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I am sorry to hear that! How many weeks are you know? Did you have contractions? I haven't had any contractions whatsoever so far. The only thing is this round ligament pain I get in the evening, especially if I don't take it easy enough during the day.
I wish you all the best in these difficult moments. These things are so stressful!

Hi everyone,
This forum is really helpful, thank you for sharing your stories. Mine seems to be a bit peculiar, or so I wonder, that is why I am writing today.
I had my first baby 4 years ago. It was a super-easy pregnancy, and I was induced at 40 weeks because my membranes broke without me going into labour spontaneously. I had a forceps delivery. I am now pregnant with my second baby girl. I am from London but I was living in the US for a few months for work reasons. At 20 weeks at the anatomy scan, the sonography also checked my cervix and I was told that I had a funnelling cervix. It was long 4.7cm but after pressure it went down to 2cm. Since then I have had regular checks every week or so and my cervix was stable at around 2cm for 6 weeks. Two weeks ago (when I was 26 weeks) it went down to 1.1cm and two days ago at 28 weeks they found it at 0.9cm. I have been on progesterone suppositories since 20 weeks and I am mostly on bed-rest (though I cook quick meals and I am using a wheelchair sometimes to go out if I really have to).
The doctors keep saying that my case is unusual because I don't have a history of miscarriages and preterm birth and my first pregnancy went just fine. They say this is reassuring, and that there is even the possibility that my body was exactly the same on my first pregnancy but no-one checked my cervix. Also, in the UK they don't check the cervix of women who haven't had a history of preterm etc., so it is also possible that mine is a false positive simply because I was in the US where they now check all women indiscriminately.
I wonder if there is anyone out there with a story similar to mine? I still haven't met anyone who is encountering this problem at their second pregnancy without a previous similar history.
My goal now is to arrive at 34 weeks, though I am feeling it will be hard with a cervix which is just a bit less than 1cm.
Thanks for sharing your stories!

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