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I have been pregnant 6 times and lost them all, 4 of those times have been within the 12-14weeks mark. All those times the baby is alive but my cervix has given way and the baby is already in the vaginal canal, hence nothing can be done.
The doctors are not sure if it's IC because that should happen later and not that early. Also just days before I lose the pregnancy my cervix measures well above 3.5. It just happens suddenly.
I am pregnant now and thankfully for the first time I got a TVcerclage fixed at 10 weeks because of my history. I am 13weeks now and freaked out about losing this pregnancy
I wasn't placed on bed rest but I put myself there. My one week post surgery cervical length was 2.9cm. I guess that indicates a short cervix.
I will be getting another scan on Monday 13th. I hope the cervix length then will give answers.
Also I have been itching down there and I am scared to death of infections. The itch comes and goes, no burning sensation when I wee.
Has anyone got a cerclage that early? Is there anything else I should be doing?
Your experience is needed. Please help

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