first loss, pregnancy doesn't guarantee a baby, and I am at high risk.  So... yeah.

He hesitantly admitted that if we lose this child/decide to try again, that he would do the transabdominal cerclage, which is highly frustrating because that's what I wanted with this one. I was told that they don't perform TAC in Canada until you have experience a loss with a TVC.  It breaks my heart to think that if we lose another healthy child, it's because we didn't have that surgery.

Anyways, I'm off work until the end of pregnancy.  Only 23 weeks left to go...

Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on March 23, 2018 at 10:34 AM
Down to 1.3cm, funnelled to the stitch.
Having a pessary placed this morning at 10am as a last ditch effort.  Best case scenario is that things will stabilize.
Doctors seems less reassuring about a positive outcome with these developments so early  :'(
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: OBmom on March 23, 2018 at 11:45 AM
Hi Lauren.

So sorry to hear about your development with the cervix shortening. Still, if your stitch is holding up, that's pretty good news.
Also good that you're placing the pessary (I have one too, it's been in for 6 weeks now. Also had one for my first pregnancy, and I am totally convinced it was what held my cervix  - only had 0.8cm then). Any help you can get is good.

I've told other moms on the forum before: where I work, we only admit for in-patient surveillance moms with a cerclage and CL less than 5mm. Everyone else is allowed to stay at home on modified bed rest.

I know it feels like it's a long and hard road ahead, but try and divide up your goals. In 2 weeks time you should be able to check your baby head to bottom in the anatomy scan, and knowing he/she is healthy will go a long way towards lifting your spirits. The fact you caught things early on in this pregnancy gives you the advantage in dealing with the insufficiency - you have options.

How are the contractions by the way?? Do you feel any at all?
And one last thing: are you on magnesium supplements? It's completely unproven but still, most OB doctors here in Portugal recommend them for uterine irritability.

#GoTeamPessary! :)
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on March 23, 2018 at 02:58 PM
@OBmom - do you also have a cerclage with the pessary?

I don't feel any of the contractions, so that's a good sign.  Nobody seems to think that I'm in preterm labour. 
I'm on 500mg of magnesium every day.  It gives me looser stools, but I figure that's not a bad thing - no straining for me! lol

The sludge is way at the bottom of the cervix, basically sitting against the stitch. It's like my body is trying to get it as far from the baby as possible.

My favourite OB placed by pessary today.  He reminded me that the stitch is doing its job - cervix is still closed, and there is still some length (my new mantra).

I feel so much better with this bit of reassurance and the added support of the pessary.

Hoping I can breathe a little easier until our next appointment - the anatomy scan at 20 weeks.

I may have found a new calling in life: medical researcher for women with cervical insufficiency. 
How can there be so little data on something that impacts so many women???

Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: OBmom on March 24, 2018 at 05:51 AM
I don't have a cerclage. At the beginning of this pregnancy I didn't meet the criteria for preventative cerclage placement (meaning I had only 1 previous PTB, without the characteristic history of cervical insufficiency). If I went for a third pregancy it would be a different story, because I would then have 2 previous threatened PTB at 28 and then 23 weeks - I would probably get a cerclage then around 15-16 weeks, just for prevention. Right now I'm just hoping really hard for a happy healthy baby, 'cause I don't think I want to sign up for all this stress again.

In my case, this time we were already checking for short cervix every 2-3 weeks. I was diagnosed at 23w with an 18mm cervix, and we thought it was risky doing a cerclage because of the higher risk of PPROM after the intervention. So we placed a pessary - it worked wonders the first time around. 

The fact that you don't feel any contractions but the cervix is still shortening is highly suggestive of cervical insufficiency. I totally agree with your OB, the cerclage is still doing it's job and keeping the cervix closed. What the pessary does is slightly different - it gives structural support and changes the angle of the cervical canal, so as to take pressure from the internal opening. So cerclage + pessary + progesterone is definitely a winning combo for you, though it may be a bit too much for everyone else's case.

One more thing -  don't freak out if the pessary increases your discharge. It's called "foreign body reaction" and you may feel tiny drops all day long, and it can be clear fluid, and it can be pretty darn scary. Keep in mind that PPROM at this stage tends to be one big gush of fluid (like "waking up soaked").

Sorry for the long post. I am totally supportive of your new career choice :) Because of my career choice I do have some literature on this, let me know if you need any more info.
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on April 27, 2018 at 10:25 AM
Hi all!

I woke up yesterday morning feeling hopeful and optimistic.  We finally reached 23 weeks.

This was a big deal because we had a growth scan scheduled as well as a meeting with a neonatologist to discuss our plan moving forward for the next 2 weeks.

Baby continues to look perfect on the ultrasound, meeting all of the growth goals, which is wonderful.

The pessary and cerclage continue to do their job - cervix is stable and closed.  Not sure of the measurement because I asked not to be told specifics.  Knowing that it's doing what it needs to do is good enough for me.  I was told that it's highly unlikely that we will go into labour due to incompetent cervix prior to our next ultrasound in 2 weeks.

I have declined further vaginal ultrasounds due to the fact that they will likely be inaccurate with all of the interventions that we have in place PLUS my OBs feel that nothing that we will find will change the management of my complications.  So, to me, it's not worth the anxiety or the risk.  So, we can assume that the sludge is still there, but that it so far hasn't amounted to anything.

I should be over the moon, but honestly, I'm terrified.

At my appointment, we were reminded that we are at high risk for PPROM due to being funnelled to the stitch.  My OB would like us to undergo steroid shots at 24 weeks to be on the safe side, as she feels that if labour strikes, it'll go quickly (this is based on our previous history).

This, of course, has now set me on high alert for any discharge.  With having both a cerclage and a pessary, discharge is inevitable, so of course, anytime I feel anything, I head into panic mode.

We are also struggling with the use of steroids at 24 weeks.  We know they are most effective when given a within a week prior to birth and it scares the living daylights out of me that our OB feels strongly enough that we will need the shots so early.  I'm desperate to keep cooking!  I'm also terrified of "wasting" out most effective chance at using the steroids before labour is imminent.  I don't know what the right choice is for steroid use, I want to give this little one the best chance at a healthy life.

Does anybody have stories of being funnelled to the stitch?  How far did you make it?

If you had PPROM, how did you know whether it was a slow leak or if it was discharge?

If you had a 24 weeker with the full dose of steroid shots, how did they fare in the long run?
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: jmomma on April 27, 2018 at 03:43 PM
Oh Lauren, I'm so sorry for all you've gone through, but very happy you've made it this far. I'll be keeping you and baby in my prayers, I can't imagine all the stress you're dealing with, but it does sound like your doctors are on top of your care!

I had PROM at 34 weeks with my second. I had quite a bit of discharge the whole pregnancy, but earlier in the day that I went into labor, it was more watery and more frequent. Then at on point I shifted on the couch and it was definitely a bigger than normal gush and I just knew. It was the 2nd time my water broke (it broke on it's own with my first too) and for me, when I pee, I can't stop it, so that's also how I know it's different. It just keeps leaking despite tightening up to stop peeing. The 2nd time around it wasn't as much as the first time (with my first it leaked on the floor and was soaking a pad), but it was much more noticeable than discharge.
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: EnglishRose23 on April 27, 2018 at 04:50 PM
Hi Lauren,

First of all yay for being stable and baby growing well!

For the steriods ask your dr if they will repeat them if you end up going into labor after the 2-7 day window of maximum effectiveness has passed. This is what ended up happening with my son, I got steriods at 24 weeks because they were sure I was going to deliver that night but I ended up holding out to 28+6 and had the steriods repeated the day before he was born.

For PPROM I've done it both ways, my son it all came out at once and soaked my hospital bed so there was no mistaking what had happened. With my daughter I had a slow leak over the course of a day, my initial reaction to the small gush of fluid was "oh great now I'm wetting myself" and I put a pad in to protect my undies and got on with my day, but feeling more small gushes and changing my pad a few times I began to worry it wasn't urine. By the time I got to the hospital I had no fluids left at 21+6. I feel like the difference between that and regular discharge is discharge feels like more of a slow dribble and a very light pantyliner is enough to catch it, amniotic fluid is much more watery and comes out in a sudden gush even if it's not a large amount. On hospital bedrest after I PPROMD it was very apparent every time I sat up or stood up the tsp or so i'd reaccumulated while laying down would just fall right out.

Even knowing all this I still second guess every bit of discharge and always ask them to check my amniotic fluid levels when i'm in for an ultrasound.

For more info parenting a micropreemie through their NICU stay and beyond I highly recommend the book "preemies the second edition" I found it very useful during my sons NICU stay and it has the various statistics for survival and disability odds at various stages. We did lose our daughter born at 24+1 after a full round of steriods at 23 weeks but losing her fluids so early really tipped the odds against her. I've heard that a complete round of steriods buys you an equivalent of an extra week gestation for lung development. Not sure what you are having but stats are also better for girls than boys.

Hope the steriods end up just being a precaution and you keep cooking a while longer :) We are right there with you, celebrating reaching 24 weeks on monday with a cake  ;D
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: OBmom on April 28, 2018 at 04:34 AM
Hey Lauren.

Such great news making it to 23 weeks with a stable cervix!
From a personal point of view - as you know, this is my second pregnancy with a pessary. It does increase your discharge which can be watery and fluid. It's scary, and even with my experience, it can be hard to tell between discharge and AF. Everyday I have to put on my warrior face and say to myself (and him) "This is not it". As long as a light panty liner catches it, you're on the safe side. If it goes through panty liners or soaks underwear / pants / sheets then definitely go in for a check-up.

From a professional point of view - it's hard for me to give a recommendation without knowing the exact measurement. But if your doctors are that confident you're unlikely to go into labor in the next 2 weeks, then that's a really good sign. Even more so if you're completely without symptoms.
This is such a personal decision. Steroids are definitely your best shot at helping the baby's lungs (respiratory problems being the no.1 complication with micro preemies). However, they can have quite an impact on brain circulation - some neonatologists are starting to raise the concern for intracranial bleeds associated with steroids. So yes, we have to nail the right time to go ahead. I faced this dilemma at 23w + 5d with an 18mm cervix. They placed the pessary and asked if we wanted to go ahead with steroids. We declined, but only because: 1) I felt no symptoms of PTL, 2) I thought I could judge if things changed and 3) I live pretty close to the MFM centre.
EnglishRose is also right when she says you can have multiple courses of steroids. In high-risk women we sometimes do one cycle at 24 weeks (the just-in-case scenario) and then a rescue-cycle if they go into PTL and more than 4 weeks have passed.

The best advice I can offer is talk this through with your doctor. Do you trust her? What is her concern exactly, are your membranes bulging past the stitch? If you can deal with the anxiety, how about reevaluating at 25 weeks as they suggested? Of course, this is only valid in stable clinical conditions - modified bed rest, feeling no pelvic pressure, no bleeding, etc..

Fingers crossed so hard for you and your baby! Let us know how you decide, I'm sure there are other moms out there dealing with the same issues.
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on May 03, 2018 at 07:35 PM
We made it to 24 weeks!!!

I feel so relieved that this day has arrived - there were so many times in this journey that I didn't think that we'd make it to this milestone.  Baby celebrated today by moving continuously and putting on a show for everybody.  This is the first time my mom has been able to feel a child in my womb.  Pretty incredible.

We decided to go ahead with the steroids and will to another emergency dose should labour start prior to term.

Feeling optimistic and hopeful for the first time this pregnancy!!!
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on May 25, 2018 at 10:38 AM

We had an ultrasound yesterday and were able to see so many details.

The tech was able to show us that baby already has visible eyelashes. She said that normally she only sees this with cultures that are known to have long eyelashes and that this baby must have gorgeous eyes. How cute is that???

We also saw baby open it’s eyes, saw its lungs expanding as it practiced breathing, and saw the corpus colossum and evidence of neurological activity. In a proud mom moment, the tech took a picture of the brain activity to use for educational purposes as she said she rarely gets to see such great evidence of this (I’m beaming).

Immediately after the ultrasound I went to the bathroom. When I wiped, I noticed a small amount of mucusy discharge which looks alarmingly similar to the discharge I had when we lost our first child and was diagnosed with incompetent cervix.

We rushed to L&D where I began to have pretty intense BH contractions that were picked up on the monitor.

They removed my pessary and I was given a speculum exam to ensure waters hadn’t broken. Luckily, the test came back negative.

When they removed the speculum there was a lot of mucus streaked with some blood.

I freaked out, thinking it was bloody show, but was reassured that my cervix was closed and was stable, measuring the same length as it has been since 18 weeks. They repeated the digital test several hours later with no change.

I’m still feeling quite anxious. The digital exams were very rough. My regular OBs have been cautious about vaginal exams due to the precariousness of my situation.
When they reinserted my pessary, it was also not very gentle (my hospital doesn’t usually do pessaries for OB/IC patients, and my regular OB wasn’t available).

Since the ordeal, I have been feeling sharp tweaks in my cerclage and it feels irritated or dry down there. So worried that we aggravated the situation.

Baby is oblivious to all the trauma and is moving around like crazy.

27 weeks is so much better than with our first loss. I know we should feel lucky to have made it this far.

Still hoping for a healthy, happy, thriving, full-term baby!
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: EnglishRose23 on May 25, 2018 at 06:09 PM
Yay for the good ultrasound, hugs for the scare that followed. Have they sent you home or still keeping you in for observation?

I've made it a week further since my bloody show type mucous last Friday so doesn't necessarily mean things are starting up.

Hoping for many more weeks for you till you get to see those beautiful eyelashes in person!!
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on May 25, 2018 at 08:04 PM
I’m at home again as they felt labour was not imminent. I have been stable all day with no more concerning discharge. My OB called today and went over everything. She said that she’s not concerned about mucus, especially now that we know things are stable, and reviewed signs that I need to go to L&D (bright red blood, watery discharge that fills a pad, smelly or green discharge, painful contractions...).
Feeling much better after talking to her, but this is quite the ride.
On the plus side, we are getting closer and closer to full term. Only 10 weeks to go! Lol
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on June 14, 2018 at 09:00 PM
Well... we've made it to 30 weeks!
Baby looks ridiculously healthy on ultrasound and is in the 75% percentile for growth.  We have a great chance of our baby surviving and thriving!
Went to an OB visit today and was told that there's a good chance of making it to term, or close to it, pending infection.
Feeling good!
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Charlotte on June 14, 2018 at 09:09 PM
Great news Lauren and congrats on making it to 30 weeks! Keep us updated! I just love reading about everyone reaching these milestones. <3
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: EnglishRose23 on June 15, 2018 at 06:05 AM
Congratulations!  It must finally be hitting you that you will get to take this baby home, such an amazing feeling after a loss.

Hoping full term for you!! 75th percentile is awesome. Bigger preemies do better if you do end up with an early arrival.
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on July 05, 2018 at 06:24 PM
Hey all!

Got my pessary removed today and baby is moving like crazy.  I think it’s enjoying the new space that has been created. Cervix is closed, hard, and no tension is on the cerclage. Woot!

In addition to this we had an ultrasound and received more good news! Baby is almost 5lbs (4lbs13oz) and is doing so so so well. It is currently footling breech, which is no big surprise. If it stays this way, then it will be delivery by c-section, which we are both ok with.

Finally, we got a phone call from a midwife today who is willing to take me under her care! We were turned away early in our pregnancy due to the our high risk status. We are meeting on Monday to discuss what she can offer from this point forward. It’s been a good day!
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Lauren on July 13, 2018 at 12:58 AM
Our little Tommy was born on Tuesday at 5am via c-section at 33+5, weighing 5 pounds.

I woke up in the middle of the night as my waters broke and was transferred to the hospital via ambulance.  I began to contract immediately, 2 minutes apart.  Because baby was footling breech, vaginal delivery was out of the question.

We are happy to report that Tommy is ridiculously healthy and is a total rockstar in the NICU.  He currently requires no medical intervention aside from a feeding tube, which he will use until he has enough stamina to breastfeed and get the required amount of nutrition.  He's well on his way and usually latches immediately.  I'm a little bit further behind and only producing about 1ml of colostrum when I pump.

If he continues on this path, Tommy will be released in 2 weeks time!

Anyways, we are absolutely THRILLED, in LOVE, and EXHAUSTED.

Good luck to all the other mama's out there!
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: Sri on July 13, 2018 at 08:24 AM
Congratulations Lauren!! Best wishes to Tommy as well! You've been very positive and inspiring, thanks.
Title: Re: Sludge/Contraction/Short Cervix/Preventative Cerclage - 16 weeks
Post by: EnglishRose23 on July 21, 2018 at 08:47 PM
I'm a little late seeing this, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! you did so great making it that far with him.  ;D