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What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Hi from Montreal!
« on: August 25, 2014 at 12:58 AM »
Hi Prachi! Your big day is almost here! How are you feeling? Have you been able to spend more time with your daughter before the little one's arrival?
I delivered last Monday - ended up going to C-Section (again) - but he's healthy !!! And we're slowly transitioning from every 1 h cluster feeding (which he decided would be best to cluster from 7pm to 6am...but I'm so happy to not be in the NICUagain and actually breastfeeding my baby instead of pumping 12 times a I'm not complaining!) I posted a pic of him on my original post thread.
In a weird way, I think being on bedrest made the transition easier for my 2yo. Mommy was already out of commission, so now that I'm always feeding the baby, she doesn't get too jealous (it's like an extension of my 'disability' - ha!)
I hope all goes well on the 28th! I'll be thinking about you!

Yeah, I'm going to lobby a bit with my OB and the pediatricians, since the hospital is trying to get "baby friendly" status. 

I'm so glad to hear that your NST went well, and that an end to bedrest is near!  Sorry to hear that you have GD as well - I did fine with the diet for the first month or so, but now I'm really missing my carbs. Luckily I've been diet controlled this whole time, and really would like to keep it that way, but man....I just really want an ice cream with hot fudge!
I have the same issue with my stomach muscles.  I actually bought a belly sling - the one from Curad.It's reasonably priced and it works for me when I'm up and about- but if I wear it when lying down I don't breathe as I just put it on when I am going to be upright.
I actually don't have a Dr.'s visit this week - just a home nursing visit with an NST, which is fine by me, but feels a little weird - I got so used to seeing my doctor all the time. Next Monday I'll have another US to check baby's measurements and what not.  I have to say I'm getting nervous about delivery, since my daughter was a c-section.  On the one hand, I'm looking forward to having a VBAC an then being able to hold my baby right away - but it's a new experience, and hence, scary. I know what to expect with a C-section, which makes it more familiar, but the hospital I'm delivering at doesn't do skin to skin right after a c-section - you have to wait until after recovery (2 h!) to hold your baby - which is terrible. I hope I am able to do the VBAC.
I hope that you have a great vacation! Please keep us updated.

I just want to echo all the fantastic advice Prachi gave. Yes, the studies on bedrest and preterm labor are inconclusive, but cervical shortening is a different thing. Another thing to consider talking to your doc about is a pessary device. If they don't want to do a cerclage, a pessary inserted at midttrimester (btwn 20-24 weeks) has promising evidence. I'm not an OB, so can't offer expert advice, but just a suggestion for something to discuss with your doc! Good luck, and please keep checking in!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: New here! 16wks with a SCH
« on: July 21, 2014 at 12:54 AM »
Hi mommaT! Sorry that you're having to deal with this. I had SCHs with all my pregnancies (including this one, now still going strong at 35 weeks!). One thing to keep in mind, is that the SCH is a collection of blood trapped in your uterus, and vaginal bleeding may just represent the blood that's already collected and draining out, not a new bleed. I was placed on blood thinners for my SCH (enoxaparin), which has some pretty good evidence showing that it improves reabsorption of the SCH. Ask your doctor about it. It's a daily subcutaneous injection you have to give yourself - so not exactly a walk in the park - but for both pregnancies that I took this med my SCH healed - and it didn't heal the one pregnancy when I didn't take it. (Not scientifically valid data, I know - but that's my anecdotal experience, for what it's worth).
Hope things go well for you!

Prachi - how was the NST? Of bedrest? I'm officially on modified bedrest and I could the more excited! I made banana muffins with my daughter a few days ago, and it was great! Unfortunately, she's come down with a stomach bug, so now I'm just hoping that she feels better by the time baby decides to come. I would hate to leave her with grandma while she's sick!

I cant believe I've made it to 34 weeks today! My OB said that if everything looks good at my appointment this week (Wed), then I'll get to go to modified bedrest, which is too exciting to even think about.I'm getting really excited about the prospect of making pancakes with my daughter in the morning again (even though, because of my GD, I can't eat any...). 
I've starting thinking more and more about the idea of actually creating a birth plan (I had been hesitant to given the emergency nature of my prior delivery...I didn't want to have any expectations this time). We've also started to feel comfortable talking to our daughter about the impending birth of her brother, feeling like there is a very very good chance that we'll actually have a living baby to bring home. And she's started to get excited about touching my belly and feeling him move.  She's also really into her big sister books.
I'm almost scared to get excited though, which I know may sound silly to some.  Having lost a child due to extreme prematurity, however, makes me feel a little cursed.  I know that should be balanced by the fact that my ex-32 week now 2 yo daughter is doing fabulously, and since I'm even farther along than that now, I should be completely at ease....but Im not.  I mostly try not to think about it, and just take a "day by day" approach. "Today I am still pregnant.  And today I am feeling him move well. And today I am not bleeding." Yes - I have turned into a person that gives themselves affirmations...but y'know what? they help!
I hope that everyone else is doing well.  Prachi - do you have your NST this week? 

Congratulations Cath!  29 is fantastic! 
Prachi - my family is from Kerala.  Two years ago when we went to visit, we went up to Delhi to visit some friends - it hadbeen over20 years since I had been to Delhi and Ican't believehow much had changed!  It was quite amazing.  I had been planning on bringing my daughter to visit family this year (before wefoundout we were pregnant), but I guess it'll be another couple of years until we all go over. (I want the kids to get their MMR before we go - mostly because I'm paranoid,but also because I really don't want them to get measles, especially so young). I have yet to travel internationally with my daughter (except Canada, but that doesn't count, really, because it's closer than NY). Have you made the trip with yours? I'd appreciate any tips if you have.

Welcome to the 30s! I think for me, part of the reason this feels so much better is because all the stats for risks of major complications just so steeply declines between 27 and 30. But I think the real reason it isn't as scary is because my daughter was born at 32, and is now doing great. Even though I don't want to spend any more time in the NICU, I guess because we've been there before as parents at this gestational age, it doesn't seem as scary. But I completely agree, it would/will feel a lot better to get even closer to term!
I have my next baby US next Tuesday (when I'm 32&3). I've been having cervical US weekly, so have gotten a glimpse of baby when they check my fluid measurements, but it'll be nice to get another good look at him. I'm a little worried because I have gestational diabetes with this pregnancy (I'm totally blaming that on the combo of bedrest, 17p, and the fact that I'm "advanced maternal age"), and this baby is a lot bigger than my daughter was at the same gestational ages (he's not big per se - just tracking at the 65th percentile, but my daughter was right at 40th the whole time). Maybe he just has more of my husband's Scandanavian genes and less of my Indian ones  ;)

Thanks so much for your empathy and encouragement. And thanks the Evelyn and Prachi for the parenting balancing advice. I can't believe I'm 31&4 today. It feels great to be in the 30s. I'm still hoping to make it past 34, and now daring to dream of making it to term. I hope you are are hanging in there as well. Please do give an update!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Oliver Paul's Birth
« on: June 25, 2014 at 01:05 PM »
I'm so sorry he got sick, but it sounds like he's recovering well. The weight gain is fantastic! Hopefully it'll just be a few more weeks in the NICU.

Congratulations on making it to 28 weeks! That's a huge milestone!
Everyday that I don't give birth brings a greater sense of relief.  Of course, as I inch close and closer to increasingly safer gestational ages, the tension between caring for my unborn child and my toddler daughter mounts.  Will it really be the worst thing for me to sit up and have her on my lap to read her bedtime stories for 30 minutes? I had been on strict bedrest (in trendelenberg at home, with only bathroom privileges, for the past 4 weeks), and my OB wanted me to stay this way until I make it to 34 weeks - but it's really hard. It would be so much easier to go to modified bedrest, so I could at least sit up for more than the 15 minutes it takes to consume a meal. I don't want to disobey my practitioner, because I know if I did, and I ended up delivering early and my baby suffered for it, I would feel ridiculous guilt...but I'm feeling tremendous guilt about not being able to cuddle my daughter the way she likes (she likes to be upright and hugging - but she's been willing to do the lying down cuddles for the past few weeks). Everyday she asks me to go outside with her because she loves to play outside, but I say I can't (my bedroom and bathroom are on the upper floor of our house, and I'm not allowed to walk down stairs except for my once weekly dr appt). My husband has been amazing and she plays in our bedroom for a few hours everyday next to me - but it's not the same.
How are you balancing giving your unborn baby and your walking talking child attention?  I'd sure appreciate any advice.

That's great that you're past the 30 week mark.  I'm about 1 week behind you, similar issues, and have the same goals (right now trying to make it to 30 weeks, but would sure like to make it to 34!).
I agree with asking about IM progesterone (17P).  It's only efficacious until 36 weeks of pregnancy, but can be started at any time.  Also - ask them about bi-weekly fetal fibronectin testing. This is a test with great negative predictive value (a negative test means that you have a less than 1% chance of going into labor in the next 10 days if you don't have a history of preterm deliver (if you do have a history of PTD, the risk is about 7%)), though the positive predictive value isn't great (a positive test give you about a 70% chance of going into labor in the next 10 days). Best of luck!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Hi from Denver
« on: June 09, 2014 at 07:49 PM »
Congratulations at being so far along! A lot of 36 weekers are able to go straight home after delivery (though sometimes they need a short stay in a special care nursery, but not the NICU), so you're pretty much in the clear.  You've done an amazing job caring for your little one (as all the Moms on this forum seem to!) and you've also been lucky (I know it doesn't always feel like it - but really, it's great to be past 36 weeks!), which is a fantastic thing.  Most OBs will stop bedrest at 36 or 37 weeks.  But the AAP doesn't consider full term to be until after 39 weeks (this is a pretty recent change from old policy though) - so you should do whatever you think is best.  If you can rest and it won't drive you crazy, then that's great - but if for your own sanity, or out of other necessity you need to move around, rest assured that you've done a great job caring for your child and s/he'll come out when s/he's ready!

Thanks so much for the words of encouragement and validation!  Honestly, it was also just helpful to put all my crazy thoughts down and send them out into the helped me see how crazy they were, which was therapeutic.  Cathartic, really.  I've been trying to stay positive, and mostly imagining how amazing it will be to meet this little one, whenever he decides to come (though hopefully that won't be anytime soon!).  29 weeks +2 days now.  Short term goal: make it to 30 weeks.  Long term goal: 34 weeks.  Still keeping the dream alive for 36 or 37 weeks...but don't want to jinx myself by thinking about that too much.  Are you still hanging in there?

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