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Title: STM- 1.1cm cervix at 25 weeks
Post by: ShirazVino on June 23, 2019 at 08:16 AM
Hi all.sorry for the long post.
I was initially diagnosed with short funneling cervix 1.5cm at my 20 weeks scan.Then it increased to
2.2 cm with no funnelling -20 weeks 3 days
2.7 cm no funneling - 21 weeks 3 days

So actually confident n happy with this increase but the length actually fell from 2.7cm to 1.1cm in 4 weeks on 25 weeks(Friday) .i just had steroid shots for the baby today cos my FFN tear also came back positive at 59 (8% of going into labour in the next 2 weeks)
i m so scared and trying to be positive.Everything sounds scary and my first pregnancy was textbook no complications.and I gave birth to my daughter at 38 weeks and she weighed 3.08 kgs.Now with my second baby,since cerclage is off the table I have been reading about Arabin pessary as an alternative.But info abt it is very limited here in Australia.I live in Sydney.I would love to know more abt the Arabin pessary, how to order it, the right dimension for me and last question(any Aussie mom can help me with this) any OB or doctors in Sydney or Australia actually encouraging Arabin pessary or any similar cervical pessary.Any information would be very helpful.Thank you so much.
Title: Re: STM- 1.1cm cervix at 25 weeks
Post by: Karla on June 26, 2019 at 06:53 AM
I’m sorry to hear your in such an anxious situation. I myself had an emergency cerclage at 22 weeks. I am based in Canberra and have had many discussions with the two obs in charge of my care about women having great success with pegestsrone pessaries on their own. I have been on them myself 12 weeks since my op and believe they have really made a difference. There is a fair bit of research out there about there effects. Wishing you the very best and that Bub stays put as long as possible x