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The doctor's office never lets me speak to a nurse. They say I have to leave a message and it takes up to 48 hours for a response.

Anyway, I go in today and I am going to be a little mad and demanding today.   My contractions have stopped, but I still have lots of pressure and cannot stay on my feet very long without pain.

We'll see what happens.  Thanks for the support.

I'll be 33 weeks on Sunday.  Baby measures slightly bigger, 60th percentile, and according to charts I've seen online, he could be
2 weeks ahead.   

I've been having contractions for 2 months now.  They always started at 5pm, so I would drink water and rest.  No big deal.
Now, they are stronger and happen all day.  Today, I feel a *tremendous* amount of pressure when I stand.  I am also tired
and nauseated.  Baby feels huge.  I feel every tiny movement.  Last night, I had 4 strong contractions in one hour, but they
were irregularly timed.  They lasted a minute each.  I also feel like I have asthma or that baby is sitting on my lungs. It's
hard to breathe out and makes me cough.  No discharge.  No signs of losing plug or water, although I do leak urine quite a bit and pee every 10 mins or so.

I go in for my appointment on Friday, but I do not like my doctors.  They get me in and out as fast as possible and don't measure me or check my cervix.  The doctor simply says "drink water" every time I tell her about the contractions.  The visit wtih the doc is probably
less than 2 mins. (The nurses take my vitals and listen to the baby's heartbeat before that).

Right now, I feel the pressure while sitting.  I've been so uncomfortable I can hardly stand it.   I feel car sick.

Sorry for whining, but I just want some opinions.  I will definitely try to tell my doc on Friday.

This is my 2nd child.  First child was born at 37 weeks.  I didn't go into labor, but I was leaking fluid so they had to induce me.
I had a c-section because I wouldn't dialate.

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