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I am less then one week out of my cerclage on full Bedrest and dr said pelvic rest including non-penetration stimulus. Well I just woak up with a orgasam from a wet dream.

Now I’m supper worried a bout going into labor. I’m watching for any sign. Has anyone else accidentally had an orgasm on pelvic rest?

It started around 9am Tuesday the 11th. I got up with no hint anything was wrong. I let Fern and rye outside and went to the bathroom. When I went I could feel “something” coming out and a little gush of water. I freaked stood up and texted Colin that I thought I was in labor but either way something was definitely wrong and I need to get to the ER.

I also called 911 but Colin pulled up home while I was on the phone and it was quicker to have him take me.

In the ER the first tested to see if any amniotic fluid. While waiting for the results a ultrasound was done. With in a min of the tech looking and the dr walking out. The Tech ran out of the room calling for the doctor.

We weren’t told much other then the amniotic fluid test was positive and it looked like my waters broke and I would be medivac to Anchorage. It was around 11:30 am.

Sadly the winds in Kodiak were the worse they have been all year. Gust up to 70 knots. Flipping over trailers in the air. It was 8pm when we were finally told the Medivac jet was able to leave Anchorage.

In a fast change of direction from laying around and waiting to get put in special stretchers with the medivac EMTs and the local firehouse EMTs into the ambulance. The strangest part is how fine I felt. No pain, no bleeding. I just felt normal.

It was a hour flight to anchorage and into another ambulance to be taken to the OB triage area in the ER.  After some questions the OB doctor, Dr Kilby did an exam and saw that the membranes will protruding our my cervix and after another ultrasound that my waters hadn’t broken but just “weeping” and letting enough out to give a positive. 

Dr Kilby explained explained that if my waters were good they should be able to sew up my cervix and hopefully stop labor from starting. 

Then Dr Muller came in. It was around 1:30 by now. Dr Muller is a Maternal Fetal medicine specialist who would be the one to do any possible surgery.

After she examined me, the mood changed. She was not optimistic at all. She could not see any cervix, just membranes. She worried that the risk of ruptured membrane was great and that there wasn’t enough cervix to sew together. Biggest issues was Baby Spence’s feet and lower legs were through the cervix in the membranes dangling. 12 hours early in Kodiak the ultrasound showed him head down.

The other option from any surgery to close the cervix was to just leave it be and wait. Do nothing. Either way Dr Muller felt our chances weren’t too good.

We were both crying so so hard. The day had been a bit up and down of optimism and despair but this was the specialist we had been waiting for all day telling us both in words and manner that it didn’t look good.

However she said if I was willing to go under General she was willing to try and see if the sewing could be done.

Colin and I had a hard few minutes alone weight risk and benefits. Over all it seemed the were more risk for even trying the surgery, water breaking, infection introduced and not even being able to complete it and even if it did happen it can fail. But some how doing nothing felt wrong.

We were will to risk it if Dr Muller was willing to try.

The next hour was preparation for the OR. The Anesthesiologist said if it happened I would be 15 or so minutes.

I was rolled back to the OR and placed at a angle so gravity would help “push” the membranes back in.

Two hours later I woke up. I was told
Later by colin that Dr Muller was smiling as she came and got him. It seems as I breathed in and out the membranes would also move in and out. The Anesthesiologist slowed my breathing down so much to stop them from moving.

The best part? Dr Muller and Dr Kilby got TWO cerclage in place!!!!
Normally only one was done. But after my first she felt there was enough cervix to do another. It was 5:30 am December 12th. Colin’s birthday.

The next two days were hour by hour. Would labor start, would waters break, would I develop an infection?

Thankfully so far no sign of any of that.

Today is the 14th. I am being discharged to Fisher House, a military medical half way place. I will not be able to go back to Kodiak until after the baby is born.

As of now we are looking at week by week. As of today I am 18weeks. There is still risk of membranes having been so inflamed that they have week spots and break. Or that my cervix shortens more and the  cerclage has to be taken out of May fail.

We have hope. It’s a long road of bed rest and baby baking. Throughout it all Baby Spence has been fine. Heartbeat strong, no signs of destress.

Colin and I are thankful for you all and the prayers and help. I will keep everyone updated as we met each milestone. Right now January 25th is the mark for week 24 when we can get steroids for the lungs and talk to NICU. 

At discharge my cervix was 1.75cm.

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