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I have been on bed rest since 29.5 weeks due to moderate preterm contractions. I also didn't know what they felt like till i was actually in the hospital. A few things. 1. real contractions make your entire belly (or most of it) harden. I also have spots where my belly gets hard. I happened to be at the doctor when it happened and she said no, that is the baby pushing out, not a contraction. if it is just a spot or half your belly it is either the baby or a braxton hicks. 2. real contractions start from the bottom of the uterus and move up the belly. Braxton hicks contractions start in the top part of the belly and either move down or just stay in the top. They can be as strong as real contractions though. 3. when you get farther into your pregnancy sometimes the weight of your belly can make your stomach muscles tense. that also happened to me and I asked my doctor about it.  I asked because it happens frequently when i get up, since i've been sitting around for a month. I should also say that my belly feeling heavy and tight started the day before i had real contractions, but my belly being tense was constant and made it very uncomfortable to sleep.

I'm 34 weeks today with my first and he frequently pushes out rather hard at times which can feel like a contraction, because it makes my stomach muscles tense, but now i know what a real contraction feels like..

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