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Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for March 3, 2014
« on: March 07, 2014 at 03:23 AM »
A little late to this reply for this week but I am now 30wks 2d and have been on hospital bedrest now since pre-term labor started on Sunday afternoon/evening. We were able to stop it with 48 hrs of magnesium sulfate and several shots of terbutaline (delayed long enough for me to get both steroid shots for the baby's lungs, yay!) We have now transitioned to nifedipine to keep the uterus calm as of yesterday evening. On Sunday night / early Monday morning after a few hours of painful contractions, I was dilated to 2cm and the OB and nurse could both feel baby's feet in the water bag through the cervix, but two checks since then have put me more like at 1cm so it seems to be reverting some and definitely not dilating any further, despite still having very consistent contractions. So all good news!

As long as I tolerate the slight med changes they are doing the next 18 hours, and I don't dilate any further or have any super painful labor contractions, I will be sent home on (most likely strict) bedrest at home tomorrow. I had been on modified bedrest at home since 21 weeks but this will look and feel a lot different so I may be reaching out for support and advice!

Blessings ~ Kristy

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Another shortie here
« on: December 06, 2012 at 04:57 AM »
Just a word of encouragement....the MOST IMPORTANT job you have right now is the bedrest! I was also on modified bedrest and I think I pushed it a little too you read, we lost our daughter at 23 weeks and 1 day. My perinatologist said that my membranes had ruptured probably 2-3 days before we ended up having the c-section, because Abbie had barely any amniotic fluid left. It was impossible for me to tell I was even leaking fluid because I was bleeding...and the two mix right together. I am a go-go-go type of a woman, and bedrest was hard for me, but in retrospect, I would have been down more and up less. Find a good TV show that you can really get addicted to (like on Netflix where you can watch an entire series in order), find a hobby like knitting or cross-stitching, engross yourself in good books if you like to read, anything to keep your feet up a good majority of the day! Hang in there are only a few weeks away from safety (my son was born at 32 weeks and is doing fantastically today!)  Blessings to you!!

Hi everyone!

I was a newbie to this forum about a month ago, and I wanted to thank so many of you for your encouragement and advice during the time I was on modified bedrest at home. Unfortunately our story ended very sadly, and we now have an angel baby, Abigaile Grace, looking down on us from above. She was in this world for such a brief time (just under 10 hours) but she was a fighter while she was here...just too little to ultimately make it outside of mama's womb, having been born at the delicate age of 23 weeks and 1 day. We spent treasured time with her, both before she passed and after, and those memories will be etched into our minds forever. She was one loved baby during her brief time on earth with us, and now she is in a much better place.

Our entire story is available at the blog I started for here here:

I will not be a stranger to this forum, as I am still on a sort of "bedrest" at home recovering from the c-section (I had a vertical incision so the recovery is a bit more extensive), and I want to come back periodically and encourage other mamas on their journeys of keeping those babies cookin' inside. Listen to your doctors's hard to stay down but every day really and truly counts to bring these precious babies closer to health!

Until next time, blessings to each and every one of you.

With Christ's love,

So we are 23 weeks tomorrow, yay! Go back in at 7:30am Monday morning for an ultrasound to see what's going on with the placental blood clot. I have still been bleeding heavy and red, passing clots, etc. so I really doubt they are taking me off bedrest. But my prayer is that the clot will be smaller and things heading in the right direction!

Any recommendations of questions I should ask (search my name for my whole story), whether or not I should be pushing for them to measure the amniotic fluid to make sure that isn't coming out along with the massive amounts of blood, etc.?

Hang in there mamas!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: i dont know how to handle this
« on: November 24, 2012 at 11:05 PM »
I am 23 weeks tomorrow and on bedrest too, with a nearly 5-year-old and nearly 3-year-old at home. I was a go-go-go kind of mama, working outside the home, involved in all sorts of church activities and other activities for the kids, etc. and that all came to a screeching halt when I was put on bedrest two weeks ago due to a large placental blood clot that has now caused heavy red bleeding for three weeks tomorrow. I go to the doc on Monday morning and do not think the bedrest is ending.

Recommendations? If it is in your budget, buy a laptop or a tablet. There are good Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend deals right now. I have asked my entire family to get me an iPad, that is all I want for Christmas, because I know it is going to help keep me sane, especially if I end up in the hospital (I will be able to Skype with my kids and husband, watch TV series on Netflix, blog, etc.) I am normally not a huge fan of tons of "screen time" but there is only so much crocheting, knitting, etc. that can be done. I think the iPad will help keep me more lying down, because I am also one to attempt to violate the bedrest at times. Just with Thanksgiving being two days ago, I didn't help prepare the meal but I did get up a few times during the day, and now have had lots of cramping and additional bleeding since then. So I am laying low and trying to get it to slow back down.

Also see if there are books that will suck you into the story, if you are a reader (or even if you normally are not, LOL!)

Good luck - hang in there mama, I am sure we will all get more used to this as the days go on!

Usually I am a big part in preparing or helping to prepare the Thanksgiving meal. This year, my mom is arriving at 7:30am tomorrow morning and taking over my kitchen, with strict instructions that I am to stay off my feet as much as possible. I told her she can bring me things to stir, like the yolks and fixins that go inside the deviled eggs! I can do some things while sitting on my rear end! Should be interesting and at least we will make some memories!

Hope that you are all very blessed tomorrow even though the circumstances are surely not ideal for most of us!  We would much rather be on our feet, up to our elbows in mashed potatoes, turkey basting, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving and let's keep the babies and the turkeys cookin'!!

For those of you who have had amniotic fluid slowly leaking in any pregnancy, how could you tell? What did it look like/smell like, what sensations did you have that led you to believe it might be leaking? I have a risk of that happening and am trying to figure out what to be watching for, without freaking myself out too much!  I have been bleeding for two weeks so I would assume, would it be pink, since there is blood mixed into my amniotic fluid right now? Will they test for this routinely if they are that worried about it happening early in the pregnancy (I am receiving my care at a high risk perinatology clinic now)?

I'll be curious to see if they let you go home to strict bedrest. Do you know what caused the PROM at 25 weeks? I am currently 22 weeks and have a large (about the size of two decks of cards stacked on top of each other) blood clot in my placenta. One of their main concerns is that I will experience PROM in the pregnancy also, since the heavy blood loss inside the uterus has been constant now for two weeks and is very irritating to the membranes. I am trying to prepare for what that might mean (hospital bedrest vs. home bedrest), because I also have a nearly 5-yr-old and a nearly 3-yr-old at home. I am glad to see that you have made it 6 weeks with no baby after your membranes ruptured...way to go...that gives me hope even if it does end up happening for me!

Keep us posted on how you are doing and if they let you go home for a bit!

Wow I feel bad you are having those issues with your doctor! I feel like I am being well taken care of by my Perinatal clinic and I am thankful now in reading your post that I am so close to the hospital where I will deliver. I will pray that you and your husband make the best decisions for your family!

Good news on my front - the bleeding has really slowed down these past two days. I am going to stick to the bedrest I have been doing for another 8 days and then I will have another ultrasound early the morning of 11/26 so we can get a sense of what is going on with the clot. I would love to get back to work for the remainder of the year at the very least, to wrap a bunch of stuff up, but obviously won't do anything that would jeopardize the baby.

Hang in there mama and keep me posted on how you are doing (I will subscribe to your post also - so I'll see the posts whether you post here or there).

Nickiedd and shawnaw84 - thank you for your replies! shawnaw84 it is interesting how similar our issues are and how close we are together in this pregnancy (you are 24w, I am just under 22w now). We will have to be each other's cheerleaders in this process and keep the babies in there! I went to my long Transfer Of Care visit today (to have my pregnancy care transferred to the Perinatal/High-Risk Clinic instead of my Family Practice M.D.), and I found out the size of the blood clot last Friday when they did the extensive ultrasound, was 7cm x 5cm x 3cm. They are calling it a "retroplacental blood clot" resulting from a "subchorionic hemorrhage." I drew a picture of how large that is, and it is pretty eye-opening and makes me want to definitely adhere to doctor's orders and keep the bedrest as "strict" as I can while at home.

As far as how it will pass, I am not exactly sure. The size of the clot I passed already was about 3cm x 3cm and pretty "flat" so definitely not nearly the size of the one that they measured in there a week ago today. It boggles my mind how I could even pass that smaller size of a clot, with the cervix closed, so I am thinking that the large clot has to break up into smaller pieces and gradually work its way out and/or get absorbed by the uterus (or, swallowed by the baby, which I know is happening too, ew!)

I have another 9 days of bedrest to go before my next ultrasound (I will be 23w1d) and that's when they will make the decision if they will release me. Doctor said today that I should be "hopeful" for making it to 34 weeks and anything beyond that would be a bonus. I am hoping I can go even further but that reality check is actually helpful to have at this stage.

And so we wait...

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: New here, pregnant after 2 preemies!
« on: November 15, 2012 at 02:22 AM »
I am also new here, and pregnant with my third after one full-term and one preemie. and wanted to say welcome! I am 21 weeks 3 days today and just recently bedrested at home. I agree...lots of stuff can easily make us worry with these little buns in the oven!

Hope your pregnancy goes well and for the most part uneventfully from this day forward! Let us know how your anatomy scan goes!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Our story
« on: November 15, 2012 at 02:12 AM »
I don't have nearly as many children as you do (you must be a supermom, mama!) - I just have two, and am 21 weeks 3 days with my third. I have been bleeding for 10 days now and got the same message as you...was hospitalized overnight but they won't keep me there (not that I was really arguing to stay there!!) until the baby is viable. I have a large blood clot in my placenta but they are not (yet) calling it an abruption. Do you know exactly what the "fine line" is when they would start calling it an abruption? And do abruptions ever heal? I am wondering if the bedrest is likely to continue after the magical two-week estimate they gave me, or if I really do have a good chance of getting back up on my feet with normal activities and going on to have a full term babe!  Hang in there mama...I seriously don't know how you do it...with so many other children to take care of! My two are making it hard enough for me to stay on my couch! LOL

Hi ladies! I am so excited to be a part of this forum and have a support network and other mamas to communicate with from now until the new babe is born!  Here's my story...

I am 21w3d with my third. First two pregnancies went like this:

Age 27: Baby daughter born at 38 weeks on the button (Christmas Eve no less, LOL). Pregnancy was completely normal. Did bleed a little around 13 weeks but nothing major...U/S showed all was fine and we never had another complication. Water broke at home, active labor started 5 hrs later when they started Pitocin, epidural administered about 30 minutes later when I was about 4cm, and she was born 2 hrs after that. People envy this labor/delivery story of mine because it was seriously so easy!

Age 29: Baby son born at 32 weeks VERY unexpectedly. Pregnancy had been normal...again I bled a little at 13 weeks but U/S showed all was normal, never had another incidence of it. I was sick with the stomach flu for 6 hours, contractions started and I passed them off as Braxton-Hicks for the first few hours. They started getting more regular and noticeable at 8:30pm, I called the nurse line, they tried to have me rehydrate at home which did not work, so I was sent in for IV fluids and to "stop the labor" (their words). Got to L&D at 10:30, IV was started with fluids and terbutaline, they checked my cervix at 11:30, I was 7.5-8cm dilated and they told me it was too late to stop anything and our son was born at 2:48am (no epidural which was brutal). He spent 44 days in the NICU, has one complication from the prematurity (hydrocephalus with a shunt placed in his brain at 8 months old), but other than that, is a happy healthy nearly-3-year-old boy!

Age 32: Bled again with this pregnancy at 13 weeks (heavier and redder than the last two), but again the U/S showed all was fine. Started P17 shots at Week 16 due to history of a PTD.  Fast forward to 10 days ago. I started bleeding red and heavy enough to soak a pantiliner about every two hours. Also was experiencing a lot of downward pressure in the cervical area...the feeling that would occur if I was way further along in the pregnancy and the baby's head dropped..that kind of pressure.  I was 20 weeks and 0 days. Went to L&D that evening (a Sunday) and they admitted me for observation. Checked was bleeding from some fragile blood vessels but closed. They discharged me as long as I went in the following day for a transvaginal U/S to check cervical length. I did this and cervix was 3.9cm...unchanged. That's all they looked at. Tuesday I was experiencing some mild contractions in addition to the continued bleeding, called Perinatology that evening and they had me go to a different L&D area with more high-risk/pre-term specialty. While there they (the perinatalogist) checked my cervix via U/S but didn't look at anything else. Because cervix was closed, they sent me home.

Over the next few days, it became increasingly obvious to me (call it mother's instinct, gut feeling, divine revelation, etc.) that something was just not right!

I decided sometime Thursday night that the following day, when I went to the Perinatal clinic for my normal 17P shot and transvaginal U/S to check cervical length, I was going to politely insist on a full U/S to look at what was going on in the uterus, not just the cervix! After some interesting conversations with the front desk staff who were trying to play gatekeeper, I got my way. They looked and immediately saw a large blood clot in the placenta and admitted me to the hospital. The Dr. praised me for knowing something was wrong and being persistent to get the U/S.

Was in the hospital overnight and they sent me home Saturday on "modified" bedrest for approximately two weeks or when the bleeding stops. I am authorized to shower, microwave food, drive on a limited basis (can drive my daughter to school three times a week and can drive to/from doctor's appts), and can go to a sitting down outing once a week (movie, church, etc.) So far the bleeding has been mostly unchanged, except for some details I can get into later in this conversation!

Any other mamas out there have similar stories (a blood clot in the placenta)? I have searched the forums and not really found anything quite similar to my story. If anyone has, or knows anyone who has, I would be interested to hear the story, recommendations, outcomes, possible additional complications to be aware of down the road, etc.

At the outset of this pregnancy, I was praying for a healthy full-term baby. I am still thinking optimistically but am praying for at least a near-term baby. Anything past 32 weeks seems so safe to me at this point! Funny how that changes...

Anyway, looking forward to getting to know many of you! Keep those babies cookin'! :)

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