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I’m sorry to hear your in such an anxious situation. I myself had an emergency cerclage at 22 weeks. I am based in Canberra and have had many discussions with the two obs in charge of my care about women having great success with pegestsrone pessaries on their own. I have been on them myself 12 weeks since my op and believe they have really made a difference. There is a fair bit of research out there about there effects. Wishing you the very best and that Bub stays put as long as possible x

Great news! Fingers crossed, it dissipates more quickly from now on.

I totally understand the fear and anxiety you are experiencing.
At 7 weeks I started bleeding not a lot but enough. I went to the ED a couple of times because I thought I was miscarrying only to find bub was fine. This continued for several weeks until I too was diagnosed with a significant hematoma. Mine did not go over my cervix however. I was told to expect to continue bleeding lightly and not to engage in sex, baths, pools etc. at 14 weeks I started bleeding heavily and expected I was miss carrying once again. But yet again Bub was fine and was told that the bleeding built up and it was just being released. At 22 weeks I finally stopped bleeding and the hematoma had started to shrink ( be absorbed by my body) at 22/6 weeks I had an emergency cerclage thanks to an sudden incredible shrinking cervix. The hematoma made things more difficult but was a success. At 26 weeks the hematoma was finally gone. I’m now almost 34 weeks. I hope my story gives you some hope. My ob did tell me most hematomas do resolve on there own. I have ensured I followed all my specialists advice and feel that has gotten me to where I am today. Best of luck x

I had an emergency McDonald cerclage places at 22 weeks. I am now 28 weeks. Over the last fortnight I have experienced some pulling/pinching/ shooting sensations. I had my cervix checked a couple of days ago and it’s currently sitting around 2cm for the last few weeks. My specialist couldn’t explain the sensations other than maybe it’s the tie rubbing against  my vaginal wall.
Anyone else had these sensations??
I have not experienced any of these in my three previous straight forward pregnancies.

I think mental health is really important and if checking reassures you that is never a bad thing. Good luck!

Hi Angela,

I recently had my 28week scan that showed my cervix stayed around 2cm and stitch is still intact. Next goal 30 weeks. Feeling a lot less anxious now having reached this gestational milestone, however still concerned as yet to have steroids.

Having just reached 28 weeks myself this gives me such hope x

I completely understand your anxiety. I don’t believe there is anything you can do at this point. It will just depend on your next cervical length. If you are extremely concerned you could ask to be checked in a week instead of two.
I experienced funneling, then a shortened cervix and the finale dilating before an emergency cervical stitch was placed at 22 weeks. This was all in a four week period. That being said the medical team I’m being looked after by said my situation was unusual as I had 3 previous pregnancies to term with no previous issues with my cervix.
Best of luck. At least 3.3cm is a really good length for a cervix!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Short Cervix
« on: May 06, 2019 at 09:45 PM »
I am right there with you! Feel free to read my about me posted recently to see our similar situations.
I have a special Mother’s Day event at my two eldests school on Friday and have no idea whether to risk it!
I was told by my specialist they usually no longer check the cervix after 26 weeks but have convinced them to do one for my mental health at 28 weeks if I get to then.

How are you traveling?
I don’t have the same condition but suffered from a large hematoma and bleeding from 7-22 weeks.

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Emergency cerclage
« on: May 04, 2019 at 01:04 AM »
Hi Laamea,
I had an emergency cerclage at 22+6. Currently 26+2 and last week scan showed cerclage holding and cervix at 1.6cm.
How are you holding up?

Hi ladies,

This is my 5th pregnancy. I had three full term pregnancies without complications. Last year I suffered a missed miscarriage.
 I am currently 26 weeks pregnant. I was diagnosed with a large hematoma at 7 weeks. I bled until 22 weeks and it has finally resolved.
At my 20 week morphology scan I had a long Closed cervix. 2 weeks later it had shrunk by half. A week of progesterone later and my cervix had shrunk again. I had emergency surgery for a cerclage the next day at 22+6. On the op table I was effaced, 4cm dilated and membranes and bub protruding.
They managed the pop my membranes in and secure with a cerclage at about 1cm.
I then had a few days bed rest and reduced activity. A week later my cervix was 3cm!
I recently had a scan at 26 weeks after reduced activity and some bed rest, also progesterone, and my cervix has reduced again to 1.6cm.
The last month has turned me into an anxious head case. I worry about every niggle and pain. I also worry that the drs do not think I need steroids yet. However I have very quick labour sand this makes me worry I won’t get them in time. My next appointment and scan isn’t until 28 weeks. I really hope I get there!

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