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Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Re: Short Cervix at 20 weeks 6mm
« on: February 14, 2019 at 03:04 AM »
There are diffrent sizes but my doctor knew which one to use and inserted it only once and it took less than a minute.

Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Re: Short Cervix at 20 weeks 6mm
« on: February 12, 2019 at 06:31 AM »
I would def recommed it and i think it helps with the pressure and keeping the lenght stable. It doesnt hurt putting in and it takes less than a minute. My docs thinks that it helps bc i also had a short cervic w my son ( 1st pregnacy) 1.2 cm diagonsed at 21 weeks or so and we made it to 36 weeks + 4 days ( we took out the ring around 35 weeks). I also take magnesium which they say helps with keeping the cervix stable and not shortening.

Dear mommies to be !

Im just curious about the effectiveness of a pessary ring ?

1. How short was your cervix ?
2. What week did you get a pessary ring  ?
3. Where you on bed rest ?
4. How far along in the pregnancy did you make it ?

Thank you in advance !!!

Hi, any updates ? Im 26 weeks today and .55mm cervix , i have a pessar and im on SBR. Are you?


Good job making it to 34 weeks ! I was wondering once they put in the pessary where you on bed rest until 34 weeks or ? My cervix is about .55mm and i got a pessary ring , and im currently on strict bed rest! I wonder if the pessary alone makes a diffrence or does the bed rest part !

Wow you def are a success story for being still pregnant ! 31 weeks is a good week ! Im 26 today and hoping to make it to 28 and then of course 32 and 34 and so on ! Are you on strict bed rest ? I have a pessar and as of right now my cervix is still closed but im still on strict bed rest and its really hard just laying here😩 ! 

Hi, im in the same boat as you just further along (25 weeks today). My cervix is .55mm and I got a pessar last Thursday. Do they have you on strict bed rest ?


This is my second pregnancy and was diagnosed with CI at 22w+3 cervix .6mm. I’m on SBR and been in the hospital 2 weeks now. I also have a 18 month old son at home which makes it so much harder being away from him.

Yesterday (24w +4) i measured at .55mm and they finally placed a pessar ring
Im having cramp like pains , is that normal ?

Also I need success stories !

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