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Title: Not my first rodeo
Post by: bed bound and down on January 28, 2019 at 09:49 AM
Hello all.
I'm currently 22 weeks 4days, dialated to 1.5cm with a softening cervix. I'm on progesterone shots since I have a history of repeated miscarriage and preterm birth. Starting at  20 weeks I've been contracting steadily during the 3 days prior to my next shot being due. For now the progesterone seems to stop the contractions cold. Since I'm already contracting regularly it means I am not a candidate for a cerclage. It's nerve wracking because I know from experience where this can lead. I'm on modified bedrest, and activity seems to shorten the time between contractions. Right now I'm just trying to stay positive, take each day as it comes, and avoid the hospital if possible.

With my daughter (so far my only living child out of 6 pregnancies) I was diagnosed with a placental abruption at 7 weeks and placed on modified bedrest. After a few weeks the bleeding stopped and all was looking good until 25 weeks 3days when I woke up in a pool of blood. I was rushed to the hospital dialated to nearly 3cm. I spent the next month on strict hospital bed rest with catheterization for over half of it. It was so hard to go from being a super active, athletic person to being unable to even leave the bed to go to the bathroom. My daughter was born at 29 weeks 3 days, and required 2 1/2 months in the NICU. I was so thankful I was given that time to recover some of my strength as my muscles had atrophied at a rapid pace and for months it was hard for me to do basic tasks or navigate stairs. For the first week I needed assistance walking even short distances.

I remember this all vividly, and going into labor and delivery this time around to get checked out sent me into a panic attack. I never wanted to be pregnant again and part of me can't believe I'm here again. The only solace I have is that this pregnancy doesn't seem to be as dangerous to my health as my daughter's pregnancy was.

Well thats my story so far. Crossing my fingers for a happy ending.
Title: Re: Not my first rodeo
Post by: bed bound and down on February 07, 2019 at 08:38 PM
So I wasn't able to get a cervical ultrasound last week due to a scheduling snafu by the front desk, so I had one done today. Not great news. My cervix is only 1.6 cm long and I'm dialated to almost a 2. It also looks like I'm starting to funnel. I hit the 24 week mark tomorrow and have another appointment with the doc at 9am to see if I'll have to go into the hospital or not.

crossing my fingers
Title: Re: Not my first rodeo
Post by: tdgdeguz on February 08, 2019 at 06:44 PM
I’m so sorry for your losses and for what you’re going through. My first born daughter was stillborn at 20wks due to undetected IC in what they thought was caused bu infection. I had funnelled and dilated to 4cm and couldn’t put a stitch.

We are blessed to be pregnant again bit on our 20wk scan I saw my cervix change from being closed to open in the space of 4mins. I was admitted to hospital for a cerclage and then on bedrest with no progestrone as they said it didn’t work. I had no contractions but was monitored closely. I was discharged at 30wks and I am now 33wks + 4days on restricted activities at home.

I know how nerve wrecking it is, I tried to fill my days with activities I enjoyed doing journalling, arts and crafts and meditation.

I felt safer being at the hospital (as a private patient) with my midwives at a press of a button and my OB who was really attentive visiting me everyday to check in on me - it was reassuring.

You’re so close to 25wks and everyday counts, stay positive Mama I know its hard but you have come this far. All the best xoxo
Title: Re: Not my first rodeo
Post by: bed bound and down on February 09, 2019 at 01:46 AM
Thank you for your story, and kind words. I got a steroid shot and a few hours of monitoring in labor and delivery before they discharged me. I broke out my scrap book box today and realized I hadn't touched it since my daughter's discharge from the NICU. It was an odd feeling going through it all, but I'm more hopeful today then I was yesterday. Sometimes I just want to be normal and do totally normal pregnancy things. Then I remind myself this is my normal and I can survive it.
Title: Re: Not my first rodeo
Post by: Angela on February 09, 2019 at 01:32 PM
Hi, Bed Bound.

Brandi left this message for you on our Facebook page. She has a success story to share!

Brandi Leigh I was having Bh since 15 weeks and was on pelvic rest bc spotting early on . I finally got off pelvic rest and got put back on pelvic rest around 20 weeks or so. At 21 weeks check or so I had a short soft funneling cervix. At 22 weeks i was contraction with a super short cervix funneling and soft dialated 1. I went to hospital and was there on hospital bed rest and given meds to stop contractions and steroids for babies lungs. I got released to go home had to stop working and be on modified bedrest at home.

I literally did nothing I got up to potty and put stuff in microwave that's it. I have 2 kids at home was so hard bc it was summer and they were off school. I was on progesterone suppositories and nipheipine. I stayed modified bed rest and I took it very seriously mom gave me a recliner to put my feet up and all. I learned to like tv, which I hated before bc I am such an active person.

I stayed on bedrest and progesterone until 35 weeks. It was a long journey with lots of scarred and hospital visits but 37 weeks i was induced and delivered 2 healthy babies at 37+1.

Try not to stress drink tons of water and learn too be sitting on your butt to keep the baby safe and inside as long as possible. I didn't mention I was recovering from shoulder surgery a couple weeks I found out I was pregnant.
Title: Re: Not my first rodeo
Post by: bed bound and down on February 22, 2019 at 08:01 PM
Today's update;
YAY! I've made it to 26 weeks!
Unfortunately my cervix is down to .75cm and soft, but I haven't dialated past 2cm. I'm staying positive, even though I also received a positive fetal fibronectin test. At today's ultrasound they said size wise he's trending about a week ahead of of where he should be by estimated due date. I know size estimates have a definite margin of error, but it makes me hopefull.