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Yesterday they took me off the mag in the morning and by the afternoon when I wasn't contracting too much they sent me home (on procardia). At this point if I go into labor they won't try to stop it. I'm still contracting about the same as I was on the mag but every so often I get one that actually hurts (changing positions helps). So I'm not sure how long I'm going to last.

It's great being home, but really tempting to get up and do things while my husband is busy getting the babies' room ready, dealing with car issues, trying to get work done AND trying to wait on me. It helps a little that I have my orders not to clean/cook/lift things written on a paper from the doctor ... not that I would be much help if I could, because between a month of lying around losing muscle mass and gaining a slightly terrifying amount of weight (3 lbs a week in the hospital, which the dietician didn't see as a problem), walking around or even turning over is a huge project. Somehow typing on the computer makes me feel less guilty than watching TV, haha.

Thanks for your replies! My first night on mag was awful - burning up, couldn't think straight, could barely move. But I woke up the next day feeling pretty decent, and it's been OK since then — except for being warm, but luckily I have a room with a functioning a/c :-) Tomorrow morning I'll go off the mag and then they'll see how I respond. Hopefully won't be contracting too much and I'll get to go home for more bed rest til the babies come (probably on Procardia, which I was on before and it helped slow the contractions down but didn't stop them).

I've been in the hospital on a mag sulfate IV for almost a month, and next week (at 34 weeks) I get to go home. The doc says there's no way to tell how long I'll make it before the babies come, but I probably won't go full term. I'm on a high dose (2.5g/h) but it still hasn't completely stopped my contractions. For anyone out there who took mag for a long time, how did you fare when you went off it?

A friend just told me yesterday that they estimated her baby at 6.5 lbs and he was really almost 9! I wouldn't be too worried, but eating some extra protein can't hurt anything!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Bedrest issues
« on: October 13, 2012 at 07:41 PM »
Hang in there Andie. It's a long haul - some days are worse than others. Even uber-devoted husbands have days when they're preoccupied ... or perhaps he thinks by not sounding worried he'll make you less likely to worry.

If the lack of cleaning is bothering you, you could hire a cleaning lady if your husband and son can't keep up with it, or just accept that it's OK if life gets a little messy for now :-)

Every day you stay pregnant is a good day. Call up some friends/family members, watch something funny to lift your spirits and know that you'll get through this.

Wow, 11 weeks! That's impressive! You could ask your doctor to refer you to a physical therapist who can show you some bedrest-friendly exercises to help keep your blood flowing.

Congrats on making it so far—especially considering term for twins is 37 weeks! I understand your annoyance. Are your twins monochorionic? If so you are lucky your doc has let you go this far before pushing for the induction. I know a couple of other twin mamas being told the babies should come out at 36 weeks.

My OB won't let me go past 38. I told him I had concerns about risks to their development and such with taking them out before they are ready, but he said they'd face even bigger risks staying in utero at that point. The placenta can start to break down earlier with twins, especially if they are sharing one. I've read a few studies showing that 38 weeks is the point where pre- and post-birth mortality rates start to edge up a bit, and according to Dr. Luke's book on twins, triplets and quads the average hospital bill and length of NICU stay falls until 37 weeks and then rises again.

All that said, doctors are of course more worried about liability to them, which ends after the babies are out and sent home, than the ultimate outcome for your children as they grow up more—and mortality rates, which are tiny at any rate by that age, are not the only metric worth looking at. If I were you I'd look into if there have been any longer-term studies following twins born before and after 38 weeks as they become toddlers, etc. Good luck to you with whatever ends up happening!

Claire, that has definitely been my experience. Every doctor and most of the nurses I have seen at one point or another have said some version of, "They're twins. That's a whole different animal." When I talked to the peri the day after the steroid shots he said if it was just one baby he wouldn't have moved so fast.

Since I've been in the hospital some nights I've had a bunch of contractions - thankfully my cervix hasn't opened yet - and nurses have told me that since with twins your uterus gets stretched out so much and gets so irritated you just contract a lot sometimes. They raised my mag dose to 2.5g  after one contraction-filled night, and other than keeping me on bed rest they can't really do much more.

I'm having 2 identical girls. How about you? Are you in the hospital or at home? I hope you're hanging in there!

Hi ladies! It's great to find such an active forum. Here's my story:

Starting around 24 weeks I had a lot of contractions. But they didn't come at regular intervals and resting/drinking water/peeing made them go away. Plus with twins you get so stretched out it can be hard to tell the difference between a contraction and a baby trying to change positions. I mentioned these to my OB and he didn't seem worried.

But at my bi-weekly scan at 29 weeks my cervix had shortened to 3 cm from 5 at the previous scan. They sent me to l&d for monitoring and found I was having a contraction every 10 minutes. So my perinatologist started me on steroids for the babies and sent me home to take Procardia and rest (not bedrest, just taking it easy).

By the time I came back the next day for the second steroid shot I had no more contractions while lying down, and a fetal fibronectin test came back negative. But I still got them sporadically while walking around. The peri told me to go home, try to stay off my feet (but going to work was still OK) and come back in a week.

When I came back my cervix was 1.5 cm. So he sent me to the hospital for bed rest—with bathroom privileges, thankfully—and mag sulfate until I hit 32 weeks, at which time he will probably let me go home (to stay in bed for the duration of the pregnancy, presumably). Luckily the mag hasn't been too hard on me—the first night I had slurred speech and was pretty out of it, but after that I adjusted ... it just makes some of my veins hurt and makes me really, really warm. Thankfully I have a room with a functioning air conditioner and can keep it to a meat-locker temperature in here.

I've been here four days and it hasn't been too unbearable thus far. I've been doing some work remotely, which helps. If I can keep these babies in, it's all worth it.

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