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I couldn't help but share my experience.
At exactly 26 weeks, after the days work i started feeling mild cramps like menstrual cramps.  I went to bed ignoring it looking to see if it continues the next day.
I resumed work as usual the next day initially i was not feeling any pain. Then as i sat down it came back not painful but quite noticeable. So i decided to observe it again till lunch time.
Around noon, i called my dr office expecting her to tell me oh it's nothing or just come in for a quick check and discharge me after.

But to my surprise, my dr refered me to labor and delivery.

On getting to L&D , my blood pressure,weight and all that was taken. An NST was done, nothing was really observed from all the checks.
So the residents decided to keep me under observation for a while.

After 3hrs they came by and i asked if they were going to do an ultrasound just to be sure baby was ok.  They didn't seem concerned but one of d resident decided to do an internal/cervix check.

Lo and behold, her expression changed and she quickly withdrew the device she inserted and she said you're dilated 2cm with a bulging membrane and i can even see your baby's head.

To say i was scared is to say the least. I was told right there that I'll be on hospital bedrest and most likely have the baby any moment.

As a FTM, I was terrified it took me a long time to accept the reality. I was given steroid shots right away and antibiotics.

I had a labor scare 2 weeks after and the drs thought this is it and I got a set of magnesium shot. But thankfully the contractions went away shortly.

Long story short, i was on hospital modified bed rest for 2 months (i became the longest tenant on bedrest, nicknamed the bedrest queen) cos lots of people came and left shortly.
We made it to 39 weeks plus 5 and baby won't still come out.
Ironically, i was eventually induced.
You can do it mama.

If you have any questions I'm here to answer.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll call December 26
« on: December 26, 2016 at 11:26 PM »
All the best tomorrow. I'm new here, been reading up on everyone's story. I was admitted to the hospital at 26weeks due to dilated cervix 2-3cm. Everyone thought I was gonna have the baby in no time but they were wrong. I came into the triage cos I was feeling mild period like cramping. I was expecting a quick check and then I return to work.
Anyways long story short after staying 2 months at the hospital I was discharged to go home at 35weeks. I'm thankful for the time gained in cooking my baby.
My hospital stay was full of ups and downs but we made it this far.

Proof that bed rest does work.....
I'll be happy to answer any question.

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