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Title: First Time Mom with Hematoma
Post by: flickatodd on April 19, 2019 at 10:26 AM
Hey everybody,

I’m new here - I decided to join the forum for a little support, as I was just placed on bedrest this week after a pretty dramatic sequence of events that I’m still processing.

I’m 21+4 today. I had the big anatomy scan ultrasound right at 21wks (earlier this week), and my daughter and I were proclaimed fit as fiddles and in fantastic condition - everything looked perfect and just as it should be. I had been a little worried because I got pregnant amidst a kidney stone debacle and had been in the ER and pumped full of meds around the time I would have conceived, so it was a relief to know everything was fine and she looked good and I finally relaxed a little.

Literally 8 hours later, I got up to go to the bathroom and started bleeding like crazy. We went to the ER and I was taken to the labor and delivery floor of the hospital for monitoring. They did an ultrasound and fortunately my daughter looked just fine, but there was something weird going on with my placenta. The OB ended up having to call some maternal fetal specialists to figure out what was going on - it turned out I had a sizable hematoma in my uterus, so they transferred me to the antenatal unit at their main campus for further monitoring.

Once they had a chance to review the ultrasound from the previous morning and do a new one, they told me that the hematoma had caused the amniotic sac to separate from the uterine wall. And also the hematoma was pretty big - it started off at about 120cc and was down to 80 the following morning, but there was still a lot of clotting present on the ultrasound. They also diagnosed me with placenta previa, but largely because they couldn’t tell where the placenta ended and the hematoma began - either way, it’s covering my cervix. It hadn’t been classified as a previa on the ultrasound from the previous day.

So they put me on bedrest and told me to not work at least for the next 2-3 weeks/until the hematoma breaks up. Their concern is if I have another bleed into the space between the amniotic fluid and the uterine wall, that it would create too much pressure and rupture the sac. Or if the hematoma breaks up too quickly and my body expels it, that it could trigger labor.

I’ll be having weekly ultrasounds for them to monitor the hematoma and make sure everything is reducing as it should, and to keep an eye on the placenta situation. They’re all hopeful everything is going to clear up and go back to normal. But at this point, they’re primarily focused on getting me to at least 24-25 weeks so we have more options.

The whole thing was pretty scary. To have been told in the morning that everything looked great and then later that night have things go so sideways was jarring. We’re pretty rattled. Especially since none of us even knew that this was a potential pregnancy complication - it surprised the hell out of my parents and stepmother, all of whom are in medicine.

The GOOD news is that I have an extra long cervix (lol) and my daughter is doing GREAT. She has been helping me out by punching and kicking the crap out of the hematoma, which is helping break it up. I’m very grateful she’s an active little thing - it was sort of an amusing joke before that she’s a busybody... but I’m so, so happy she is because I’m constantly being reminded she’s doing just fine.

Anyway, so here I am for at least the next month or so..! Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly with the resolution of the hematoma.
Title: Re: First Time Mom with Hematoma
Post by: Angela on April 25, 2019 at 12:57 PM
Hi, Flickatodd! I'm sorry I'm just now responding. I was away with my husband and my two bedrest kiddos. What a scary situation you're going through. How have things been this past week? I'm relieved to hear you will be having weekly ultrasounds. I hope that will give you some reassurance. Sending positive thoughts your way!
Title: Re: First Time Mom with Hematoma
Post by: Mkuz on June 17, 2019 at 08:25 AM
In a similar boat at 15 weeks. Let’s go for the win, team hematoma!
Title: Re: First Time Mom with Hematoma
Post by: Angela on July 02, 2019 at 08:49 PM
How are you ladies coming along?