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: New Here. Short cervix, no cerclage
: Becca May 28, 2020 at 09:52 AM
Hey everyone! I’m so thankful to have found this forum so I can read other stories and hopefully get some encouragement. It was found at my anatomy scan that I had a short cervix. My doctor prescribed vaginal progestwrone and I returned in a week for another measurement. I was at 2.7cm which he said he was very happy with. Well I went back again the following week for another measurement and I was down to 1.9 cm. At that point I was 24 weeks so it was too late for a cerclage. I went home that night full of anxiety and thought I was feeling a lot of pressure. My doctor had me go in and have another measurement. 1.4cm! I was admitted and received steroids and released after three days for bed rest at home. I Was told if it continues to shorten I will need to be admitted for the remainder of my pregnancy. I would stay in hospital for months if it means baby girl won’t be born a micropreemie.  Has anyone else experienced a short cervix and how long did you make it before you delivered? I have another appointment today for a measurement and I’m so hoping it’s good. I’m 25 and 1 today.
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: Majickyl84 June 02, 2020 at 10:47 AM
Hi Becca!

I'm new here too, and I'm with you. It's been more helpful to read these stories than anything else!

My sister was in a similar situation as you with her first.  She was diagnosed at 19 weeks with an incompetent cervix - her membranes were already bulging and no one in the region would do a cerclage in her situation.  She made it 5 more weeks and had her little girl at 24-5. It was a long time in the NICU but she's a healthy girl with only minor sequelae from her ordeal... and you're already past that, with more cervix to go!

It seems to run in my family, I was 25 mm at 21 weeks, given progesterone and told come back for another scan in a week.  Doc was not terribly concerned but I brought up a cerclage immediately, knowing from my sister's experience that time was not on my side and not wanting him to drag his feet on this.

At the next scan just 6 days later I was at 9mm (baby was vertex in that one). My doctor scheduled a cerclage for the following Friday (2 days) and sent me to MFM.  MFM couldn't see me until the same time as the surgery, so he said go with them.  He knew I was a bit of a complicated patient for anesthesia and MFM is at a better hospital with a better anesthesia team, and the MFM team does more cerclages than he does.

At my MFM consult Friday morning I was 15mm (baby was breech in this one) with funneling, soft cervix, and beginning to dilate but not quite a cm.  I had a cerclage that evening, once the c-sections (like 10 of them!) were all done. 

That was this past Friday, and I've been recovering since.

I'm so thankful the timing worked out the way it did and I was short enough that it was indicated, long enough that they had tissue to work with, and had already failed progesterone treatment by 22 weeks.  I'm lucky in that respect... all the stars aligned.  Now it's countdown to viability, and then not-micro, then.... so on.

Being just short of the line like you is the worst!  Maybe you can ask about a pessary?  Have faith, a lot of women here extended their pregnancies plenty by just bed rest, and if they are willing to keep you in hospital for that rest it's great... they can act quickly to stop contractions if they need to.  If you make it 5 weeks like my sis did (and she was starting from further effaced and dilated than you are), you'll be 30 weeks!  Sure that's a bit early, but her chances are great then.  She's already viable (I'm so looking forward to when I can say my LO is viable!)  and every day she's getting stronger. 
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: Becca June 06, 2020 at 08:28 PM
Thanks for your response!  How are you doing?  I had to be readmitted after my appointment on 5/28. Cervix was .7cm. I had another cervical length the next week and it was still .7cm so that’s good at least it didn’t change! I’m on day ten of being in the hospital and I do feel better being here, but the not knowing a timeline is the hardest part. I’m just hoping my next measurement this coming Wednesday is good!  Thinking of you and your little one too!!
: Re: New Here. Short cervix, no cerclage
: Majickyl84 June 10, 2020 at 11:26 AM
Glad to hear your little girl is still cooking, at least as of last week! 

My little boy is getting stronger and seems to have developed a knack for kicking me right in the stitch.... lol.  It hurts but I will take it!  I've really been home resting.  Not on bed rest but told to "take it easy, don't stand or walk too much, and sit reclined when possible."  So I've been knitting (better than I remember being able to, fortunately!) and occassionally puttering about the house.  I'm starting to get a little stir crazy but considering my restrictions are pretty mild, I can't really complain.  My only stress is talking off work now means I'll have to go back earlier after he is born, so sometimes I think I should try to go back sooner rather than later, but I want to be sure he's born healthy!  I'm 23-4 today, so closing in on viability at least.

I haven't had my length measured since the stitch was placed, but I'll be going in tomorrow for that.  Hopefully all is holding well.  I certainly feel like he's more secure than I did before (I wasn't sure about the pressure, but looking back it was definitely a thing).

Hope you're still doing well and your cervix is holding!