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Hey there,

My name is Tyler, my wife Jasman and I are pregnant with our third baby, absolutely no issues with our other two, both were delivered by c-section at 39 weeks. Our current little one, Ayran, however decided to try and make his debut on Monday evening.

My wife felt pressure while trying to use the bathroom and called me to help, she felt as if something was "coming out." I immediately took her to our local emergency room and they began to take a look her. By that time she had already begun spotting and the nurse examined her internally, immediately called the ultrasound tech to perform an anatomy scan of little Ayran, which we had already completed the previous week. The ultrasound showed that our little one had his foot in my wife's canal.

We were told that she was completely dilated (she had no symptoms) and that she was experiencing a "missed miscarriage" due to an "incompetent cervix." We were taken to the l/d room and they put a purple butterfly on the door and told us that we were just waiting for her water to break and for her to deliver the baby. They shared with us the next steps and asked if we wanted to spend his final moments with him after delivery.

After a very rough, emotional and hopeless evening, first thing the next morning we met with an OB doc who (very bluntly) gave us two options: we can break her water and "get it over with quickly" or we can elevate her feet and put her on strict hospitalized bed rest for the next 3 weeks until Ayran reaches viability and can be transferred to a Level 3 facility where she can be assessed and under the care of a MFM Doc.

We, of course have decided to "keep him cookin'" and now at 21 weeks 3 days are trying to find a balance of me visiting the hospital as well as taking care of our other two little ones (boy 3, girl 5). I am also trying to keep mamma's spirits high and find things for her to do so she doesn't go stir-crazy.

I would love some stories from others who have come out of a similar situation, we need absolutely all of the hope and prayers that we can get at this point.

Thank you!

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