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Title: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: Angela on December 27, 2010 at 08:07 AM
I wanted to share a quote with everyone that I read this weekend in the book Everyday Sacred ( by Sue Bender:

Miracles come after a lot of hard work.

Read it again. Then take a moment to think about the amazing job you are doing as a mom on bedrest. Feel proud. And now tell us about your miracle-in-progress! How many weeks are you? How are you feeling? Any appointments coming up? What will you be looking forward to this week?

Keep 'Em Cookin', mamas!

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Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: JacErnst on December 27, 2010 at 11:53 AM
Still cooking away.

we're 27 weeks 4 days today! and 9 weeks away from March 1st - which is our goal.
We get to see Mr Grayson again this week, tomorrow actually. My DH has an appt at the hospital in Hamilton, so my mom is going to take me this week. Then off to the Doctors on Wednesday for another check up.
Still waiting to hear from Hamilton about our next appt there. I think they're waiting for the results of our ultrasound tomorrow to see how to proceed and how or if things have changed in the last 2 weeks.

DH is finishing the nursery today with his mom and step dad. I got kicked out of the house and sent to my mom's for the day so they could paint. but then we're all done!! and ready for Gray to be here whenever.

9 weeks! 5 weeks almost done - only 9 more to go.
blessings girls - we can do it!
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: lynsrich on December 27, 2010 at 01:02 PM
Still positively cookin at 33 weeks!  I have been on bedrest for two months now.  We have a check up tomorrow.  I can't wait, that is the only time I get to leave the house per my doctor.

I am having some pain in my stomach that I have never had before, I wonder if it is from belly starting to drop.  I don't have tightening so I don't think it is contractions.  It is not a really bad pain, it is more of an awkward feeling pain.

I can't wait to see Paisli, so far, I know she has black hair, her daddy's cheeks and my chin.  4D ultrasounds are the best!

I send hugs and best wishes to all the ladies out there!
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: pillowqueen on December 27, 2010 at 05:37 PM
Merry Christmas Everyone!

I got the best present - today I am 36+6 so tomorrow i am officially fullterm!!! I am so excited to have made it this far considering I have been expecting PTL since 20 weeks due to a short cervix, was hospitalized briefly at 24, almost hospitalized again at 30 weeks with enough worry to get steriods and 16 weeks of bed rest later I am finally here. For all of you ladies still cooking, particularly with a short cervix (and in my case no cerclage), I hope my story gives you hope and inspiration.

I had a good Christmas. It was quite relaxing (re: no stress) considering I had low expectations due to my BR limits. I think it's something I will carry forward to future holidays bedrest or not. I have increased my activity progressively over the last week but wasn't as active the last few days due to a bad cold. I tell you that it's something to spend such a long time not being able to get up and then finally being able to but not wanting to due to feeling so wretched! I am much better today and went to the mall and walked around for hours - didn't even buy anything (most shops are clothing stores which are pretty pointless at the moment and I already have tons of baby stuff). My hips are killing me but it's a great feeling.

I think I've gotten a bit spoiled though over the past 4 months. I have done the dishes twice in the last few days but I think it's going to be hard to get back into the full cooking/cleaning/laundry mode when everyone else was doing it for me - isn't that terrible ladies, I feel so cheeky. I know I am still pretty tired and after giving birth that won't change but I no longer have an excuse not to tidy up after myself!!! Though it's been great not having to worry about getting up and moving about, even things like sitting up is such a freedom. I drove today and it was so nice not to have to recline my seat. I used to have ration my actvity and space it out it feels a bit odd to not have to think about those kinds of things anymore.

As for the week ahead I have a midwife appointment tomorrow and looking forward to getting out and about more this week. I sort of want the baby to come in 2010 just so it can start school a year earlier (a bit selfish of me in a way but considering I am likely to need to be on bedrest my next preganacy finacially it makes more sense for us if we don't have to pay for daycare) Either way the baby's 'cooked' so I am really happy. I know my partner is happy cause I am also no longer on pelvic rest and this may be his last chance to get some loving before the baby comes and he's got to wait again!!! Poor man's been waiting for 4 months and having to do so much and more for me on top of that. He's really been such a gem.

I'd like to thank all of you ladies for all of your support. I really don't think I could have done this without this forum. Having a place to share experiences, fears and worries made it so much easier to deal with the whole bedrest which keep me pretty positive and stress-free which I think was crucial to getting me this far. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

I'll keep you posted and will send positive energy to all of you still cooking. You can do it, I know you can.
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: JacErnst on December 27, 2010 at 07:44 PM
Christine!! So excited for you!! You have to post pictures and let us know how it goes.

I hear you on the hubby having to wait. I'm just hoping that he can have a good birthday in May lol!!

We're praying for you and the little one. So excited that you made it to term! gives us all a positive story to concentrate on.

blessings Bella!

Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: 122910 on December 27, 2010 at 09:22 PM
39 weeks and 5 days and still pregnant!!! 
(barely, I swear, I was so so exhausted today at work and left in tears, I got back on my "bedrest" as soon as I got home!! even eating lying flat like I use to).

I'll see the OB this Wednesday if still pregnant (For my 40 week visit) and they will likely schedule an induction for early next week (they donj't like going beyond 41 weeks) so the end is in sight!

I've actually been happy to still be pregnant as I am the only income earner and after 11 weeks away from work on strict bedrest, we really needed some income before going out on maternity leave again...  Days like today though remind me that my body still isn't back to where it once was and I need to take it easy so I don't exhaust myself...

Congratulations to JacErnst on being over 27 weeks along!!! Every day counts and you're doing a great job keeping your little one safe and sound!

@ lynsrich: that is so cool that you know Paisli's hair color!! 4D is one small perk of all the frequent ultrasounds, huh?  (there have to be some perks given what all bedrest mamas have to go through)

@ Pillowqueen: Congratulations on making it to full term!!! Here's hoping for a fast, easy and safe delivery!  Since I'm trying to stay pregnant, I still haven't gone off "pelvic rest" but once I hit 40 weeks, my hubby and I are hoping it'll help avoid induction!!  I totally understand that feeling of "selfishness" since I want my Little one to stay in a little longer to give us a little more income! 

Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: tntmom on December 28, 2010 at 12:43 AM
Haven't been online much with the holidays and all. I'm still not on bed rest yet, now at 25+2 weeks. Having a cervical check on Jan 5th and depending on the results will either be on bed rest then or at my following appointment where I will be 28 weeks. Since we never figured out why my first pregnancy ended early I don't think my OB knows exactly what to do. I will also start the FFN's at 28 weeks.

I've been getting the 17P injections which seem to be helping considerably. I think I may have over did it a bit with the holidays. Not used to spending so much time on my feet. I have admittedly been taking it easy for the past month or so....leaving a lot of the lifting (laundry, shoveling, etc...) to my husband. Knock on wood though I'm physically still feeling well.

Very excited to see some momma's making it to term!! That's awesome and is really giving me hope!  ;D
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: Ems on December 28, 2010 at 04:13 AM
Hello there to all you clever incubating mummy's.  Isnt life fabulous  ;D  Today I am 38 weeks and one day.  To me that sounds crazy.  I am feeling better than ever and cant believe I am going to have my precious little bundle this coming monday - thats right - in 6 sleeps!!!  I cant believe its all come to an end.  It sounds bizaar but I just feel so good and am loving my very round belly so much, I feel like I could keep going.  I have a booked cesar on the 3rd.  I cannot thankyou all enough for all of your support, kind words and encouragement throughout my pregnancy - especially seeing that I found your website at 7 weeks.  In all I managed to get away with only one week of strict bedrest and about 17 weeks of 'modified' bed rest.  I feel so very lucky and blessed and beyond grateful that I am now 'full term'. 
We have had a very busy christmas.  My mother in law, sister in law, brother in law and nephew have been staying with us for the past two weeks and they will be here until half way through Jan.  Its been quite full on, but lovely to have them here.  My husband has got this week off work.  Its a public holiday when I have our little 'Pippy' and unfortunatley he will be back at work the day after.  Its going to be hard when I go home from hospital not having him there to help but my mother in law will still be here, so I shouldnt whinge really. 
I have a blood test tomorrow and an ob appointment.  Will keep you updated if there is any more gossip!  To those on bedrest - please keep your feet up, accept all the help offered and take it easy.  It really is worth all the stress, tears, frustration and worry.  Thankyou all again for being so wonderful.  Sending the biggest of hugs and belly rubs to all of you.  Keepemcookin
Love Ems xxxxxxxxxx
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: tina402 on December 28, 2010 at 07:52 AM
HI everyone. My name is christina and i am now 25 weeks and 3 days. YEAH!!! that is an acomplishment considering i have been ruptured since i was 15 weeks. It is a miracle. So we are doing good, we had a scare thinkin that i had preclampsia but have not heard anything more about it. I have an ear infection, i think that is the worst that i am going through right now. lol I am hanging in with the bed rest thing, my online classes start next week so that will help alot. I am also struggling with another decision i have to make. That is whether or not i am going to keep the babies. i am a single mother and already have 3 children, i think that it is probably the best thing for the babies and i think it would be a blessing to someone who cant have children. especially to get twins. i just worry about whether someone can care as much as i do about the health and the well being of them. i cant just leave them in the hospital with people who i dont know, and who i dont know if they care or not. i mean they will have never met them before and they will not have the connection that i do. i know that is a little off topic but it is something that i am really struggling with. if you have any thoughts or advice please feel free to share them. thank you for listening. Hang in there mothers!!! you can do it!
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: pixie on December 29, 2010 at 08:20 AM
Congrats to everyone on another week!
And full term, @Ems, @122910 and @pillowqueen!

@tina402, I'm sorry you have to make such a tough decision. I don't have any advice or anything, never been there myself, but I am a foster parent, have adopted from foster care, and done emergency care for babies for years. And I have such admiration for the mums who give other mums the gift of a child when they can't have them themselves. My heart goes out to you in this difficult decision. Feel free to pm me if you want to talk.
And excellent that you got this far!

I'm 33 weeks today!  ;D
I got my BP checked again on thursday, since it was 141/91 last monday and that's too high. But it was 132/86 on thursday, so back in the normal range again at least. I've probably said it before, it's been so close to too high ever since I was admitted in week 25. Before that, it was low.
Anyway, I'm going to my OBGYN at the hospital tomorrow. New ultrasound, BP and pee check. My mum and grandma is coming, mum has been with me once before, but grandma hasn't, and she is so excited (well, they both are).

I think it's so cool with the normal pregnancy stuff that others complain about, that things take a little longer, the floor is a bit "further away" than normal, it's a tad harder to turn around and such. I love feeling that, it only means I made it longer this time than with my two previous and that we're getting closer to full term!
It really irks me when I hear others who are "so ready to get this baby out now!" when they are between 32 and 36 weeks, they have no idea what it's like to have a preemie. If I say anything, it's always just something like "I'm just so grateful this little one is still in there, after two preemies (week 23 and 30), we're celebrating every day closer to full term".

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. Just todays vent.
Keep 'em cooking mamas!

(And @Angela, please let me know if you got a pm (or two), I can't find any of the two I tried to send in my outbox.)
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: elypineda on December 29, 2010 at 12:12 PM
Congratulations to all the mommies that've reached full-term - what a Blessing! and to the rest of us - Congrats on another week!!!  I am now 25 weeks 4 day.  Still in the hospital, day 12, and I have to say this is probably the most difficult thing i've had to do in my life.  Being away from my 18 month old baby girl, and my husband brings tears to my eyes everyday.  My husband has been here everyday and brings the baby as much as possible.  He has been amazing!!  I am blessed to have a mother that is helping beyond words with my daughter and in-laws that help as much as they possibly can.  I've had many visitors, and phone calls that have helped keep me occupied.  At this point, i try not to think how long i'll be here, instead i take it one day at a time and try and look forward to something every day.  First goal, 28 weeks!!  Getting there!!!!
Tina, I sent you a message - hope you received it.
Lots of strength, and patience to all the mommies!!
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: JacErnst on December 29, 2010 at 03:44 PM
Just got home from the Dr's. GREAT news!!

We had another ultrasound yesterday and go the results today. My fluid level is back down - 18.6 instead of 25. My cervix is a bit shorter this week, but still good - 2.6, so no complaining on that one. The only thing that's a little worrysome is that he's super BIG!! like 3 weeks ahead on growth. He should be about 1lb 5oz around this time (28 weeks tomorrow) - he's almost 3lbs 5oz!!! They're not too worry about this since we're still not out of the woods for him coming early. And the bigger he is when he's born the better chance we have.

I finally came out of the dr's office less worried then when I went in. We still have to go to Hamilton next week - finally got an apt. They're going to check out his bowels again and see what's going on. Then they'll decide where we go from here. It could mean that we have to deliver in Hamilton but I'd rather just know. I'm feeling a bit lost with all the uncertainty and too many doctors and apts.

oh well - we're celebrating tonight! I get to go downstairs and watch a movie!!
have a great day girls - I'm always praying!
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: stayinthere on December 29, 2010 at 09:43 PM
The holidays did make things go by faster! I just realized today that I hadn't been on this site for Monday roll call when I am usually on 2-3x/day checking for anything new  :) 26+2 today and looking forward to 28, full-term is seeming like much more of a reality.

I also talked to my grandma over the holidays. I had remembered that she had a baby at 34 weeks who died because back then they didn't have the medical interventions they do now. His name was Paul and he lived for 3 days. She had to lie in bed on her stomach with her bum in the air to try and keep him in. Times have changed, but we're still in bed with preterm labor, just without our bums in the air :)
Anyway, I realized she had 5 healthy children after that (my mom included) so I asked her about it. She said with her second baby, my uncle, she was on bedrest in the hospital for a week before she delivered and all the rest she delivered full-term with no bedrest and fast deliveries (like 30-50 min - a little too fast for me, but a fast labor sounds good compared to the last one where it was on and off for days due to meds/interventions). It really gave me hope for this pregnancy and any future pregnancies I may have. Just thought I would share a story of hope with all of you and from a time where medicine was different and not a lot of interventions. We can do this with a little bedrest and care.

One other funny story since we all probably need a laugh, (as if this post isn't long enough yet) ;D I had a dream the other night that I went into labor at 27 weeks at home. My mom was there and told me I was a 7 (why my mom was checking - I dunno). Instead of rushing to the hospital I stayed home because I was doing okay. I felt like I needed to push and my mom said I was I 10 so I delivered the baby. I remember thinking, "That didn't hurt as bad as I remembered" The baby seemed fine when I delivered it so I was like - what do I do now? do I call 911?  We ended up calling 911, but the line had been hijacked and my sister was trying to get through to the hospital. So bizarre,but I am glad my baby was OK and mostly glad it was just a dream. No worries mamas, in real life I would have gone to the hospital.  Hahaha

So excited for the full term mamas out there - pillowqueen, Ems and 122910
*Jac - that's such great news that your fluid levels are down and your baby is growing so well! Hope things go well at your appt in Hamilton too. I love the small celebrations like watching a movie downstairs!
* Lyns - it's awesome you know so much about your baby and that you've made it to 33 weeks. YAY for past 32 - another milestone.
* Tntmom - Ya for 25 weeks. I will likely start FFN at my next appointment and see where we go from there. Hoping for good news for you.
* Christina - you do have some big decisions, but we're all here for you. Great work keeping your babies cooking to 25 weeks so far!
* Pixie - glad your blood pressure is back down and you are 3 weeks further along than your last baby! I also completely agree when moms whine about keeping their babies in to full-term. I had a baby at 33 weeks and even though she wasn't an extreme preemie, a stay in the NICU is no fun. I don't think they realize what they are saying.
* Ely - Another momma at 25 weeks, so excited for you. It sounds funny and I don't even know where it came from, but I keep thinking ahead to the next milestone and saying to myself "Keep your eye on the prize"  It kind of makes me laugh to myself too. 28 weeks is my next goal too. It seems there are many of us with close due dates, I love it!

Hope you all have a fabulous week and a happy new year!
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: autoimmunelife on December 30, 2010 at 04:29 PM
So I'm finally getting around to replying.
We had a baby girl on 12/23, I was 36+3 or 36+5 (there is still disagreement on that) when she was born. At birth she was 14 inches long, and weighed 4lbs 5.1oz.
We had a very short actual labor (like from the time of membranes rupturing), but had to do pitocin because labor stalled, and once that hit me I was sick from the strength of the contractions, so we ended up with an epidural, an episiotomy and her being pulled out with the suction.
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: tripletmama on December 31, 2010 at 07:21 PM
Hi Everyone!

Angela - thanks for the email checking on me.  This website has been SO wonderful this pregnancy - I can't tell you how much it has helped my state of mind.

I delivered my baby boy on 12/22 at 37w0d - it was a planned c-section.  I had an amnio the day before to check lung development.  All looked good, so they delivered him!  Of course it would have been ideal to wait to wait even longer, but my c-section with my triplets 3 years ago caused uterine wall damage, and they worried about rupture.  Rupture had become more of a concern in the last 4 or 5 weeks because I had been contracting so much.  I started procardia around week 32. Made me feel absolutely awful, but 20 mg every 6 hours helped tremendously. 

Anyway, my little boy (his name is Michael) is absolutely perfect. After having 3 24-weeker micropreemies who spent months and months and months in the NICU, this is a amazing blessing. I keep pinching myself.  I got to actually hold my baby after he was born and take him home with me!!!!! I feel like the luckiest gal in the world. 

I'll keep checking in on this website... would love to offer support to moms, particularly those who go into PTL super early like I did or who have micropreemies.

All my best - Raizel   (
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: twinjackienurse on January 02, 2011 at 09:14 PM
Hey everyone,
   Just wanted to add myself to the roll call. I am 30w4d with boy/girl twins. I am at home on bedrest with bathroom privileges. I was contracting last week and got admitted twice to the hospital. Now I am on trebuteline 3 times a day. It seems to be working!! I want to thank you all for the support on here. Its so nice not to be going through this alone :)
Title: Re: Monday Roll Call for December 27th!
Post by: stayinthere on January 02, 2011 at 10:00 PM
Great news Raizel on your baby, Michael! So, so happy for you. That is my dream to take my baby home from the hospital with me too! So excited for you!
Autoimmunelife - glad your baby girl is here safely - hope you are both doing well.