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What's Your Story? Tell us. / Short Cervix Twin success story
« on: August 31, 2019 at 05:24 AM »

The stories on this site kept me going through this incredibly difficult pregnancy. I promised myself that if I had a good outcome, I would write my story here to give other ladies in my position hope.

I learned I was having twins at my first trimester ultrasound and I knew this would not be an easy pregnancy. I already have two girls, both whom I had to have a cerclage for. The first I made it to 37 weeks, with a 3 week stint on hospital bedrest (funneled down to stitch at 24 weeks) and home bed rest the rest of the time. and the second to 38 weeks with a two day stint at 26 weeks for the same reason.

I always go down to the stitch Around 20-24 weeks. I should mention I lost my first baby at 23w6 when I was diagnosed with incompetent cervix.

My cervix has been through so much, and this twin pregnancy was not what it wanted. At 13 weeks I had a preventative Macdonald stitch which failed by 18 weeks because I was dilated to 3cm. I had to have an emergency cerclage, that one removed and re placed higher and with strict bed rest I made it to 28weeks before I started contracting and eventually bleeding.

I was at the hospital and on magnesium drip for two weeks before my cervix began to tear through as baby A was putting too much pressure on it. Exactly at 30 weeks they had to cut the stitch which caused my cervix to dilate to 5cm immediately. My water broke soon after and I delivered twin boys at 30 weeks. They were in the NICU for 47 days and now, two months later have no pre term related health issues.

I’m so glad I made it and have my healthy boys sleeping here. This journey had been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, from 2 months bed rest to NICU stint, but my advice is to do the bed rest! Don’t listen to the docs that say it is not proven to help, because that, the stitch and progesterone are what kept my boys in.

Good luck to anyone going through it and remember you are lot alone.

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