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Hi Angela. Yes I got the stitch yesterday, just in time too I think, the surgeon said that there wasn't a lot of cervix to work with. I'm very glad I got it now, I'm just praying it does it's job and keeps our baby girl where she's meant to be for a few more weeks. I'm 22+1 today and really hoping time goes quickly.

Wylee it's good to hear your stitch has held up well for you, you've done so well. If I could get to 34 weeks I'd be more than happy xx

Thank you for your reply monkeygirl. I'm definitely swaying towards the stitch, it just scares me so much incase something happens because of the stitch.glad to hear the stitch is working for you, how far along are you now?xx

Hi, hoping some of you ladies can help me. I had lletz treatment for CIN3 about 10 years ago so when I told my consultant this he booked me in to have a cervical length scan at 16 weeks which was 34mm, I was told to have another scan at 20 weeks which was 18mm, so quite a big drop. I'm now 21+1 weeks and I'm booked in to have another scan Monday but I'm also booked in to have the stitch on Tuesday. My consultant hasn't told me what's best to do, he just keeps saying it's up to me and that there is risks to having the stitch, it could send me into preterm labour. This is mine and my husbands first baby and it's taken a while to get here, 3 ectopics, 2 failed ivf, and this little miracle happened naturally. Now I feel it could be snatched away at any point. What would you ladies do in my position, would you take the risk and have the stitch or just wait and see? Thanks for reading xx

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